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No, seriously, there is an *even higher* plane of treasure.

*flings open door with approximate energy of gale-force wind, hyperventilating*

GUYS GUYS GUYS.  *wheezes for breath*  Remember when I told you how I loved and adored and cherished "The Legend of Wolf Mountain" and "Journey to Spirit Island" when I was a kid, renting them all the time but never owning them, and how they're not on DVD or YouTube and I despaired of ever seeing them again unless I could find a cheap copy online?


How?  Well, the local video place where I used to rent them from all the time, a block from my house, is having a clearance sale, trying to get rid of all their VHS inventory.  My eyes popped like saucers when I saw that, and my thoughts went straight to these films - I had always hoped that someday I could buy their copies when they got rid of them, but I was sure they'd cleared them long ago.  I mean, we're talking '88 and '92 here, and the last time I rented them was 1999.

So I go and check out what they've got.  Nothing really jumps out at me - and the prices are pretty steep unless you buy in bulk; $5 for 1, $4 for 2, and so on.  Still, I nabbed "Sunnys' Ears" - got it from the library once; it's an adorable and really well done kid's film about a deaf British girl who finds a stray dog (or the stray finds her) and it sort of becomes an impromptu hearing-ear dog; hijinx ensue as she tries to convince her parents to let her keep it.  It seemed obscure even new in '98 and I don't believe it exists on DVD. 

Then, as I was browsing and not seeing my favorites - and also being really nervous when I saw a guy with one of those damn pricing scanners, especially after I heard he wasn't the first such one who'd been there - the woman outside asked if I was looking for a specific title. 

At first I said no, figuring I could see everything for myself and didn't need help looking, but she persisted.  Said she had a pretty good memory for what they had, and also she could check the inventory.  Well, that sounded promising!  I tentatively asked for "Legend of Wolf Mountain," but wasn't hopeful when she looked stymied, asked me to repeat it, and went back inside to look.

Five minutes later she comes back, and oh my God.  There is my movie.  My movie, right in her hand.  Being handed to me.  I think you could actually see hearts explode in my eyes, and/or my body melting into a pool of liquid joy, and I may or may not have stammered thank-yous and babbled that I used to rent this all the time and I've been looking for it for five years; omigosh this is unbelievable!

I was gonna give up and just buy what I had.  One miracle is enough for a day, right?  Maybe I would ask Dad to come back later and ask for the other one.  But no!  Then I remembered the crazy pricing scheme.  So a couple of minutes later, I hesitantly asked if I could trouble her to look for one more title.  Yeah, she didn't recognize "Journey to Spirit Island" either, but DAMNED IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT.  

AND THEN.  After she had retrieved the second movie, she said that a stock girl had accidentally thrown out all of the extra covers, and was it really important to me that I have the original slipcover?  Or would I be okay just buying the tapes in the black rental cases?  "It's really hard to sell tapes without a cover, unless people know what they're looking for, as you obviously do.  I could give you a discount if you don't want the covers.  A dollar each?"


So she sends me inside, tells the sales clerk to ring it up...  "Make it for $2.  Let her have the little Sunny's Ears for free; she's been really helpful."


And so for the princely sum of $2.14 (I forgot about tax - well, I'd been at garage sales all day, and hello garage sale prices) - I now own three absolutely beautiful wonderful preciousful (that's a word now) movies that I shall cherish and treasure with all my heart and not even try to watch until I can find a new VCR and/or some bait tapes to make sure it's not in a munchy-crunchy predatory mood (see icon).  Still, I feel so much better having these babies nestled in my loving bookshelves.

OH HEY LOOK.  I finally found the trailer for Legend of Wolf Mountain!  It has a terrible and weird voiceover, but whatever.  The film is admittedly cheesy but it is amazing, and was also tailor-made to my 10-year-old-heart's desires.  I wanted to be the girl in this movie like you wouldn't believe.  (The trailer for the other film can be found at a previous post.  Where you'll notice my exact words, not two months ago, were, "God, I miss this movie.  One day I shall own a copy!")

We have a new contender for best weekend ever. 

1. A friend from college left a comment on my other blog for the first time in well over a year!  He is perhaps my favorite person ever, or at least from school, and while I mostly don't care that I don't communicate with anybody anymore, I have missed him.  I tried to come up with a way to express that sentiment both sincerely and platonically, and am pretty sure I came off sounding instead like an INFATUATED STALKER/FANGIRL (this is why I'm not friends with boys.  The potential for misinterpretation is terribly worrisome).  But it's cool!  I'm not embarrassed!  What's he gonna do, never talk to me again??  That's just a given.

Edit 2: dollsome wrote a little piece of a story and it is the best thing I have read all week!  I love it to unhealthy levels; this instant obsession I've formed with her unnamed character is probably a little bit weird!

Edit 3: Dad turned on the TV promptly at 7, and suddenly Piper Perabo was on my screen in an episode of the show I personally would never touch with a 10-foot pole, Law & Order: CI with Extra-Creepy Guy.  Piper!  Like everything else today, this requires exclamation points!!
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