RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Look at that. I caved.

[Archival Attention: This was my original LJ post.  All preceding entries were written on Xangas before being imported here during the Great Blog Mesh of January 2007.]

But I only caved because I have just discovered the beauty of searching for CSI fanfic of all varieties via LJ communities. Although I like's refusal to accept explicit content, and the improved chance of reviews, I find wading through numbers of bad writers rather frustrating.

For now I shall provide you with a link to my main writing blog, which shall contain all pertinent information until such time as I decide to transfer. This may never happen, as I have already tried and failed once to get up the energy to move over here, no matter how many pretty features and options it provides.

Now to move on to the real reason I created this journal: to go dropping comments on pretty, LJ-exclusive fanfic.
Tags: blogs, introduction, lj, xanga

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