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Here, I wrote this and didn't want it to go to waste:

Glee, 1x02: Yeah, I gave up halfway through the episode. It careened wildly between "incredible" and "incredibly frustrating," and finally lost me at Celibacy Club. Or rather, after Rachel's tirade at Celibacy Club. She flounced off and so did I, in the form of shutting off the TV and going downstairs. I just don't care enough. In a nutshell:

  • I can't ship Will/Emma because I want to throw a noose around her neck and drop her over a tree limb.
  • I'll make every allowance for Terri (whom I love; lookit; lookit the unexpected bathtub squee!!), but not the fact that she wants to buy a house from a subdivision (which is not a suburb, but a repulsive wasteland of factory homes) because "used" houses are icky. Be better than Emma, woman.
  • One of the great things about not working summer custodial this year was that I got a respite from the Top 40 radio station and remained blissfully ignorant of what popular songs sounded like. *cough Kanye West* This show wants to drag me back into that world on a regular basis? Hell no. Also, Le Freak > Push It.
  • I don't understand why Sue hates Glee Club and acts like its very existence will steal her soul.
  • Nothing in Rachel's behavior or attitudes tonight surprised me, and while I thought I'd be okay with her and mostly still think she's wonderful, I find I actually don't want to rehash the old case of Me vs. Teenage Hormones.
  • I don't hate Quinn, deal with it. She and Rachel have equal numbers of positive and negative attributes. And God, Finn is boring. At least fight over someone hot/smart/doting/intellectual.

Look, I'm not mad at the show. It started out strong. I might come back to it at some point. Right now, though, it just makes me tired. I find, to my extraordinary disbelief, that I have neither the time nor the inclination to discuss the finer points of its merits and shortcomings, so I'm going to take that gift along with my dirty wrong bad Will/Rachel shipping inclinations and run.

Tags: glee, tv commentary

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