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I am an idiot, kinda

One thing I didn't mention last week - on Saturday, I went to a sale advertising, among other things, "Horses (all sizes and colors)."  Now, for all I know, that could have meant Bratz horses and brand-new My Little Ponies, but I trekked out in good faith anyway.  The selection wasn't horrible, but it was mostly a smattering of inexpensive Target/K-Mart brands; the best were a few Grand Champions and even they didn't really catch my eye.  BUT ALSO:

There was a HUGE bay Appaloosa, I mean, close to two feet tall and the perfect size for an American Girl doll.  I didn't get it because, hi, where am I going to put a huge thing like that?  Plus it was pretty weird; most of the coat was soft to the touch, but for some reason the ears and bottoms of the legs stuck out as hard plastic.  Made it look like the horse was wearing another horse's skin, so for $5, I didn't want it.  Besides, I was on my bike 4 or 5 miles from home; I would have had to call Mom to drive out and pick it up, just wasn't worth it.

But today I got curious, looked some stuff up online, and WTF.   OMGWTF.  I think that was Kaya's horse.  Yes, as in American Girl.  You know, the kind that retails for up to $75 new.   WHY DID I NOT BUY IT.  Why am I not up-to-date- on American Girl happenings anymore so I could have recognized it!  Why didn't I at least pay close attention to Felicity's horse back in the old-school catalogues so I could have recognized an AG horse when I saw one?!  *kicks self*

[Edit: ARGH.  Last time it was a 1-day sale, but they just put up another (near-identical) ad saying they're going to run four more hours tomorrow.  Was all excited on the off-chance it might still be there...but then I saw the horses are no longer mentioned.  !$(*&^@$*(&!$!! Yes, even after all my treasures, I'm still mad about missing one.  Not furious, just a bit annoyed with myself.  Especially since, I mean, I made a point of being at that sale the minute it opened so I could have first pick.  Which I did.  And then I failed!)
In other news, I am not clicking to see the Office wedding pictures.  I am not.  I am not spoiling myself.  I am going to bed now and totally checking them out first thing tomorrow, yes.

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