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See, I didn't even think that part of HIMYM was all that funny when I watched the premiere, but it turns out if you say it enough times, like
fiery_twilight , IT BECOMES HYSTERICAL. I don't even know how I'd use it, but I want to appropriate the quote and pepper it all throughout my journal now, too. It should become a widespread and recognizable internet saying, in the manner of "o rly?"

Right now, for example, it's applicable to my feelings about NCIS. I mean, the show's still great (o hi there, 20 million viewers for last week's premiere...way to kick ass and take names); I'd just rather focus on shows that make my heart explode with love and flailing (see below).

7x02, "Reunion"
I reject your retcon bull. I reject it even after you go out of your way to spell out, in black and white (in case it was too nebulous in the finale), that Ziva was under orders to shoot her brother to gain Gibbs' trust. LIES. LIES AND BULLCRAP. IGNORED! I will, however, extract and run off with the beautiful sight of her in tears calling him the closest thing to a father figure she has. That line most certainly skirted the edge of cheesy, but it didn't go over and so I lapped it up as intended. This episode was all about the softer side of Ziva, and it was brilliant.

That being said, definitely time for this show to hit the Vault for a while. *gently drop-kicks it out of sight*

P.S. OH ALL RIGHT, yes, I also very much enjoyed her giving Tony a lingering kiss on the cheek, as well as Abby's combination lecture/hugfest complete with remote-control streamers & welcome-home banners. Now can I move on?

In brighter news, I watched the extended version of Glee's pilot. I can't actually tell which parts are extended, because I swear I do not remember more than like two things that happened in this episode prior to the Journey performance. Example A, how did I forget Rachel auditioning with "On My Own"? Hello, heavenly match of music and artist. I'd also forgotten that the "Rachel storms out; Mr. Shue chases after her and they go 'round and 'round the Diva Demands vs. moderation" cycle started on day 1. For the record, I'm totally okay if this cycle repeats itself in every episode from here to eternity with minor variations.

*HEARTS & FLOWERS* Are what I feel for this show, still, thanks to the magical power of the Skip Forward Button.

Um, and I seem to be rapidly developing a crush on Matthew Morrison.  In a way where I watch episodes and keep thinking about picspams I would like to exist for the purposes of showcasing his varied and wonderful range of expressions, and am now on IMDB wondering what movies beyond "Music and Lyrics" I can find him in; or, HE WAS IN AN EPISODE OF NUMB3RS, WHAT?   *skedaddles off*   [edit: And CSI: Miami, you say? OK, "Bloodline" must have been terrible because it was season 5, but suddenly I want to see it again.]

Relatedly, Fic Rec:
O HAI. Allow me to present the most excellent Glee fic ever, "Behind the Scenes." It's G-rated Will/Rachel (which makes it PG overall), a post-ep for "Showmance," and perfectly illustrates everything I've been twisting myself into knots trying to explain about why I like the pairing. See? I knew somebody would write it one day! I'm pleasantly surprised and pleased by how swiftly that day came.

Unrelatedly, A Meme:
dreamingwriter gave me interview questions. I'll pay it forward if you like, but mainly I just had a great deal of fun answering these questions (which you could also steal, if you liked):

1. You can get one more dog, but it has to be a purebred and not a mutt. Which breed do you adopt from?
Pembroke Welsh Corgi, classic tan-and-white variety. I have, on more than one occasion, seriously pondered the idea of actually buying such a puppy someday. Since apartments hate normal sized dogs, and it's incredibly difficult to find cute ones on shelter web pages in an acceptable size range, a purebred Corgi seems like it could be the way to go. I just love their little foxy faces, and their short but thick fur, and roly-poly round bodies.

Of course, if I didn't have to worry about any kind of restrictions, I'd probably go straight for a German Shepherd. Because Kym has made me partial to the body type, and they're such striking, intelligent creatures, with even more beautiful fur. Not that I don't love the retrievers, but they're unflinchingly happy. Shepherds have more nuanced personalities. Or maybe that's just my Kym bias again.

2. Daydream or, well, nightdream?
Daydream. Proper dreams never seem to turn out as well as they could; I'd rather control what happens. I have more than enough imagination for it. (See also, like fifty pages' worth of disconnected bits of writing in Word, based on written-down snippets of said daydreams. Highly satisfying for me and unreadable for any other audience.)

3. What is your current* favorite musical genre?
By default, and forever, female singer-songwriters, specifically in what I suppose might be called folk-pop. That's as close as I can come to identifying it, since I think every single song in my music library has at least a slightly different genre tag on it.

Then again, Stunt Muppet once came up with a brilliant description, in one of those association memes that I never got around to finishing -- "Quiet music that is mostly vocals and piano and violin and things (there's a term for music in that style, but I don't know what it is)."

*Although right this very minute, I think my genre might be MUSIC THAT MAKES ME LOL; see also, "Glee" and "Music and Lyrics" soundtracks. Pop! Goes my heaaaaart...

4. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Ideally, my plans involved being a dog breeder/trainer. That proved impractical. However, in sixth grade when we first had to take one of those career aptitude tests, I was bowled over with enthusiasm for the detail-oriented job description attached to "secretary," and I never quite lost that starry-eyed ideal.

5. If you could choose to be highly successful at painting or writing, which would you choose?
This is interesting, because I feel like theoretically, I could be highly successful at writing, if I did not reject it on the grounds of my hatred for revision in any form. Being a successful painter seems less stressful. But to be perfectly honest, I'd get more satisfaction out of writing. People have to invest more of their time and effort to read rather than simply look at something; I like the idea of forging invisible intellectual bonds.
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