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Because I am denying that is Monday, and I have to make phone calls a few hours from now, and I want to stay in this weekend's happy bubble of Exquisitely Perfect Television. 

I am also denying the fact that it's already time for the annual insect invasion, as I woke up this morning to both a ladybug and a Box Elder on the wrong side of the window, and a second ladybug is terrorizing me right now as it slaps against the overhead light.  You think cold weather kills insects off, but no!  It only kills most of them off, and drives the rest indoors.

Grey's Anatomy, 6x05, "Invasion"
Win!  I thought the merger would be terrible, but in point of fact, IT WAS NOT. The Mercy West people are fantastic. I kind of want them to take over the hospital, usurping all the power from the lamewads we've been dealing with for the past several years. U-surp! *pound, pound* U-surp! *pound, pound*

I mean, they have Sarah Drew. That right there is reason #1 to root for orange (also my differentiating high school color!).

(Is now an OK time to admit that I somehow confused her with Sprague Grayden, and while I knew Drew from "Everwood," was going to be cast on this show at some point, I thought that was the blonde girl from Everwood? No matter. I still recognize this girl, and she is just as enchanting of face and personality as the other two. In fact, she might even be better.

*double-checks something on IMDB* Although, you would THINK I would have recognized her before now as one of the crazy ladies from the harem in last season's Numb3rs finale, considering how many times I watched it. I remember her now, but just looking at her, it didn't hit me. Oh, oh, or, I don't know as CYNTHIA KEENER'S LATE DAUGHTER on "Medium," whom I adored? Apparently she was a repeat patient on Private Practice last year, too. Self! Why do you suck at remembering things?)

Ahem. What I mean to say is, April just became my fifth-favorite character on the show. I lurve her. Is she staying indefinitely, or is this "invasion" like the merger on The Office, where the Stamford crew folded in about five minutes and in the end only 1 or 2 remained?

Some Other Things That Were Glorious
* The orange-hued title fade!

* How the Fab Four were bonding with the remaining Baby Interns in Meredith's room. I'm sad to see that No Neck wasn't among the terminated employees, but whatever! Steve got to have lines and be acknowledged like a real person with dislike of dead people. And then there was that other intern, whom I will call Shaft, after Sue Sylvester's preferred way of differentiating minority characters. I like him too.

* Megan is sueing the hospital for wrongful termination, claiming she was fired because of the pregnancy! WICKED. I kinda doubt she'll win, and hope that doesn't cause them financial ruin, but I'm proud of her for making a stand.

* April! It bears repeating. Her passive-agressive nature and wide eyes of insincerity are matched only by her tendency to crumble into tears the minute she takes a misstep.

* Alex getting schooled by the little woodland pixie! ("Reed") Her short hair and cutthroat determination mixed with the scarily competitive gleam in her eye are things that frequently turn me off female characters (see also, House, "Cutthroat Bitch"), but in this case she's using it to take down a character I loathe, so it's like she's living my dream.

* "Nobody named Charlie ever got the girl"? I admit that I sort of liked ol' Charles from the beginning, but I should have suspected him the moment he said that. Exhibit A, Charlie Eppes. He got an amazing girl. But on the bright side, at least Jackass Charlie, Mercy West's version of Alex, is more attractive than Alex.

* Izzie throwing the coffee at Jackass Charlie's feet! Sometimes she is the lesser of two evils, and it's nice when I can enjoy her. If only she had thrown it at his crotch - that would have been ideal.

* I also liked her initially sticking up for George's cubby, when she was still framing it as a sweet and understandable request and not yet crazy defensive

* Izzie: "You will never measure up to the people we've lost." Again, that was actually a pretty wonderful line, and not entirely untrue. I mean, not entirely true either, but at the current moment they are not on the same level as George, Addison, or Burke. Though I don't think Izzie was talking about the latter two.

* Cutesy April brought up the psycho intern-chopping club. AWESOME. I laughed for like five minutes straight.

* MARK SLOAN WAS NOT IN THIS EPISODE AT ALL. (heavenly choir: *sings*)

* Relatedly, Lexie was by turns, adorable, mischevious, frustrating, awesome, heartbreaking, and back to sweet and good and adorable. I realize she doesn't like April too much right now and the feeling is mutual, but can I pretend they get over their differences and form a girly bond? They don't have to be best friends, but if they could work out like a Meredith/Izzie dynamic, that'd be great.

* Meredith's voiceover was quite lovely this week. As was all her cheerleading from the bed. Can Ellen Pompeo be heavily pregnant forever? She does amazing work while sidelined. And I just noticed that she has a loose little braid in her hair during the first scene - the kind you weave out of random locks when you're bored and need something to do with your hands Excellent detail.

* Can we see more of the Angry Dad/Pervy Dude/19-Year-Old Hottie triangle war? I feel like that story wasn't quite over. I want to give Pervy Dude a chance to seem less pervy, what with his declarations of love and all.

* Mer/Der! Sweet kisses! Adorable doting! "Are you and Cristina in a dark and twisty place?" One day, I am going to convince myself that they are actually married and this scene is going to get even cuter. But it's pretty cute as it is.

* I love Owen a lot. And his open-mindedness and total refusal to form premature judgments, sometimes more than he should. I also love the fact that Cristina finally gets outraged enough to call him "DR. HUNT!", finally clueing him in to the fact that she's upset (and he's not insensitive to that, given how very softly he responds with her first name), but he has absolutely no idea why. His bewilderment is endearing.

* Cristina's breakdown? BEAUTIFUL. Hyperventilating and sobbing about missing Burke, not the relationship, but at work - "every day when he was here, I held hearts." And she felt SEEN. And...with startling clarity, she's right. I understand exactly how she feels, and I miss Burke too. In my case I do miss the relationship a little bit (though less so because, duh, Owen), but mostly just him being there, as a character. Especially for her. Because she did fit in with him, and whatever complicated entanglements their relationship got into, they were a force to be reckoned with in the OR.

* This is my favorite scene in ages. Everything from Meredith begging for an explanation, to her frustration that she can't get out of bed, to repeatedly trying to thrust Kleenex at her, to Cristina finally curling up in Mer's bed to dry her tears on her shoulder and watch old black and white movies makes me a litle sniffly. I love the two of them. I need to find an icon of this.

* Love the little flicker of alarm in Meredith's eyes when Cristina says she misses Burke, before the rest of the explanation follows. Seriously, Ellen. The tiny details are amazing.

* "You let me come back after I cut an LVAD wire!" Excellent point! Her firing is several years overdue, really. AND NOW I AM HEIGL-FREE FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL EPISODES.

* I've watched this episode three times, and I'm saving it for the future too. I never save GA episodes.

A Few Things That Were Not So Good
-I don't much like tackling!intern. Owen-approved or not, Jackson's eyes unsettle me and he has no hair to make him attractive. He can go bye-bye now.

-Callie and CalZon and all their crap just went on forever. It felt like she had half a dozen scenes and they all went on for three or four minutes apiece, even though I know this is impossible. I did not listen to a word of any of them. Her gay problems did not interest me the first time, or the fifth time, and they will not interest me the next twenty times.

-I was promised that Izzie's final emotional speech would knock it out of the park, even if you didn't like Katherine Heigl. I waited for that to happen, but I barely got bunted. That's it? I'm supposed to feel bad for her big sad cancery eyes because this is "all she has left"?

-I continue not to feel that bad for Alex, because that is sort of like feeling bad for an inanimate object. I did laugh at Cristina's panic-stricken look at being told to go hug him, though, and how he immediately backed away from her when she warily took a step toward him. I also laughed at his ability to make a literal :( face.

Private Practice, 3x03, "Right Here, Right Now"
OK, so they ruined the magic a little bit with the Unholy Devil Ship. I think they more than made up for it in other ways. 

FACT: I love Bailey more than everyone. Ever. Words escape me because every single one that passed her lips was golden.

Kidney Transplant
* I liked the patient! She kinda gets lost in the swirling mists of everything that was awesome about both shows this week, but I was invested in her fate. However, mostly this section is my excuse to love Bailey.

* Starting with the fact that she charges off the ambulance in full Bulldog mode, then realizes she won't get her kidney from Addison until she dishes, and proceeds to rattle off a fair summation of the crazy antics in Seattle, including her scorn over the Post-It wedding, and "I don't sleep anymore, because I lie awake, wondering where all the joy went, and then I realize that the joy packed its bags and left." *pointed stare*

* The Bailey/Addison/Charlotte dynamic is fantastic. I am happy that Addie does not succumb to the brainwashing of everyone else who lauds Charlotte's praises, and yet I don't mind Bailey mustering some admiration for her later when she realizes they have a lot in common at the end. She only has to deal with her once, after all.

* Cooper meeting Bailey, patting her head and remarking on her height ("shorter than I thought") + her deadpan reaction = EPIC WIN

* Bailey: She's back at work?! If that had happened to me, I'd be spendin' my time in a padded room. Oh, is that the father?
Addison: Yeah. Well, one of them.
B: D - there's another one?
A: It's...complicated.
B: This place is better than a telenovela.

HAH! The fact that Bailey works at Seattle Grace and is still impressed by the soapy antics of this office says so much.

Some other fine quotes:
- "I do not want to know about your bases!"
-"I do NOT check out scenery." [whatever, Bailey!  Any red-blooded female with a functioning brain and eyesight would check out ripped, shirtless Sam cooling down after a run on the beach.]
-"Tell me, how come all anybody ever thinks about is sex? Why is that all you doctors do, sleep with each other?"

* Love her holding on to her judgmental words tight as can be, until Addison pries them out of her,and then --
"Husband's best friend.  Patient's husband.  Where I come from, that's called a bad track record. Some poor woman's marchin' around your office - with a baby - trying to figure out what the hell happened to her marriage!   And you want a gold star cause you ''did the right thing.'  You actin' like a tramp, ya don't get a gold star."  (off Addison's speechless look)  "You asked."

HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE, NOW AND FOREVER. I love Addie, I sympathize with her, and I love everything about every second of this conversation on both their sides, but Bailey owns the world and said a lot of pretty amazing things that, frankly, deserved to be acknowledged because oh they are true and nobody else would dare say them to her. Can Bailey pull double-duty like this on a regular basis to scare them all into line?

Is That A New Ship?
Sam: Dr. Bailey! *smiles* Well-well-well, look at you.
Bailey:  Why we lookin' at me?
Sam: *pwned*

Fine, maybe I don't hate the idea of the two of them I'm much more amenable to it now that I know they didn't kiss. His smile when he walked away from her uncertain rejection was pretty darn fantastic, and so on top of all their amusing interaction before that...yeah, maybe this could be a thing I get on board.  Sure, I'm still pretty hung up on the Bennett marriage, but at least now I know that Tucker is an emotionally cheating jackass* so I can stop pining for the one that failed in Washington. Half down!

[* = although, I don't know; I'm still kind of conflicted as to whether or not a contact-free affair is really as bad as a physical one. He's temporarily checked out, but he hasn't actually left you yet, so that's got to count for something right?]

* By the way, hearing that Sam used to be a cardio surgeon, um...damn it, why does Private Practice have to be so successful? Of course we all want to poach him for Seattle Grace! Unfortunately, for as beneficial as that would be, it would also leave a tragic hole down in California, so we can't have that. Maybe we can clone him so everyone can have a Taye Diggs? I mean Sam?

A Baby Story


Seriously, my eyes about fell out of my head as we watched the muted reaction. It instantly wiped away all those feelings of annoyance I'd been building up towards Violet for not signing over the birth certificate change form, because...seriously, it takes just as little effort to give in to one guy as to remove yourself entirely. Particularly when you yourself have already reasoned that Pete is what's best for Lucas.

* Violet still tugged at my heartstrings while raging at Cooper that she would give anything to be able to take a pill or undergo some treatment that would make her care, make her feel some semblance of maternal attachment.

* This makes all of Pete's parentally-motivated calls towards the sick patient's care that much more poignant, not to mention his wonderfully furious defense that "he's not your child!" and insistence that he already knows he's the father.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the part where he's a dad for good now. And enlists Cooper's help to assemble colorful activity toys in his office. XD

* My new favorite part of this show involves Pete & Cooper gossiping pedaconferencing down the sidewalk, sporting sunglasses, slices of pizza in hand,.while Pete pushes a baby stroller in front of them. PRICELESS VISUALS. PRICELESS.

C: (insert the story of his crush in high school on a girl way out of his league) Anyway, I get up the nerve to ask her to winter formal, and she says...yes! Right before my parents tell me, "We're going to Des Moines" for my cousin's Bar Mitzvah.
P: My heart's breaking.
C: Well that was it! By the time I got back, she was dating this beefy guy named Ted, and I never got my shot.
P: Are we doing this for you or for him?
C: Oh, don't grow up on me now, Pete.

P.S. This is unrelated to everything, but Violet/Naomi friendship FTW.

Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow
Addison: I hate this day.
Right there with you. *hugs* I'm okay with her being the tragic figurehead of loneliness on this show, because she tugs so fantastically at my heartstrings week to week. Such as the way she made up with Naomi (yay!), but not before breaking my heart with the way she explained that she's been judging herself through her friend's eyes, not liking what she sees, and taking it out on said friend rather than facing up to it.

* I've officially stopped feeling sorry for Formerly Pregnant Wife if she actually believes it would be better if Addison & Jackass Noah had had sex because "it's biological" and therefore forgivable. First of all, ew? Second of all, that wasn't an option. The options were "emotional affair without sex" and "emotional affair plus sex." They wound up with the lesser of two evils.

Even though I still think their emotional affair was ridiculous, since it was based on knowing each other for like...five months, and him declaring he was in love with her like the second time they met. They did not exactly walk away from a Star-Crossed Soulmate Romance.

Still basking in the warm glow of my show's return to form.

Numb3rs, 6x04, Where Credit's Due
About an hour before this episode aired, the local newscaster said something to the camera like "Murders copied from a movie - or is it the other way around?" I sat up in disbelief, going "What?!  That sounds just like the Numb3rs episode ton..." and then I realized it was just a live-reading promo. Oi. Don't make me feel stupid like that, CBS.

In other news, Amita returned this week, Nikki sat out (which...actually made me sad, what's up with that?), and the hour was 217 times better than the rest of the season to date.

Case: This was a really interesting one, despite the annoying presence of the actor playing the screenwriter - I hate that guy; and his arrogant character here didn't help. Still, loved everything about it, especially Charlie's experiments. Except for the lack of Nikki. I feel like she would have had some choice words to put his punk ass in its place if she'd been around.

Subplot: Oh, Alan. I love when you're useful. I love when you get into short-tempered, high-stress clashes with your son, or better yet, get to bond with your sweet-voiced and infinitely patient future daughter-in-law. In other words, Alan's battles with software in order to qualify himself for jobs = much more interesting than the lead-in subplot of him losing money in investments.

-Everything I love about Charlie & Amita can be distilled into their exchange as she wheedles him into helping Alan. "All right, I'll do it - but I'm telling you, it will end in tears."

-Patronizing!Charlie! "Did I write the program? I didn't write the program." Also, Alan and his vindictive muttering! "Go, go...check your dried fruit."

-I'm eyeballing the blurry photos behind Charlie's desk again, and I'm positive that there is a new one with Amita on the lower shelf. Damn it, CBS, why do you not release these promotional images for fan benefit? NBC releases their desk pictures of Jim and Pam.

-I love Don for suggesting that Amita might have better luck. Though not as much as I love Charlie and his "Part of me wishes her luck...the other part of me hopes that she can undertand my suffering." HEE.

Charmita: Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous amounts of it - I was happy for a week on just the one second of them cuddled up watching a scary movie, and then the first five minutes contain more shippy things than entire episodes have in the past, and there's YET MORE afterward. I have a feeling some of these are going to wind up as season highlights.

Exhibit A, the thirty most glorious seconds ever to take place in his office. You know how sometimes, you're watching TV and you temporarily stop breathing because you realize you're about to see something that you'll rewind 900 times by the next morning? That's where I was at the minute she shut the door behind her.

I actually think my favorite part is his totally puzzled expression as she swiftly removes the books from his hands. I am always amused when Amita marches in with an agenda on her mind and takes him by surprise. Of course, in this moment I am also amused by his crazy-eyed grin after she kisses him. It's sort of deranged. :P

"It's this has a funny effect on me."
Dear writers: the harder you emphasize their engagement, the more I love you. Remind me to praise you for this again later. Could you go back in time and maybe show The Office's writers how that's done?

"You closed the door."
"Yes, I did."
"Did you lock the door?"

Watching Charlie slump in disappointment never gets old.

Exhibit B:
I love how in the space of another thirty seconds, we pan from the couple in the living room, to Alan's project, to Don swinging through one door and then opening a door on the other side of the room to let in Colby. This house is just a swinging free-for-all. Everybody here at all hours, no planning necessary! It's like the Formans' house, minus all the yelling and Red threatening to put his foot in people's asses.

Um, anyway, the important part is that Amita's curled up on Charlie's lap in an armchair (doing a really fair impression of teenagers, I must say), watching a movie for their chaperoned Date Night that somehow ties into Official FBI Bootlegging Business, and the general close quarters and cuddling going on could feed my mental playground for at least a month.

(Also, I am very fond of her sigh and pestering Charlie to at least offer to help his dad out with the software, while he waves her off and she looks exasperated. Clearly this will not be the last time she brings it up.)

Exhibit C:
Look, look, they're having an actual grown-up discussion about their future living situation and where Alan fits into it! What I find most exciting is not only Charlie's calm, zen attitude toward it, but that it's Amita pushing the idea of letting Alan stay. Oh, how far we've come from season 4's question of her moving in, and "You mean with...with both of you?"

At least, that was the most exciting part until Charlie said "my wife," and then white lights of joy exploded in my head, temporarily blocking out the rest of the conversation. Let me repeat it for posterity: "You know I'm not thinking of throwing my dad out into the street. But I think it would be nice, after we were married, if I had some alone time...with my wife."

My head just exploded again, sorry. And we are still only halfway through, because the scene magically continues, it my birthday? I FEEL VERY SPOILED THIS WEEK. It's not good to spoil me; you know it just leads to me whining for the next several weeks on end when subsequent episodes fail to meet his level!

I mean, do most episodes contain Charlie alternating kisses between her lips and her neck, murmuring suggestive comments about possible conclusions to this moment? No, they do not, and it's probably a good thing because it's VERY jarring the way the director keeps cutting back and forth between close-up, soft-focus and backlit shots and sharp-focus angles from behind Amita. Also:

Charlie: Must...not...strangle...
Amita's Eyes: I will kill you 18 different ways with this paper clip.

This is even better than Elizabeth Swann bitching about her wedding night for three hours straight. Unexpected Larry is quickly becoming my favorite trope. Pardon me while I enjoy Charlie's hilariously non-plussed expression while he holds out his hand for the phone, Larry's decidedly unapologetic tone while handing it over, and the part where Larry actually does cringe a little bit in the face of Amita's dangerously serene "Hiiiii."

Minor Exhibit D:
Not the pair of them so much, this time, but the whole family dynamic with Alan.
"You don't have to do that. We meant what we said."
"Well, she did." (ALAN'S REACTION, HEE.)

Also, their wee hurt faces upon realizing that Larry left without saying goodbye.

Larry's Departure
Let's just assume all of it was awesome, from Liz preemptively hugging him goodbye, to his five plane tickets, to his musing with Don, and finally the end:

Leaving my family...leaving all my friends...

Well, hey there, ULTRA DEPRESSING MUSIC. I got all choked up thanks to that, but then it turns out not to be that sad at all. Because if Larry wants to go ahead and buy 15 acres out in the country, where he can gaze up at the clear sky and pretty stars, and he's somewhere between Los Angeles and Las Vegas rather than a city halfway across the world? I'M DELIGHTED.

I am now quite calm and at peace with this storyline until such time as he makes his return. It's literally the only outcome that could have made me as happy as him going off to join Megan. What a relief! Writers, have I hugged you yet today?

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