RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I bet nobody saw THIS coming. Myself included.

Tonight, as part of its sole night devoted to Halloween spookery, CBS offered me a lineup featuring Headless Horseman legends, zombies, and alien/paranormal activity, in that order.  Guess which one turned out best?

That's right, Medium, Numb3rs.  You just got served.  By Ghost Whisperer.  Feel appropriately ashamed.

"But wait, RS, why were you even watching the 7:00 hour?  Don't you consider GW one of the worst series on the network?"   I do.  I have seen like maybe three full episodes of it in my life, plus bits and pieces, but the promos promised me both horses and legit scary stuff, so for the first time ever I made a point of tuning in.  Also because we had the last 20 minutes on last week, waiting for Medium, and I got super intrigued by their kid's ability to see invisible beings of a mysterious nature.

Turns out?'s kind of a good show?  NO IT'S NOT.  What I mean is her husband Jim actually is as loving and wonderful as people have been claiming for years and which I've steadfastly ignored.  And since the show randomly jumped forward 5 years in time and now they have a kid, there's all this ready-made ADORABLE FAMILY LOVE.  I think if I just start watching with this season and never, ever look back or subject myself to a time from before that stupid-ass death-and-body-switching plot happened, it could be a brand-new well of shippy joy. 

That I will watch.  Every week.  From now on.  I feel like a hypocrite, having betrayed my prior stance that all its fans should boycott it in protest after A Love That Transcends Death, but...too bad, Past Me!  LOVE TRANSCENDED DEATH and I am reaping the benefits, shamelessly. 

He really *is* as physically affectionate as Joe DuBois.  But younger!  With way better hair, all of a sudden!  And have I ever mentioned my secret love for Jennifer Love Hewitt?  Well, now it's out in the open.  New shippy love is always so exciting, ahhhh!

I mean, the ghost stuff I could take or leave.  Mostly leave.  Those last ten minutes where Melinda actually does her ghost whispering, translating their words to their loved ones or whatever, is in fact so saccharine that I find myself choking on its cloying sweetness.  But I will suffer any plots necessary for the wave of domestic scenes about to crash-land on my doorstep.  Because you maybe haven't heard, but domestic bliss?  Kinda my endgame approach to every TV series, ever.

Whatever, Wikipedia!  The complex mythology plot arcs described in your season overviews do not dissuade me from using the word "bliss."  We can and have work(ed) around those.

Er, thoughts about tonight's actual episodes to come later.  Preview version:

Ghost Whisperer: OMG THIS IS AWESOME.
Medium: Really?  Zombies?  *lame*
Numb3rs: It's been 20 minutes and I haven't seen Amita, so I'm giving up hope on this hour too.  HOLY CRAP, NEVER MIND, OMG OMG OMG MINOR SUBPLOT.

Tags: ghost whisperer

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