RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

New story without even trying.

The cache is still empty. I did, however, feel a sudden creative spark last night, so I dug out all my scraps again, and after sprucing them up a bit, found a way to tie three of my Horatio & Yelina ones together in an interesting and dreamy and vague word art trio.   For lack of a better title, it's "Fable and Fantasy."  The first is "Atlas," one I've been wanting to show off for a while and was about to turn into a poem just so SOMEONE would read it...second is "Masters of Doublespeak," much shorter than I had originally planned it, plus I snatched and tweaked one of the only original lines from "Weighted Decision," but still....and the third is "The Dream," which for months went by the title "Drabble 3."

I am pleased with my presentation.  I printed it off and read it between/during classes at various points in the day.  How rare is it that I can stomach my own writing?  Multiple times over?  This is special, regardless of whether or not anyone else reads it.  ;)  (although really, they should.  2 reviews, less than 50 hits all told.  Are people just not online today?)

Back to my writing.  Still hunting story ideas.   I've had a desire to write a Christmas story of some kind, but I know a lot of people do that and it often comes out sounding cheesy.  I hate sounding cheesy.  I don't even know which fandom I'd write it in, but I want to focus on Christmas because I don't think I've ever really done that before.  I should probably drop that idea as soon as possible. 
Tags: completed, csi: miami, my fic

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