RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Still in "Glee" mode.

*shell-shocked look* 

I...just watched the preview video for "The Thong Song."  (click at your own risk)  I do not know why, as there was obviously no possible way that could end well, but I had this sort of...naive faith in Will's magical ability to make that sort of music bearable?  AHAHAHA.  FALSE.  GROSS.  I can't decide whether to spork my eyes out first or just give in to the dry heaving and sour taste in my mouth. 

And then I put myself in a worse mood by reading the TWoP discussion boards for the last episode, which were depressing and reinforced the fact that every opinion and feeling I have is opposite of the entire fandom's.

BUT THEN.  I found this ensemble video, and it left me speechless and maybe brought tears to my eyes.  While the song is not particularly exciting to my ears (yet), I'm glad I stuck it out because the editing is BRILLIANT and makes the lyrics stand out so well that, yeah, I'm a bit of a soppy, sentimental mess. 

Tags: glee, video recs

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