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I think I'm plumb out of luck for garage sales this week, but Dad managed to find two high-quality, almost-brand-new leather belts for fifty cents each.  I have vicarious delight.

In clearly more important news...
OKAY FINE, I AM IN SQUEE MODE A LITTLE.  [Edit: Also, the cut says "Office" spoilers, but what it actually means is "100% pure Jim/Pam spoilers," I just want you to be forewarned.  There are a lot of them, too.  And I maybe go a little crazy.]

I...feel like after the first picture, I definitely I should not have subsequently gone flying towards the link of "100 high-resolution wedding photos!" but obviously I did.  Wow, way to just kill all the anticipation for yourself, Self.  Whatever; until today, a little part of me hoped we could somehow magically center an episode around the camera crew at Jim and Pam's wedding, and leave all or at least 99% of the office, most definitely including Michael Scott, completely out of the picture!  Otherwise, WHAT WAS THE POINT OF FLEEING YOUR STATE?

However, for illustrative purposes, here is that first picture (for Future Self's benefit. For Current Self, here are more.):

PAM'S DRESS.  OMG.  My very first reaction was "I don't hate it!" 

Which, I admit doesn't sound enthusiastic, but I assure you there was a squeal of genuine amazement and delight.  It has strapsStraps.  I was 103% positive that they were going to harsh my squee by putting her in something stupid and strapless -- FYI, strapless wedding gowns drive me batty, don't ask why, they just do -- but!  Straps!  *squeals*

Of course, the longer I look at it the more I think, "Boy, that's a slightly uncomfortable amount of cleavage and why do I feel like I can tell she's not wearing a bra?" and resume my feelings that probably no one outside of a Mormon church has worn a truly beautiful wedding gown in the last 30 years*, but...

*(Except Meredith Izzie when she stole Meredith's dress.  That one was my favorite TV wedding dress ever, and naturally I assumed there wouldn't be another pretty one featured until next decade.)

MOSTLY, I AM SUPER-PLEASED.  Especially with her hair and necklace and necessary empire waist; the effect is very pretty.  Now let's make me stop focusing on Jim's hair.  Because what I want to do is grumble and complain that I could watch License to Wed again if I wanted to see that hair at the altar, but probably I should make concessions for the fact that this fairly formal and fancy and all.

[EDIT: While I was on Office Tally to see if I could find a link for the high-res pics, I:
a) admirably restrained myself from watching the season premiere promo
b) did not restrain myself from looking at the new spoilers about where they got married.

Apparently...they get married on a boat. ON A FUCKING BOAT.  Oh, hi, let's not try to avoid bringing up memories of Booze Cruise or anything!  I don't care if her parents are here this time, or how different the locations/circumstances are!  ROY TRIED TO MARRY HER ON A BOAT.  Personally, that would put a full stop to any and all notions of my future nautical marital ceremonies. 

Also, seriously, you have already annoyed me with your accident baby.  Can't you at least have a church wedding for me?  I realize I probably lost that dream as soon "Niagra Falls" wasn't a joke, but...

It's not even a religious thing with me!  I just think churches are prettier and chock-full of traditionalism!  Come on, buck the trends; getting married in a church on TV is only slightly more common than getting pregnant after marriage.  ALSO, he didn't get married in a church in License to Wed either, so I don't even have visuals of other scenarios to work with here!

Those last two paragraphs do not exist; please ignore.  Someone on the spoiler page has promised that we will not be disappointed, and that was a massive lie as it pertained to the season 4 finale, but was very much true for the proposal and the pregnancy reveal, so I am hoping that when it comes to actually following through on Jim/Pam milestones, TPTB Can Do No Wrong and I will love it and have to bust out the giant font of uncontrollable joy.

Meanwhile, I should just go rustle up some speculative honeymoon fics and bask in bliss.  Endgame is more important than the details, anyway.

In happier news: awesome, MTT is having a Halpert Baby Pool!  I probably am, in fact, going to drive myself nuts trying to guess the gender, plus the real coup of a name (but $100 says somebody on the board picks right!).  This is fun!  Especially since my hopes for a March baby have already been dashed since it'll happen in a February episode. 

(On the one hand: realism, yay!  No confusion about time like that "3-month" "summer" art program fiasco, yay!  On the other hand, not my birth month, boo!  Stupid March sweeps only happening in 2009.)]
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