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Harry Potter, and other things of fantasy

I really do love these books.  I have the series in hardcover, all first editions.  I got the first one for Christmas 1997, I believe (age: 11).  I'd never heard of it, but Mom said this book was all over the bestseller lists and such, so even though I'm not really much for fantasy, I gave it a try, and was instantly hooked.  There aren't many books that I read more than once - these are among them.  We bought each new book as soon as possible, and I would read it within a day's time, oftentimes in a single sitting, simply because I could not put it down.  (OotP = a 7-hour late-night binge)

But I've never been obsessed.  I've never been tempted to dress up in costume or attend Potter Parties.  I've never hunted message boards on which to discuss it, and  neither mugglenet nor the official site nor any other news sources have ever intrigued me.  After that ridiculously long wait between books 4 and 5, I found that it was best not to anticipate.  So after I've finished reading and discussing the newest book via blogs - a process which usually loses interest within a month - I simply put my head down and don't think about when the next one is coming.  I don't look for news, I ignore anything I hear, and otherwise pretend it doesn't exist.  When the next book becomes available for pre-order, that's when I poke my head up a little, but I don't let myself get really excited until one month before publication. 

Since that's not likely to be for a while, I didn't plan to think about it. I'm only talking about it now because someone's blog told me the title of book 7.  Grumble.  And as they quoted MuggleNet for their source, I checked it out.  They're taking bets on who dies.  Now me, I love bets.  I adore placing bets, especially in death pools.  So, here's my prediction: I'm thinking that Voldemort and Harry BOTH die.  Hah!  That's my prediction, it will be a fight to the death, and both sides will lose.   I've also been convinced, thanks to variety of people with way too much free time to dissect the novels and post their theories online, that Snape is possibly not evil, and that it was all a plan that he and Dumbledore had pre-arranged.  Sigh.

I lost interest in the movies when the third one was released in June instead of November (because $@*$@!  HP movies were turning into a Thanksgiving break tradition!), and though I've seen them all, I'm not particularly impressed.  Nope, no movies for me.  I'll just stick to the excellent books.

Oddly enough, it's exactly the opposite for Lord of the Rings...I fell in love with the movies once somebody finally forced me to sit down and watch them (December 2003), and I went through a 2-month spurt of mini-obsession online.  But I couldn't stand reading the books.  Still can't.  They're just so DULL, with such an utter lack of character development and Arwen....tons of my classmates were running around reading the books in elementary school, but I could never understand why.  Fantasy is so not my thing. 

Unless it involves unicorns.  I like the quintessentially girly things involving unicorns and fairies and princesses in magic kingdoms.
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