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So I blame it on the Cuervo...

Why is all music better when sung by the Glee cast?  I may or may not have heard "Alone" about seven dozen times by this point, and still haven't killed it with overplay.  Same for "Last Name" - how is it that I never felt compelled to download Carrie's version, but I can't stop playing this one?  I completely take back the things I said about 1x05's inferiority; clearly I just need to let episodes percolate in my brain for a few days until they all become equally great.

Incidentally, there are now six sneak peeks for the next ep on YouTube.  OF COURSE I immediately watched them all.  Well, I watched five of them (and they were fabulous); for some reason the sidebar of suggested videos wouldn't give up #4, so I had to go type it into the search bar.

"Sneak Peek 4: Will and Emma share a moment."

Hah!  Oh, YouTube.  I love when you try to shield me from unpleasant things.

But.  Before Thursday rolls around, I really need to write down some thoughts on

The Office, 6x03, "The Promotion"
a/k/a, "Biding time until we get to the episode we know you really want."

Someone bring me a cool washcloth.  I think I'm feverish with joy over the fact that yet again, not only was Erin largely muzzled, but Andy was ushered out of sight most of the time too, Ryan and Kelly both had (multiple!) non-deleted scenes, and Pam still has not done anything remotely related to the selling of paper*  Her cute little doughnut dilemma even distracted me from her outfit.  Oh, and the A plot revolved around Jim again.  OFFICE?  THIS IS SERIOUSLY WORKING FOR ME.

(*Show: see how many episodes you can fill with wedding-planning subplots?  Where was this attention to detail last, oh, at least JANUARY THROUGH MAY?)

It's working so well that I almost don't notice how spectacularly Jim shot himself in the foot at every opportunity.  Didn't even have time to cry about the fact that he's no longer even within sight of Pam, and instead has been sequestered to a corner office that I am pretty sure they conjured out of thin air.   

Some Things I Enjoyed
* It's quite wrong and probably a little worrisome how much enjoyment I get out of watching him fight to keep his head from exploding during every interaction with Michael, but...what can I say; Angry!Jim isn't hot only under the collar.  *fans self & watches several more times*

* I take back whatever I said last week about Jim's clothes; something about not needing to wear more layers?  Because he absolutely needs to wear more fine suits like that.  Purr.  (If you need me, I'll just be staring at screenshots for the next, oh, four hours) 

* Skipping over Pam's comments about "frizzy hair" - woman, I love you this year; don't make me say things like "as opposed to your current lank and droopy locks?" - SO MUCH LOVE for her tiny, hurt little "Jim?" And even more love for his deer-in-headlights stare and feeble excuse. 

(Seriously, though: I'm in love with how everyone is still complaining loudly and comically, but for those few seconds there's a completely different and more serious vibe between the two of them.  It's like a scene within a scene.  It takes so little to keep me happy!  And him asking the camera guy if Pam was still upset at the end = gold.)  
* Jim fled the conference room exactly the same way Michael did in the premiere.   XD 

* ANGELAAAAAAAAAA!  My heart wept with pride to hear her break out the patronizing voice of scathing sarcasm, so long absent from these halls in favor of ridiculous love triangles and hypocrisy jokes.   Remember, writers?  Remember when Angela used to sound like this all the time?  And the show was better?  If you still remember this next week, you get a cookie.  Mmmm...delicious cookie...*tempts*

* "Jimothy."  That stands on its own.

* "You know, the more I think about it, the more I think we should give [the raise] to the salespeople."  Holy crap, Michael was right: Jim should use his brain less.

* This quote from TWoP: "In the conference room, Jim is making a case for giving the raise to just the salesmen. Wow, Jim doesn't get that many bad ideas, but when he does, they're more than terrible enough to make up for their scarcity."
That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

* Oscar!  Redeeming yourself with lolarity!  "Go ahead.  Name a country that doesn't have two presidents."

* The sonogram is still on Jim's desk!  Weirdly, it is also still taped to a frame rather than being inside a frame, but nods to continuity are appreciated nevertheless.

* Jim makes pro/con lists.  Apparently to an obsessive degree.  What do they do, just dig through my diary for mentions of desirable traits and add them to his character as necessary? 

(that being said, the first time he broke out the notebook I got a sudden flashback to Dwight going "Is this how you are with Pam?  She must want to shoot herself in the face.")

* Why was Kelly out shopping in the middle of the day?  Why does Ryan's car need to be repaired??  Why is this a concern of Kelly's???  WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME WITH STORIES I WANT TO KNOW INSTEAD OF...okay, wow, on second thought, the fact that I can't think of any truly pointless scenes in this episode just further speaks to my love of the season.

* I would like Jim's "rewinding" noises more if they weren't so bad in context that Pam literally squirms in discomfort.  Yikes - it is not often I see my default reactions being mirrored by the characters. 

* "I don't understand how they can even consider giving money to some people and not the rest of us."  Hey, you know who said that? Kevin.  He doesn't even know what a bean means, and yet he is more astute than you, Jimothy.  Don't let that get around.

* Stanley smacking Andy's hand with his crossword.  HEE.

* Fact: Everything on this show is better in graph form.  "And this tiiiny sliver here is 'critical thinking.'  I made it bigger so you could see it."

* Embarrassing Fact: I freaked out even more than Pam at the phrase "Mrs. Pam Halpert."  HALLELUJAH!  VINDICATION.  So now when everything else goes horribly wrong at their wedding, and I hate everything they do with it, I can at least be content with "Pam Halpert," which has been my endgame for the past 25 months.  I just - I was afraid to jinx it, and I'm not satisfied until it's set in stone, but I have been desperately afraid TPTB would insist on her keeping her last name.  It would seem they are not.  I AM HAPPY!

And not only am I happy on principle, I'm happy that Pam is so giddy about it.  *bounces up and down*  (Can you tell this was my favorite part of the whole episode?)  God, it is the most amazing feeling to love a "Pam freak-out" moment instead of wanting to slap her for it.  This is strange, yet welcome!  And - whoa, what's that?  Shove over Kelly Kapoor, because with that sentimental smile Pam just reclaimed her title as my second-favorite of the cast?  SCORE.

* I cannot stop laughing at Ryan's WIDE-OPEN EYES OF FAUX-ASTONISHMENT on "Instead of five thousand dollars??"  It is the best, most wonderfully manipulative thing he has done in ages.  Pam/Ryan scenes are so great when they take place in the right office! 

* "Don't tell Jim."  Heh.  Don't worry, you can always blame it on pregnancy brain. 

Edit: *tiny squeaking noise of disbelief*  No - NO WAY.  There are now five new clips from the wedding episode and at least three of them feature Jim & Pam.  THAT IS IT.  Must resist!  Must not watch them; no more spoiling!  We can wait three days!  Must not waaaaatch...*rocks back and forth in distress*
P.S. I have two pressing thoughts on How I Met Your Mother, 5x03

The show continues to amuse me!  Except when it takes cheap shots at English degrees.  Fortunately, these days instead of getting riled up, I can just whip out this sweet rebuttal post.  I knew that thing would come in handy!  Pay no attention to my current state of affairs.  That has nothing to do with my degree; I'd be much more hopeless as a biology major. 

Everything else has been pushed out of my head whilst I FLAIL AT LENGTH about the ridiculously sweet Barney/Robin scene at the end.  Which I kind of expected as soon as they mentioned how Robin says "I love you," but still, I was on the edge of my seat until it had really happened.  Handholding!  Barney admitting he's scared she'll dump him!  Adorable kissing!  THIS FACE:

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