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Notes Across the TV Landscape

I mean, by this point, we know how I operate, right?  If I don't do the whole watching-and-reviewing route, I just spend my time on less relevant TV-related things.  I don't know why I have these lofty aspirations about bettering myself.  ;) 

1. Six degrees of Survivor separation: The closest I'm ever going to get to knowing a contestant on this show is Ashley, who is from my state - and more to the point, apparently from the same hometown as my freshman-year-of-college roommate and just a year or two younger than us.  They might have even gone to the same high school.  That's pretty close, right? 

2. I didn't get a chance to watch the Emmys in all their Neil-Patrick-Harris-hosted glory (boo!), but let me say that I am split down the middle on my feelings about the winners, which is actually better than how things turned out last year.
-Highlights: The Office & ER won well-deserved directing awards (YES!); Chenowith not only won but took down SNL & 30 Rock in the process; Jeff Probst two-timing it up; Little Dorrit & Grey Gardens having equal statue love; and Michael Emerson FTW!

Lowlights: Jon effing Cryer not only winning for his miserable twit of a 1-dimensional character, but winning over The Mystical NPH; the actress win for that freakish "United States of Tara" idea; Hugh Laurie losing yet again; The Best Ladies of Grey's Anatomy losing to the latest - also highly lame and weepy - president on 24. 

And then 30 Rock and Mad Men took home top honors, which was obnoxious, but I sort of expected that and don't have the energy to care.  I already spewed all the hate I can muster for the comedy last year, and at least this year it won slightly fewer awards all around.  Meanwhile, Mad Men I just...pretend doesn't exist.  Last year I liked it on principle without really knowing anything about it; this year I heard quite a lot about it and every single thing I learned made me more abjectly horrified/disgusted/annoyed.

Now for another spin through Doctor Who:
3. WHO LET ME SEE EVEN PART OF THE CONFIDENTIAL FOR "JOURNEY'S END."  WHAT FOOL LET ME GET MY HANDS ON THAT?  "It's desperately sad.  This character, who deserves so much, ends up with nothing.  Again."  *bawls* 

4. Wait, are there not outtakes for series 4?  BOO.

5. Well fine, I'll take the few deleted scenes I can scrounge up.  Which are, on the whole, much stronger than their typical deleted scenes - fools!  Fools for cutting almost anything and everything that was cut!  But especially from The Doctor's Daughter.
"You see that pain, in there...that doesn't mean you were wrong to let her in.  It proves you were right." 

Oh, Donna.  And you, RTD - episodes can always use more sadness!  Especially when they come wrapped in the form of beautiful and touching Doctor/companion moments!  I will not go on ihasatardis to find out how many dozens of macros have made use of certain parts of this scene..

6. I'm still not sure how I feel about the Doctor tossing Ten II a bit off the TARDIS to grow their own.  Some days I like the idea of "The Doctor, and Rose Tyler, in the TARDIS.  Just as it should be"; others I find that I too much crave the idea of them being planted firmly on the ground.  I'm glad the scene itself was filmed and then cut, though - while nice to have it available as canon if you want it, that section doesn't fit with the tone of the rest at all.

7. YouTube also taught me the importance of "The Unicorn and the Wasp," specifically the things they say at the end about memory loss and what happens to Agatha Christie afterward, as a coda (or at least a soothing parallel) to Donna's story.  I never thought of it like that.  You'd think it would be obvious, and yet I have never before connected the two.  It tacks some extra hope onto my "just because she isn't The Doctor-Donna doesn't mean her life will be worthless" beliefs. 

8. On a semi-related note, apparently Sarah Jane Adventures is switching it up this year and running both parts of each 2-parter in the same week.  On Thursdays and Fridays.  *throws up hands*  So now, basically every show I'm keeping on the watchlist airs on those days.  I don't know know whether to laugh or cry.  Ideally, I should probably focus on the fact that this is a blessing in disguise, as it technically means I can now concentrate on being productive all week in order to collect a big fat reward on the weekend?

9. Jim & Pam have one of those cheesy wedding websites now.  Well, I say cheesy, I actually mean OMG THIS TIME I AM SAVING EVERY SINGLE PAGE AND MAKING A SCRAPBOOK OR SOMETHING OUT OF IT; also, glee, I've been waiting a long time for this picture to turn up in a) a bigger size and b) in sharp focus.  What I like best about it is how the folks at MTT figured out it was taken in their garage, as the same chair is clearly visible at the end of "Frame Toby."  That's some impressive and possibly unintentional continuity.


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