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Josh Groban = love

So: just got my hands on the new Josh Groban CD (in a manner of speaking...via the AOL Music player, anyway, until Christmas morning or whenever the stream is discontinued), and it is chock full of inspiration.  Soooo many pretty songs, but four of them had things that stuck out for me as a writer.  A CSI Miami fanfic writer, anyway:

i) Now or Never - has a lyric that needs to become a title: "Clockwork Silence"

ii) Weeping - I wasn't really paying strict attention to the lyrics the first time I heard it, but one line snapped my concentration away from my paper: "behind his house, a secret place, was the shadow of a demon he could never face."  Next time I feel a need to delve into Horatio's psyche, which admittedly may not be for a while, that line's coming into play.

iii) So She Dances - Contains the most beautiful lyric in the whole album: she's spinning between constellations and dreams.  That absolutely screams for a story, once I puzzle over ways to interpret that.   It's definitely the summary line/line put in italics beneath the title.  Tell you my ideas in a second, most of which I got as soon as I heard the song that follows this one on the album.

iv) In Her Eyes - And as soon as I write the above story, it gets a companion piece based on lyrics from this song.  There's nothing super poetic, but I like the lines of the chorus: " I am not a hero/I am not an angel/I am just a man/Man who's trying to love her"

My initial thought for iii was Calleigh, and I was thinking Ryan for the companion piece and hope I didn't infringe on any of Sara Duquesne's ideas.  But that bit about the hero...had me thinking Greg, and so maybe I could dive into the original CSI-verse and try my hand at Sara.  I had a fleeting thought to write Lindsay and Danny, but immediately decided against it because is absolutely saturated with bad D/L fics and I'm not interested in adding to them.  Not that the other two couples aren't popular among the immature writers as well, but the CSI category is so huge that people barely notice...and Miami is just a cozy little community.  Where I have a nice piece of property staked out with credibility attached to my name.  ;)

Ahhh.  Now I just need the tangible ideas to go with the inspiration. Sigh.  You know I'm never actually going to do anything with them, don't you?
Tags: csi: miami, fanfic, ideas, josh groban, music
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