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Hey, remember back when it seemed like a perfectly viable option that Jim and Pam might just turn up married one day, possibly having eloped or had the ceremony over the summer? 

*looks at several tons' worth of promotional mileage NBC is getting out of this Epic Once-In-A-Lifetime Wedding Event*  HAHAHA!

Speaking of, every time they churn out another promo for next week's episode, using early-season clips to illustrate how far they've come, my heart swells a little more.  Every time I think they can't top the last one, THEY DO.  Despite the fact that their latest promo has given away what must surely be all the best heart.  It does happy flips of joy.  

Highlight of the Day: Finding out Pam's dress comes from David's Bridal.  No, really.  Like the costume designer got it at David's Bridal.  It warms my heart in a special place that a Hollywood wardrobe department, the kind that normally seem to have trouble finding a simple shirt that costs under $75, would shop for their character at a franchise with cheesy TV & radio commercials in the name of, get this, REALISM.  [Edit: also, okay, did not know the company was currently based in PA.  That somehow makes this even better.]

Highlight of the Day #2: has been updated with the world's most adorable 90-second video blog from Pam - well, at least the last five seconds are adorable and I've already forgotten the rest - and now I've lost whatever I was going to say about last night's episode.  Hang on, it'll come to me.  When I'm not on like my nineteenth spin through the highlights of...

Glee, 1x05,  "Kristin Chenoweth is here, ALL YOUR SHOW (AND WILL) ARE BELONG TO US."

This...wasn't quite like the other eps.  I'm trying to hold on to that feeling and not stop believing, but it keeps being eclipsed by the feeling that there's a shift in momentum - the first four episodes were all about setting things up, seeing what worked while hoping you wouldn't be the first show yanked off the air, and now we're shifting into laying the groundwork for the long haul.  It felt like an inferior effort, all around.

Not that this is going to stop me from making a thousand and one comments.  Because Glee may or may not have become my favorite show practically overnight?  And now I'm waiting for the inevitable backlash, where people start complaining about one thing or another and I will curl up in a ball, weeping about the public's stupid fickle nature.


* I love Quinn.  But I am so glad that I have the pilot on my computer now, because I sort of irrationally wanted to BREAK DOWN SOBBING when I saw this vastly inferior and overcrowded rendition of Don't Stop Believin'. 

(Only at first, though.  Then I watched it several dozen more times, because this version involves Will directing.  And is interrupted by Quinn dashing out and him having a reason to sound concerned.  It also has Artie, in yet another instance of saying sensible things while the teacher channels his inner Barney Stinson and hears "Yep!  No problems at all!")

* LET'S HAVE MORE SCENES IN CLASS.  I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.  The only way this could get better would be if I had an even rudimentary working knowledge of Spanish.

* I also approve the extremely minimal amount of Sue this week. 

* I love how Will is surrounded by crazy women at every turn.  It's awesome.  And I love them all equally, except the one the show wants him to actually get with.  I mean, I could definitely ship him with April; the old fanboy/hero worship combined with his current need to fix things and solve problems? 

I'll just treasure my one lone episode of it.  Complete with hugs & a parting hand touch, because he's all touchy-feely like that and it is golden.  Also, all the fabulous disappointment.  Disappointed!Will is my favorite.  It's always so emotionally ~*intense*~ with him.  And I need to see more angry jaw-clenching in the future, yes.

* Repeat, APRIL = AMAZING.  Every single second = golden.  Remember that craaaaazy time back in 2008 when I didn't like this actress?  Haha.  So funny, Past Me.

* Loved "Last Name."  I maintain it's a terrible song, in terms of what it's about, but I don't hate it because Carrie Underwood is too cute and innocent to actually sound sleazy while singing it, and the same goes for Cheno.  It just winds up being fun.  Now, when someone like Katy Perry covers it, it'll be a whole different story. 

Plus the costumes & choreography were fabulous, and I am mesmerized by how pretty the Cheerios get with their hair all long and loose.  (Conversely, was just mostly bored by whatever the closing song was, Mercedes' solo aside.  Although I do love that the jazz band is randomly commandeered into this.  I hope those guys get names someday too.  I'm fond of Curly-Haired Dude on Trumpet.)

[Edit: Oh!  I skipped the "Alone" performance the first five times around due to high potential for awkwardness, but now that I've seen it, I am obsessed with it.  She is amazing!  And he is adorable!  I protest the lack of sufficient time devoted to watching them sing and dance together!  IT CHILLS ME TO THE  BONE.]

* It was exceptionally difficult to ignore the show's shipping preferences this week.  *clings to Mr. Shue's wary expression & slow turn when Rachel declares she's quit the play*

* Also the passive-aggressive dance they had going on beforehand, with him unnecessarily specifying why they need the room and other deliberate digs, and her spinning around hopefully, waiting to hear him ask her to come back one more time, only to get "We're all really excited to see the play."  If ever there was a time to use the phrase "Smirky McSmirkerson..." 

At least he looks a little ashamed of himself after she leaves.  Because it was amusing, but also highly immature. 


* Finn continues to not be particularly cute or desirable in the romantic sense, but he's the guy I'd love to hang around and be pals with. 

* But Rachel continues to be the most gorgeous creature on the face of the planet, whether she's singing out her feelings in Cabaret or crying in the bathroom .  As of now, she's my favorite female on television. 

Finally: is it just me, or is this like the least serialized serial drama ever?  I feel like every installment crams in a season's worth of plotlines and resolves 95% of them by the end of the hour, perhaps in a bold move to make it lucrative for reruns.  The fact that they repeat the same story arcs in minor variations adds to the procedural flavor.  Lucky thing I like procedurals...

[Edit: Speaking of procedurals!]
CSI, 10x02, "Ghost Town"
Dear CSI: I deeply apologize for attempting to drive you out of my life.  After the hour of jaw-dropping awesome that was your second episode, feel free to take over the review slot that Medium abdicated as a result of soul-deadening haircuts.  [edit 2: is what I would have said, had I actually posted this instead of watching Medium again and subsequently defaulted back to my original viewing plan.]

Running commentary!
-FOCUS ON FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GUY.  He's way too concerned about his lost neighborhood, not to mention how the murderer is killing only the scumbags, duh.  And, okay, maybe because he played the smiling family guy/ serial killer on Numb3rs last spring.  Still.  [edit: nailed it!]

-Ray backstory, meh.  I'm starting to understand why they clung to Riley as long as they did - CSI is like a wolf pack.  It is!  Someone always has to be the omega in my perception of the group.  For a long time, it was Catherine.  Then she cruised up to top billing and I set my sights on Riley, but now without that bratty young whippersnapper to henpeck, apparently I'm turning my evil eye on Langston.  He's still an excellent Grissom replacement, and it's not as though I dislike him, I'm just...not in a place to adore his spotlight.

-What!  How is it even possible that Nick owes 300k on his house?  I just...300k!  On another note: I told you he had a house.  Or at least I implied/alluded to the possibility. 

-And while that child actress was pretty terrible at crying/acting frightened, I'm totally forgiving it all for the fact that I get to see Nick holding a little girl.  *swoons in, uh, the heat of Vegas' desert air, that's it*

P.S. I was so blown away by the awesomeness of the Paul Millander connection that I didn't even think to mention it.  THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER.  I love this show so hard.  For a minute it was even almost like Grissom was there in spirit.
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