RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I could probably have held off on posting this for another day.

Sometimes, I think the universe actually does help me.  For example, I misplaced my MP3 player.  Drove myself bonkers for half an hour searching everywhere I could think of.  Checked my purse twice.  Flung back the already-checked-once covers on my bed in frustration...and discovered a HUGE-ASS SPIDER racing across my mattress. 

OK, it's not record-breaking or anything, but the diameter of its legs would span a quarter, which is plenty big for me.  It's been terrifying me for days, streaking around my desk and disappearing into the clutter, but in my bed is officially the worst possible place it could go.  Luckily, this time there was no hiding space and I was able to kill the thing.  *shudders uncontrollably*

The best part is that five minutes later, I checked my purse again, and this time I remembered the hidden pocket on the backside, which lo and behold, was where it was.  Apparently I just needed to be delayed long enough to find and destroy the freaky arachnid.

P.S. I think you should go vote in my Semi-Epic Poll of Childhood Toys.  I promise it's fun - I almost posted it here, but changed my mind so as to have more voters - and there are no fewer than two dozen ticky boxes.  Plus it's been very successful, comment-wise, so there are fun things to read after you finish voting.

(It's also fascinating for me...I mean, I figured Steiff would be the rarest - although I thought maybe a few more adults would have obtained them as collectibles by now - but I'm surprised at how very few Breyer owners there are.)

Tags: life, polls

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