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CSI: NY Ships, Annoyances

SERIOUSLY.  18/25 stories on the front page of FFN are completely or partially D/L.  The obsession needs to end.  It's worse than Entertainment Tonight's devotion to Anna Nicole Smith. 

Would still love this pairing on the show, but I am willing to sit back and wait patiently until it appears.  I don't need 500 varieties of fiction to soothe my soul in the meantime. Especially not when it's all so a) sugary-sweet and/or b) written by people who are convinced Lindsay ran from an abusive ex.  Especially not when I'm trying to convince Muse to breed Mac/Peyton bunnies.  The fact that I have absolutely no sense of Peyton's character means nothing.  I want bunnies!  I swooned/squealed/died of glee after last night's episode, "Silent Night", in such a way that the loss of Claire is finally almost bearable.  (Come on.  You all swooned when he whispered "I don't want to lose you."  Right about there may have been where I felt like kicking Caruso to the curb and awarding Gary Sinise the Most Wonderful Actor on a CSI Show award)

Wish people would leave M&M mess alone for a while and write something with Mac that doesn't involve Stella, because they are the Grissom/Catherine of New York, and we know what I think of Grillows.  (*vomits*)  I mean, I was temporarily on board with SMACked, just because I couldn't think of any other ships to sail on this show, but as soon as the writers pointed me in a canon direction with Danny and Lindsay, I willingly and happily jumped ship.  M/S is okay, actually - not nearly as bad as G/C - I just find it harder to believe.

The huge discrepancy between the Talk CSI people and the people, in terms of which characters they like, never ceases to amaze me.

I know I shouldn't complain if I'm not writing at all.  BUT STILL.
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