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The high school teams started their first practices this week.  As I can observe the football team from my house - or at least make out the field on which bulky human shapes are running around - I felt it coincided nicely with the first episode of "Friday Night Lights" and proceeded to watch it.  Relatedly, I have a thorough set of pre-existing feelings about this show, which are still true today, so you might want to pause and take a gander at that refresher post.

I still haven't seen the movie, but after one episode, my feelings are that I love Coach & his wife, am neutral about his daughter but seem to recall hearing things that will make me roll my eyes at and loathe her later, and love all the football players we've been introduced to.  Smash!  Riggins!  GET ALONG.  I LOVE YOU BOTH EQUALLY FOR DIFFERENT REASONS. 

Although I do not love the redhead, who has been suitably ruined for me ahead of time thanks to his playing a wimpy, murderous military school loser in the Cold Case finale.  So far I am not seeing all that many differences between the two characters, which isn't helping.  Wait, is this Landry?  Hahaha!  Yeah.  No.  I know what you do in season 2; I choose not to bother changing my opinion.

But I do love his friend, who is so adorable and awkward and shy that I think he is my favorite of everybody, at least right off the bat.  Man, I need to learn names.  I thought most of them had sunk into my consciousness via internet osmosis, but it's proving rather more difficult to attach names to faces.  FINE, I will Spoilerpedia things.  Matt, his name is Matt.  Of course it is!  Because Matt is one of my favorite, solid, upstanding-sounding guys' names, and this character needed more reasons to be my sudden new favorite.

As for other favorite characters, I have never in my life understood the whole bad-boy appeal that women are supposed to be attracted to, but Tim Riggins has spontaneously ignited it!  Which, I mean, pro-Riggins feelings are the #1 pre-existing attitude I had about this fandom, but...I'm also feeling discouraged by the idea that he probably doesn't reform as easily as Sawyer did.  Is OK, though.  He still pretty much fascinates me.

And Smash...please tell me he spends the whole season being this hilariously cocky and smart-mouthed.  Because I could watch several dozen episodes of this.

I love how I have not mentioned any of the girls flitting around the sidelines.  I'm sure they'll grab my attention later; for now I just want to latch onto what's her name, Street's girlfriend, because of all the realistic realism demonstrated in the pilot, she was somehow the most realistic character of all.  Can't explain why, but I could have sworn they plucked her straight out of my high school.

Speaking of things that are realistic, OMG THIS SCHOOL HAS A PEP BAND.  Not that you really hear them, or see any focus on them at all, but I am almost positive I caught sight of saxophones in addition to the drums.  Win!

Not sure if I'm really in an OMG LOVE IT TO PIECES mode about the show yet, but that's probably because I'm watching it after the fact.  I am in a mode of "oh goodness, y'all were right; this show has so much quality," but then, I could tell that much even without watching it.  So I guess I sort of do feel that way, just in a more restrained manner.  I am very determinedly not writing individual episode reviews.  There are too many episodes for that.  If I were watching this as a brand-new fall show, I'm sure I would without question, but I am not. 

I repeat (for my own benefit): My goal/task/very determined focus is to just watch episodes as I feel like it in my free time.  You know, the way normal people watch TV, especially older shows they're catching up with on DVD.  The ultimate goal is simply to have some entertainment before the fall season starts, and then reap the benefits of having full canon knowledge so I know what other people are talking about when they mention this little gem.

P.S. UGH.  Yesterday it was gorgeous, if hot, so today I was going to go on an early-morning bike ride - and then I wake up at 6:30 to dark, dreary, overcast clouds and rain that's been going on and off all day/developed itself into tornado warnings by the afternoon.  I swear, this is better than a rain dance.  This is the fifth time in the past month that I have planned an outing and been thwarted.  I am literally 0 for 5 on early-morning adventures. 

P.P.S. Jo/Laurie essay (Little Women) up at ship_manifesto .  I skimmed it until I got too depressed to continue - Alcott!  WHAT (WAS) WITH THE ATTITUDE - but it's well-written and there's some fairly interesting stuff in there.


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Aug. 19th, 2009 11:30 pm (UTC)
But I do love his friend, who is so adorable and awkward and shy that I think he is my favorite of everybody, at least right off the bat.

Matt Saracen. Everyone loves Matt Saracen. And Coach and Mrs. Coach are always awesome.

Speaking of things that are realistic, OMG THIS SCHOOL HAS A PEP BAND. Not that you really hear them, or see any focus on them at all, but I am almost positive I caught sight of saxophones in addition to the drums. Win!

This is one of the things I love about the show and also what FREAKS ME THE HELL OUT. Sometimes I watch an episode and other than the state and how good the football team is (our football team was never good) it's eerily similar to my high school. Right down to the fact that the football coach teaches driver's ed. I mean, what?
Aug. 21st, 2009 08:04 pm (UTC)
-Oh good. It's nice to at least start out with a couple of popular opinions...I feel better now.

-Those are some weird yet incredible coincidences, wow!
Aug. 19th, 2009 11:42 pm (UTC)
I've never seen either version of Friday Night Lights, but everyone tells me I would like it because of how much I like football. I actually have a newer friend on my f'list whose hometown is that where FNL is based.

Our weather did the same thing today. This morning it was bright and sunny, and right now we're in the middle of a thunderstorm. :P
Aug. 21st, 2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, you so would! Wow, I think I just sort of assumed you watched or had seen it already, so up your alley does it seem. See that it's on your short list of future viewing, chop-chop! [however, do not let it interfere with your HIMYM viewing. How I Met Your Mother is too fantastic for words. ;)]
Aug. 21st, 2009 10:10 am (UTC)
Oooh hello! You'd like this post then: http://community.livejournal.com/blueburns/3235.html

Mr and Mrs Coach are the absolute best! I like Julie and Matt/Julie in the first season and the third. Like I've said, there's something seriously wrong with Season 2.
Aug. 21st, 2009 08:08 pm (UTC)
POST OF WIN! *is gleeful* (except, wait, is Lyla kissing Riggins in one of those pictures? What is this? Spoilerpedia told me nice things about Street & Lyla! Albeit while being vague about the timeline for those things)

Haha, oh man, I am scared of season 2. Not as scared as I could be, because that's the year when I started popping in every so often and thinking I could get into this, but still.
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