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Weekend o' Joy, part 3

Hello!  The RS Fic Vault has been opened, and a story that burst into Word in May 2007 is now officially complete and ready for posting. 

Fandom: ER
Someone Else's Dream
Set after season 13, missing scenes for how Sarah copes - or doesn't - with her grandparents taking custody.
Word Count: 

Been at this since...pretty much the day "The Honeymoon is Over" aired and I promptly channeled my 13-year-old self to decide how I would have coped with it, since I frequently recognized Past Me in this character.  It more than doubled in length after season 14, in which Sarah briefly became a Stupid Teenage Statistic and I needed to explain how she got there.  I feel like that part of the story is less authentic, since I clearly have no experience with such things, but…the story didn’t feel quite right when I tried to cut it back down, either, since there’s a very important passage lifted ver batim from my original episode review that really gives it its punch.

Oh!  And it was quite exciting, giving it a title, since it had gone at least 25 months without even a vague idea of one.  I went through my entire music library for a good hour, seeking first a lyric from "Hallelujah" to tie in with episode, then all the songs in my library that related to home/traveling/distance in some way...and finally, for no reason at all, Mono's "Life in Mono" popped into my head: The stranger sang a theme / from someone else's dream...

It works on two levels - the first one being that living in the country with horses would be a dream for some people (just not for her).  The second is the idea that when she plays the part of the bad girl -- that's not her; it's like she's in a dream, but a dream even she wouldn't produce.  (I tried to tie that idea into the ending line, but it got too convoluted so I ended on something shorter and lamer instead.  Oh well.)

Ahhh, I feel much better for having officially produced a work of creativity for 2009.  At this point I don't even know if it's good anymore; for a while I thought so, but then the last few tiny things I agonized over made me so sick of looking at it that I stopped caring and just wanted it OUT OF HERE.


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