RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I'm having the best week ever.

Not all of it is relevant to your interests.  But here are some internet-related things that might be.

1. Oh my God, I still haven't seen the original clip, and I didn't even bother to find out what the big deal was until at least a week later, but already I have decided that Interrupting Kanye is the best meme OF ALL TIME!!!  Seriously.  I've seen it applied to like a hundred different situations by this point and it still makes me giggle like a loon.  Three recent favorites:
-Graph Jam
-Doctor Who
-Meta version

2. You know how I don't really spend a lot of time on YouTube?  This is a video you should watch: The Mean Kitty Song.

3. Damn my need to go to CSI Files to read their review for the Miami premiere...gettin' sucked into all the news while there...

I mean, what am I supposed to do when I see a URL like this - - and it leads to this?

"When Grissom left the Las Vegas Crime Lab in One to Go, he met up with Sara in Costa Rica. Since then, the pair have gotten married. "
*ignores rest of article*

SORRY, CAN'T HEAR YOUR NEGATIVITY.  THOROUGHLY BLISSED BY MARRIAGE NEWS.  THANK YOU FOR  GETTING YOUR BLOODY ACTS TOGETHER ALREADY., I mean, I'm watching the other premieres, so clearly would be okay to watch just one for this series too?  No?  That would be fail?

4. Back to lolarity, I made a macro from last week's The Office.  I've had these two caps on my computer for months, just waiting for the perfect image to complete the scenario, and the premiere gave it to me.  Apologies for the blurriness/poor quality.

Hm, I think that came out even naughtier than I intended.  Oops.

5. Oh, crap,office_meta's alive again.  I mean, yay!, but if I'd known that, I would have edited my post more carefully and not left lots of random and unnecessary parentheses in there that weakened the inherent humor of my statements.  I can be wittier!  I just had no incentive to try!  

Tags: csi, loltastic, macro recs, spoilers, the office, video recs

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