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I have never actually seen a dog escape over a chain-link fence before. But today I did! Somebody's got a new Newfoundland - about six months old, I'd guess - and that sucker took one look at Kym, put his front paws on top of the fence and promptly boosted himself over like an uber-fluffy otter sliding down a bank.

Kym's immediate response to his friendly overture was to try and bite his nose off, so it's a fortuitous thing the owner had just pulled into the driveway and I was able to yell at him to grab his dog. Stupid beast, can't even get along with friendly fluffy puppies her own size...oh, and to make things better, it's right in my neighborhood on a convenient street we use every other day, so now I have to live in constant fear that he'll just hop out of his yard every time we pass that house.

But that's not the intended post topic.  Because my autosaved draft goes like so --

...crap, I missed my LJ-creation anniversary again! AGAIN by 2 days! And the best part is, I have been reading my old entries from a year ago rather a lot lately, so I have seen the reminder of how I forgot last year at least five times already!

Okay, well, this is fine/perfect. I need a Special Anniversary Celebration topic, and I needed to post this sometime soon anyway, so we will just combine them into the same thing.  First up, we have --

The 2009 Fall Watch List
This is, of course, a preliminary list, subject to change depending on how seduced I am (or am not) by various new shows (all of which air in empty timeslots - WHAT IS THIS UNFAIR TEMPTATION), and whether or not I can actually work up the gumption to watch stuff once it starts. Because right now I'm feeling very content with a world in which I only turn on the TV for Jeopardy! and Simpsons reruns...

Okay, that was a joke.  Of course I can't break loose from my TV lovers, no matter how beneficial it would be for my health and well-being.  Anyway, where there is a timeslot clash, the show listed first is what I'll watch live, whenever possible, for various reasons - usually not because it's the better one.  All times Central; you know the drill by now.

8:00 after football: Three Rivers
9:00: Cold Case

7:00: House vs. How I Met Your Mother
9:00: CSI: Miami

7:00: NCIS

7:00: Mercy
8:00 Law & Order: SVU vs. Glee
9:00: CSI: NY

7:00: Survivor vs. Bones
8:00: CSI vs. The Office vs. Grey's Anatomy
Later:  Private Practice (because there is no way in hell I'm actually watching this live, without a skip-forward button)

8:00: Southland vs. Medium (also fighting for ratings with Dollhouse and Ugly Betty, because having one Gladiator Arena per week [Thursdays @ 8] just wasn't enough)
9:00: Numb3rs
?: The Sarah Jane Adventures
Oh, sigh.  I cannot believe I'm still holding steady at 20!  It doesn't look like that much when you start out!  Maybe 19 1/2, if you consider that SJA is only every other week so I can watch 2-parters together?  Plus Southland has put its premiere on a 1-month time delay, so maybe one of my new medical shows will have failed by then?  This is worrisome.  Must regulate self better.  Make New School Year's resolutions or something, in the spirit of the place I won't actually be going back to.
Now that that's done, you get an additional and more detailed bonus feature --
State of the Networks: Fall Preview, 2009

In which I rank all of the above shows against one another and determine the order in which I am anticipating their return, from "most excited" to "motivated solely by habit/addiction."  Probably I should have held off on this a little longer, because not everybody's got their season premiere promos up and rolling yet and I'm left with my feelings from last spring and how well they've held up over hiatus, but...tough.

1. The Sarah Jane Adventures
*tackle-hugs show*  I know you're coming up on year 3 and that's a pretty big expenditure for a little British show, but please don't break my heart, mm-kay?  You already took Maria; that's enough change for three seasons.  Fear of change/heartbreak aside, OMG SUCH LOVE.  I haven't had such explosive, all-consuming love for a show since Pushing Daisies.  ...even though part of me thinks that, due to general lack of flist attention and American airwaves, I might end up stockpiling this one so that I can give it my full and complete attention and not have to wait between adventures.

2. Numb3rs
I have a mixture of sad and happy spoilers for this one.  As of yesterday, the happy ones outweigh the sad, so it seems my little champion has held onto its #1 (American) show position as far as anticipatory glee goes.  Recaps!  Don!  Charlie/Amita!  David, Colby, Liz!  The fact that I have abruptly reversed my position on Nikki in a Monica-Reyes-style way!  GOOD TIMES LIE AHEAD.

3. The Office
Current Feelings*: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ JIM/PAM ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Feelings Last Week (More Reliable): Grudge Match 2009 continues.  Office & I will be like a bitter married couple, too stubborn to divorce but hating each other's existence.  And Jim/Pam is like our child, who is faultless in this arrangement and thus will be lavished and praised as the one bright spot to life (except when it misbehaves, and then it gets yelled at too). 

[*Seriously -- if not for all the spoilers this week, this show would have clocked in at no higher than #14.  #14 is still where my feelings are about everything else.]

4. Medium
Still can't get over the amazing fact that it's starting in September and we're finally getting a full season again.  Eeeh!  DuBois family love!  My calculator exploded just thinking about trying to keep a running tab of all the physical affection that will be happening here.

5. Southland
I seem to recall a time when I wasn't going to write about this show.  Haha!  I've read my mini reviews and been watching the reruns, and I'm actually amazed at how much explosively hopeful joy I have for this junior procedural.  Don't tell Medium, but I only ranked that higher because I know the domestic scenes will have me squeeing off the chart -- when it comes to overall thrill and entertainment factor of the episode as a whole, I'm even more excited for Southland.  It's just infused with life.  So of course it makes perfect sense that they would kick its premiere back a month. (although, the fact that NBC is scared of getting their new show crushed by one they just canceled is...hilarious)

6. Bones
I gotta say, it's much easier to love this show being a shipper.  Especially when you have a shipper on your flist who keeps posting gorgeous pictures and "guh"-worthy quotes to remind you why you caved. 

7. Survivor
FOX burned me pretty bad this year as far my other reality staples go, so I am more than ready to gather up my guaranteed source of entertainment.  Though I doubt anything or anyone will be able to match my frightening levels of Stephen-Fishbach-induced glee, I'm getting bouncy and happy just thinking about the general fun, the backstabbing, the recaps and the TWoP message boards.  See, what's so great about this show is that it's a package deal.  There's the hour itself, and then there's the "fifteen fun things to read on the internet" afterward.

8. How I Met Your Mother
It stumbled a little towards the end of last season, but I feel confident it will be back to its 100% side-achingly funny ways before long.  Well, sort of confident.  Actually, the squee from Office just kinda sucked all the excitement out of this other comedy.  COME ON, PREVIEWS.  EXIST AND LURE ME IN.

9. Mercy
Being as I'm watching Jeopardy on a daily basis and nothing else, this is the only network I'm seeing previews on.  I am seeing a lot of them.  You'd think by the thousandth time I'd get sick of it all.  Nope!  I'm impatient to get past the first couple of episodes and into storylines I can't already recite forwards and backwards, but my interest in these women just keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

10. Grey's Anatomy
My default feelings about this show appear set on "can't wait!", simply because it gives me so much to talk about every week.  I mean, I know I will hate at least half of it it.  I know this!  It is a fact!  I can name five stupid things they're doing right now!  But then I think about Cristina and Owen, and feel very blissed out. 

11. Glee
I was fairly giddy over the pilot, but over the summer I have been browsing fanfic, seen it stuffed full of nothing but Will/Emma, Finn/Rachel and slash, and subsequently chosen to stew in bitter juice about all the things I dislike and fear will be featured heavily (androgynous person, gym teacher) more than what I love (Will, Will's wife, Rachel, Mercedes).  Though must admit, the "Bust Your Windows" video has been helping me a great deal on the positive front.

12. Private Practice
It's not that I actually think it'll be good, it's that I have high hopes it will in fact be SO terrible that my lambasting mockery outstrips last year's.  Which will greatly amuse both Current Me and Future Me, and bring hours of fun and entertainment.  I know it pains you that PP is listed higher than CSI, so I want you to really focus on the first two sentences and repeat them to yourself.

13. CSI (There might possibly be spoilers in this one)
I repeat: Sara + no Riley = interest spike.  I predict an upswing in entertainment as well, because it will be like we've been getting bland white rice and now we're going to get rice topped with delicious stir-fry vegetables and tender chicken.  I have no limit to the number of "quality but bland" vs. "quality but tasty" food similes I can come up with to compare this show's before & after casts.  And even if Sara's not back permanently, just shedding the extraneous RIley has to help.  

14. NCIS (this one too)
This is your wing & a prayer for the supposedly "explosive first minute," show, because you ended last season almost at the bottom of my show pile.  Since then, your premiere description & whispers of Tony/Ziva have nudged you up a few places higher than I was initially inclined to put you.  As you can see, it is still not very high, so I want you to focus hard on quality writing this year, which may or may not need to include sending Vance to L.A. as much as possible (hint: it would). 

15. CSI: NY
Tell me again what you've got going for you?   Because I was starting to remember at the end of last season, and then you killed Angell and took my good favor with her.  Flack grief?  Something about someone else getting shot?  No, but what have you got past the first three episodes?  I might be willing to be placated simply with Mac & Stella working cases, but they have to be good cases.  Revive my interest, dammit!  I refuse to believe that you are as permanently damaged as Miami!

16. House
I have high hopes as far as House in the psychiatric hospital; not so high hopes about what'll happen once they wrap up that plot arc.  Seasons of House tend to form a U shape re: quality/interest.  Or at least a U shape with a couple of high outliers in the middle.  I seem to recall this being one of those shows that starts to feel like a chore after 4 or 5 episodes, is what I'm saying here.

17. Three Rivers
It's new!  It's comfortingly not that different!  I really am eager to see it!  I'm just not tripping all over myself with anticipation.  I want it to get here and be my comfort-food show already.  Oh, fun fact, I recently learned (shut up) that it's set in Pennsylvania.  Yay! I've been developing this weird love affair with Pennsylvania over the past few years, starting with Scranton, to the point where it's one of about three states I would legitimately consider living in if I ever forced myself to leave these beautiful borders. 

18. Cold Case
Coming in with a handicap, because Without a Trace finished the year much stronger and yet it's the one that didn't make it. So even though I'll probably ultimately be grateful that WaT wrapped things up in a bow and the more consistent show is still on my radar, right now I'm bored to tears just thinking about it.

19. CSI: Miami
*waiting for Adam Rodriguez & Emily Procter to quit, at which point I'm quitting too*  Seriously.  My interest, it has a powerful will to live and yet inches closer to death every season. 

20. Law & Order: SVU
Didn't you get canceled?  No?  Oh wait, that was just my wishful thinking because you're starting to feel like such a chore.  A chore I cannot let go.  I'll be there every step of the way, probably appreciating the guest stars more than the regular stars, feeling compelled to get grouchy about every controversial case.  New goal: discuss every episode in 300 words or 5 bullet points, whichever comes first.

* Law & Order UK would be pretty high on this list, IF I COULD FIND IT, but it's proving impossible.  Since Canada seems disinclined to cough up their early airings, best intel I can gather is the more reliable ITV will think about airing them in (hopefully early) 2010.  MY LOVE FOR THE NON-JAMES-STEEL PEOPLE ON THIS SHOW HAS NOT FADED AT ALL.

* If Lost were on this list, which it's not since it's a second-semester show, it would probably be somewhere in the top 5.  Absence has faded the intensity of love in my  breast, but I'm sure that once previews start it'll be right back up there -- it finished its season in first place among my shows.

* The Good Wife is earmarked for summer.  It would be pretty low in this group - right around Cold Case's level - but I have to admit a little part of me is tickled by how real it looks, even with big-name stars attached.

* I have this plan that I am going to try and catch up on at least one Doctor Who special by the time the next one airs sometime in November.  This is either a pipe dream or something that will happen by mid-September, but probably nothing in between.

Lost off last year's watchlist
-Pushing Daisies, ER, and Without a Trace.  Huh.  It felt like more.

P.S. I tag everyone else to do one or both of these things.  Especially the ranking thing.  The ranking thing is hard when you have more than a couple of shows!  I'm still not satisfied with it and will probably change it up at least three more times, in my head, before they actually start airing.  But I'd love to see you guys try, and hear your thought processes.
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