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I feel unusually crabby today. You are not allowed to follow suit.

"Call me a killjoy, but I think that because this is not to my taste, no one else should be able to enjoy it!"
-Courtesy of Marge Simpson, this is my new Quote To Live By.  Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.  *smirk*

-Snowed again today.  This time it took longer to melt.  -.- 
Glee, 1x06, "Vitamin D"
So much for my simple bullet points of positive thoughts.  Thanks, I love when shows eat my brain.

I wasn't real familiar with the concept to begin with, but I am not a fan of mashups.  They're not one song, they're not the other - they're nothing!  This is a problematic for a person who writes Music Of [Year X] lists!  It can't be defined and it's wrong, wrong, wrong!  

That being said, how was it even a question about who won?  The boys were awesome.  The girls put all their energy into shaking their hair, and it took a lot of listens before the music itself had the same kind of life, approve though I did of Rachel's noble justification for optimism and non-sleaze. 

But they do get enough bonus points for their costumes to rescue them from Rachel's shrill ending note.  Loved the yellow sundresses, and the fact that every girl had a different one that looked equally pretty on her. Much as I liked the sheer/lacy stylings on Tina's, I have to admit that I'm partial to the very vintage look of Quinn's.

And I did discover that not all music is made better by Glee - I had to go download "It's My Life" just to experience the relief of Bon Jovi's voice washing away Corey Monteith's on my beloved rock classic.  By the way, are we ever going to acknowledge that Artie is a much stronger male vocalist than Finn?  As much as I didn't want to subject myself to any lyrics by Usher, his voice is amazing and I keep replaying that verse far more than the first.

Mr. Schue: *high fives all the girls in line, except Rachel, who's standing apart*
Me: *whines*
(5 seconds later)
All the girls: *scamper past him on the way out*
Rachel: *flings her arms around his neck*
Me: Squee!

No, I haven't at all been waiting for something like that since the season began.  :P

Seriously, it's so very in character for Rachel's overenthusiastic personality to manifest itself in random hugging, even if she wasn't on pep pills, that I think we should see it more often.  Example A, should we ever see them perform at some kind of -als, which they will obviously win, and he happens to be the person nearest to her when the announcement comes?  Rachel's a demonstrative person.  Everyone is fair game!  Especially if Finn isn't immediately available. 

Love Triangle (Adult Version)
Oh my God, Terri laying down the law in Bambi's office was FABULOUS!  I was cheering and whooping and maybe even swooning in my seat the whole time - I have watched it so many times since, and it never makes me fail to laugh.  It's a wonderful speech filled with all the right expressions and sharply-edged words.  Besides, she makes excellent points: Ken's kind!  Ken's generous!  Most importantly, Ken's AVAILABLE.

And even though I cringe every time she stresses the pregnancy as a reason for them to stay together, knowing that when the lie is exposed it's going to make him recoil that much the here and now, no one has any reason to suspect it's not true.  And so in that context, it is an appropriate shaming tactic: "You're just an innocent little dove, mm? You're so innocent that you'd steal a man away from his pregnant wife."  Burn.

That still doesn't lend any weight to Emma marrying Ken, though.  Even I, with my deep fear of abandonment and frequent feeling that I would date the first person who expressed any interest in me, would rather be single forever than marry a guy like that.  Emma should concentrate first and foremost on hoping that Terri dies in labor or from related complications.  *nods* 

And...look, okay, as spectacularly illustrated during their fight in the office (which I have also watched several times, punch-drunk off the passion, even if it's passionate anger; THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE ISN'T HATE, IT'S INDIFFERENCE)...I get that they have problems.  Serious problems.  However!  I maintain that they are totally fixable problems if they put their minds to it.  Which is what I want.  Because they were high school sweethearts!  And I believe in the good.  I believe that even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they'll be okay.  And I will bust out a stolen speech from Grey's Anatomy every week if that's what takes.  

But mostly I believe in the meaning of commitment vows and that the rules don't change just because you fall for someone else.  I don't care how hard he channels Heartbroken Jim Halpert when Emma says she accepted the engagement, I would have been sorely disappointed if he'd said anything beyond what he did. 

Me, I was just annoyed that Emma had to dump her stupid sad engagement news all over him, rather than being available to cheer him up after he's had the worst day ever.  Just because I want her to keep her neurotic and unnaturally clean paws off him doesn't mean I don't find her somewhat useful as a bright spot in his life - I'm not immune to the sheer relief in his expression upon hearing her voice.  Give me three or four years of that and I might come 'round.  It's not happening over the course of two months.

*sigh* I think it would be easier if I could just multi-ship with abandon.  I've done it before!  But sometimes I get stubbornly monogamous even within the limits of daydreams.  *wanders off in the direction of "Acafellas", with all its fun sexy times + sweet scarf-wrapping*

Get Thee to a Principal's Office
Because I want to expand on it.  I waited the whole episode in shivery anticipation for the scene where he finds out, and it did not disappoint.  Was actually less volatile than I was expecting, so the fact that it escalates is highly welcome.  And he makes tragically good points in there, too.   "How are we supposed to raise a baby when I can't even trust you to look after a group of teenagers?"  Still...

Will: You are oblivious to consequences.
Terri: I was only trying to help you, Will
Will: DON'T.  Every time I light a fire in my life, you find a way to make sure it burns the forest down.

That's quite possibly the clunkiest-sounding metaphor I've ever heard, but I do get it.  I appreciate the writer's attempt to condense several months/years of frustration into a single window of a sentence.  IT IS STILL NOT WORKING, HOWEVER.  I continue to be completely enamored of Terri and her endearingly oblivious-mixed-with-a-touch-of-crazyhead way of blundering through life.  To the point where I have contemplated writing fic.  Look, she's genuinely hurt and confused when he says that!  Probably because he doesn't deal with conflict, he just sets his jaw and waits for it to pass.  Honestly, I'm convinced their biggest problems lie solely in communication. 

Oh yeah, there's a third person in this scene; I should acknowledge him.  Can I just say, I find several flaws in Figgins' plan:

1) He's the one that created the obsession with winning in the first place.  Do I or do I not recall a deal in the pilot whereby Will has to pay $60 a month just to keep the club running, unless and until they bring some kind of insane, cable-televised prestige to the school?  That requires a whole lot of winning.

2) He cannot possibly be so oblivious as to not have noticed how much Sue wants the club to fail.  She's in there complaining about them every other day.  Surely there was at least one other adult in the school who could have co-chaired it without bias.

3) The guidance counselor sat in on the group during their performance-enhanced days.  SHE failed to notice the kids were on drugs, and isn't part of her job to recognize symptoms of substance abuse?  Comeo n, she hauled Rachel out of the bathroom on suspicion of bulimia based on her dry heaving one time.

4) In all fairness, most of the kids did not noticeably act like they were hopped up on goofballs.  Finn was the only one making obvious crazy eyes - and yes, Will probably should have picked up on that (especially in the wake of his recent tendency to sleep through class) - but the girls didn't seem terribly altered (even Rachel's hyperspeed babbling could be chalked up to nervousness after the boys did so well), and neither did the other boys.  They had lots more energy, sure, but they always have lots more energy when they're really excited about new performances.  I might just as easily have suspected them of being stoned after that uncharacteristically lackluster rehearsal. 

5) Figgins is the one who apparently chose not to interview even one moderately qualified candidate to replace the school nurse.  I have to question his judgment in the matter.

Oh, Here Are The Bullets of Positivity
* The opening rehearsal.  Um, could I please see less of Ken Tanaka and more of Mr. Schue leading the rehearsal of choreography?  (And oh, did my heart ping for the days when the words "5, 6, step-ball-change" were a weekly part of my life at the hometown dance studio.  *tear*)

* Mr. Schue twirling Brittany as she spins across his path on the way into the room.  So cute!

* Remember during the pilot, when I honestly wasn't quite sure if Kurt was male or female?  Yeah.   Although I do get rather a kick out of Mr. Schuester directing him with his eyes.  Remember, that thing Coach always claimed he could do on Survivor?

* That brief window of time where he was observant enough to notice that Finn seemed kinda out of it, and ask if everything was okay.  Yes!  More of this! 

* His YELP OF PROTEST upon Terri's attempt to lick the mustard off his upper lip.  The panic, the flailing, the "WOMAN, I WORK HERE!", isn't that adorable?  I FIND IT ADORABLE.  I am also currently channeling my inner Jun Motimiya, of Digimon fame. 
(none of you will recognize the fake dub, right?  this is the only clip I could find that got right to the point for those unfamiliar with the hilarious horror spiral of Jun's oblivious and possessive nature, exploited to even greater effect in Interview Lady)

* Will should really use less mustard on his sandwiches if he can't help getting it all over his face.  And for as much as the bile rises to my throat during that first scene with Emma - WHY DID SHE HAVE TO WIPE IT OFF WITH HER THUMB, ENCASED IN PLASTIC GLOVE OR NO - I can't help squirreling it away with the idea that I might like it in the future.  Even if I have to subvert it for my own purposes and assume it takes place in an alternate, Terri-free universe. 

* Terri and her passive-aggressive lipstick wiping!  LMAO.  I'm sad that she's only allowed to be the school nurse for one episode.  Watching him teeter dangerously along the loyalty line between wife and friend in their combined interaction is fantastic. 

* Artie: "We're planning on smacking them down like the hand of God."  *hearts*
+ "Puck, with respect, you're more helpful when you don't contribute."

Hey, fun fact -- I just found out this actor was last seen playing the surly pizza-delivery kid that Michael & Dwight held hostage on "The Office."  I KNOW, RIGHT?  HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU LOVE "LAUNCH PARTY" NOW?

* Every time Mike does his awesome bit of breakdancing, I can't help but comparing him to the "only guy that can do the triple flip" at Carmel.  How many show choirs have someone like the iPod silhouette kid?  Utilize him more!

* So Rachel has a totally smokin' body "if you're not into boobs"?  Really?  I like how we continue to hilariously reject obvious reality on this show in favor of made-up stereotypes and prejudices.

* I have to say it: everyone has been flailing about how Sue's Journal is TEH AWESOMEST THING EVAR, so while I admit that I occasionally find her funny - she endorses caning!  She yells at homeless people!  She goes out of her way to insult Emma, call her the wrong name and mock her enormous eyes! - nothing in that monologue made me crack a smile.  

* Awww, look at the little flock of apologetic kids.  And the teacher with a disappointed glower to rival all disappointed glowers.  Can I just stare at this for several minutes on end?  I've been waiting for a scene like this ever since I found out the premise of the episode.
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