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I'm posting again later...I think...have some hodgepodge while I get it together.

UNO: Although I still have no real inclination to watch Glee, I enjoy reading your reaction posts.  You know, the ones where you all think Quinn is evil and Terri is psycho and my default contrary reactions are I LOVE THEM SO VERY MUCH, POOR MISGUIDED BABIES. 

But mostly, I'm reading hoping to get a sense of where Will and Rachel interact.   It's not been real helpful.  Are there YouTube clips, or...something?  I have been digging through Google and there ARE TOO some people on my Morally and Legally Wrong ship* - it's a very tiny ship, not like that gigantic cruise steamer S.S. Finn/Rachel, but at least it exists now - and so I can only conclude that they do in fact speak sometimes.  I would like to see this magic. 

* = In my defense, I don't actually need or particularly even want the ship except in the occasional fic or passing fancy.  But admiring teachers as I do, I have a soft spot for the [platonic] rapport between teachers and favorite (and/or talented but frustrating) students.  That's the vibe I got from my 1.5 episodes + additional recaps, and I am nearly killing myself with curiosity to see if my hunches are correct.  Their chemistry sparkles, consarn it.  [Edit: I had a minor epiphany in the comments - if I say it reminds me of Gibbs/Abby from NCIS, does that help redeem me at all?]

DOS: Watched How I Met Your Mother, and while it was pleasant and I yelped with unexpected Barney/Robin squee at the end, I don't know if I want to keep it up with it every week.  I think maybe it's a stockpiling kind of show.  It's done well in the Vault before. 

TRES: Survivor, week 2:
Does Hillbilly Boy really not see the irony of calling Yasmin "ghetto trash" and acting highly superior?  Really?

So she's a motormouth classic overtalker who doesn't know when to shut up.  I still like her!  This is the kind of person I think I could get along with.

Still holding out hope for Dr. Mick.  Right now he's playing a very diplomatic role, which holds any potential negative vibes at bay and makes him seem pleasant enough, but also makes it hard to get a sense of who he is as a person.  Hence the hope. 

Ben and Russhole are evil and making this show un-fun - talk about depressing, watching the latter nab the idol.  Needs more happy Galu, less psycho/dysfunctional Foa Foa.  Is it week 4 yet, so I'll feel like I'm actually watching a familiar show and not a collection of creepy strangers?

We're never gonna get over this idea that all men > all women in challenges if the women keep perpetuating it, LIZ.  "Well, we better boot that old lady 'cause, you know, she's going to drag us down in challenges."  After all, there are never challenges that require mental capacity or agility as much or more than brute strength and long-distance stamina.  This show is like the only thing that's ever made me want to embrace feminism.

I realize Ben is of ideal body type for a physical challenge, BUT, as was pointed out, he hasn't helped them win 3 out of 4 challenges anyway.  Perhaps you could afford to lose one of several physically fit men in order to keep a mentally balanced and non-psychotic woman.

More the point, I'm just furious that they voted out Marisa instead of Mike The Obvious Choice in their first week because, WHAT DO YOU KNOW, turns out he is the weakest link (as declared by Medical) and so their poor decision-making cost them double.

I miss Betsy already.  :(  This is why I try not to get attached to the female sex.

P.S. Lizards on sticks and fish with creepily human faces...oh my.

QUATRO: Grey's Anatomy s.6 premiere: Good Mourning/Goodbye, or, "Running on Sex and [Inappropriate] Laughter."

You have NO idea how hard I wanted to make a "39 days...1 survivor!" joke out of this.  I was looking forward to it SO MUCH.  Stupid Chief and his stupid Day 40 announcement.  So in lieu of that...

Forty Days and Forty Lights (high and low, that is, in no particular order)

1. Is it just me, or was Izzie crazy-pretty while wearing her scarves?  The makeup did beautiful things for her features.  No fair.

2. She was less pretty while yelling at Shannon Lucio.  Bitch!  I was as annoyed as the next person with Little Miss Mopey and her exaggerated and highly public display of self-pity, but I am a self-pitying person by nature, so I understood that reaction.  And I always get aggravated when people go on rants about how great being alive is.

3. Owen rubbing hyperventilating!Callie's shoulders FTW.

4. Was there a loud shriek of joy coming from my room when Owen briefly took Cristina's hand at the beginning?  Of course.

5. Who the hell gave all the comforting hugs to McSleazy?  WRONG.  Thank God Meredith broke down weeping at the end and McDreamy finally had a chance to display all his best cuddling moves.

6. LOL, Derek is aware of and comfortable with people referring to him as McDreamy.

7.  Clara >>>>> Andy.  I love this character.  Can we give her an arc to rival Ava's or something?  Great storyline, fantastic acting.  Bonus, it gave Lexie something non-horrible to do for the first time in ages.  Even though her blackmail tactics were a bit out of hand (see #2). 

8. Double bonus, she's Owen's patient and he was actually able to relate to her situation.  Or at least let get her to a point where Lexie could properly connect with her.  He didn't quite understand why being told about "Ceviche" resulted in optimism and laughing, but he'll take what he can get.

9. Derek + Bailey elevator scene for the win.  Also for the win, Bailey realizing that she needs to save the love for HER child.  Because to be perfectly honest, this is true.  Sometimes I wonder if the kid even knows he has a mom. 

10. Still annoyed that Izzie lived and George died.  You give the show a 75% of getting it right and they still screw you on the death odds.  *tries to focus on the fact that Izzie is still a person living with cancer, and prays that Katherine Heigl will soon want to blow this popsicle stands for good*

11. I thought the hysterical laughter at the funeral, or more specifically making light of hilarious statements like "O'Malley got hit by a bus!  LOLOLOL!" was grossly misplaced.  I know people have varying reactions to death and I have no real firsthand experience with funerals myself, but the ostentatious howling, possibly within earshot of the other mourners, made me sick.

12. Am I supposed to like Callie more now?  That's not quite how it worked for me.

13. I really liked PT guy.  He was all smiley and encouraging.  He could totally convince me to live through a debilitating injury.  Can he be a main character?

14. Cristina: "Anyone ELSE I can offend?" Hee.  And in contrast to my feelings about the funeral laughter, I thought Cristina's dry observations on cancer pops & Alex's treatment of Izzie were hysterical.

15. On the whole, I'm glad that T.R. Knight didn't want to come back and do flashbacks in this episode.  I agree with him that it feels best to have his final scene be in uniform in the elevator.

16. There was a nice bit, among the montage at the start of part 2, where Owen & Cristina are curled up on one of the undersized on-call beds, and with my unholy detail of observation, I notice she's against the wall in classic protective-male positioning.  :)

17. Budget cuts, you say??  Oh, oh, oh!  Chief!  I was going to make you a list of all the people who should be considered expendable, but it got so long that ultimately, it was easier just to make a list of the people you should keep at all costs, literal and figurative:  

-Derek Shepherd
-Owen Hunt
-Miranda Bailey
-Cristina Yang

You may fire anyone else you deem necessary for budgeting purposes.  In fact, I encourage it.  Feel free to go nuts.  PLEASE. 

Shut up don't talk to me about how a merger means more characters.

18. Derek & Meredith, you are not newlyweds.  Kindly shut up.  I'd actually managed to forget about their crock of a "wedding;" don't throw it back in my face.  Also, gross.  Why is it necessary to do it all over the house?

19. Alex & Izzie continue to gross me out too.  I just wanted to make that clear, since everyone else seemed won over by them at some point, but it's the last time I'll say it unless and until something changes.

20. Having George's mom talk to Owen was a nice touch.  I always appreciate hearing nice things about Georgie.  And glad she didn't wind up blaming him or anything.

21. I move that the Wicked Temptress scene be STRICKEN FROM THE RECORD, because I can't quite bring myself to repeat the dialogue.  Or, well, not entirely stricken I guess...I almost like parts of it...argh!  I want to be a party to their relationship, but I find that I very quickly get embarrassed and have to look away. 

They're perfect, but sometimes I need them to be perfect behind closed doors.  I've never been a fan of Cristina stripping down to sexy lingerie and climbing into laps.  Or of them kissing, really.  A pretty display it is not.

22. Loved her little mouth twitch when he asked her if she wanted him to quit therapy, followed by "Crap" and pushing him away, though.  And I really loved his forceful "You're GOING to the funeral."  *glee*  Sometimes I am tempted to write a full-blown essay about the 1200 different ways in which their opposites complement each other. 

23. Remember the first season of Doctor Who, where the Doctor & Rose are so focused on each other dancing that they fail to notice they've been teleported?  I feel like Owen & Cristina's conversation on the therapist's couch was like that.  Not only the fact that they are just chatting it up like a married couple without even looking at the shrink unless she specifically interrupts...but when they get into The Talk about the choking, that is a pretty deep, intense, and emotional bunch of stuff to say in front of a third-party silent observer, even if she is your shrink and you're used to opening up.

24. Aaaaand, there goes my abstinence train.  I should have known it wouldn't last past premiere night, and I'd already had my illusions decked with Evil Temptress, but...I'm gonna go ahead and let them off with a verbal warning for that one, and allow them to maintain their perfect record of Doing No Wrong.  Because of one last ride on the hesitant angst train:

"I don't want to hurt you again.  My problems, they're real, and this?  This makes us real.  It makes my problems your problems.  I'm afraid.  I don't want to hurt you again." 

Throw in one expertly-timed and straight-faced offer from Cristina to let him sleep in the bathtub, aaaaand, green light is a go.  Off with you now and try not to screw this up in the way that GA couples usually do.

25. Despite evidence to the contrary, my favorite scene in this whole premiere is Derek comforting Meredith.   I need to mention it again because I cannot stop watching it.  The quiet approach, hair kiss, back-rubbing, fortress embrace, shoulder nuzzling; everything you want, it's just all there.  *purr*

26. Even so, glad that C/O got the last scene.  And that Cristina's the last character to break.  Or at least it looks like she's about to, which would be good.  Give Owen a chance to earn some of his manly dignity back and comfort YOU for a change.

27. I'm too lazy to restructure this so I come out with 40 things.  The end.

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