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And the mania continues. *still has 7 topics in the queue*

How Rainbow Stevie's brain works, with respect to fandom:

*wanders downstairs* --> Huh, the World Series is on.  --> Yankees vs. Phillies.  I believe I'll root for Phillies on principle.  (The principle of "Pennsylvania is awesome.") --> Wow, this is boring. --> Why am I still here, seriously --> Whoa, that was exciting!  (solo home run on the last pitch)  Guess I'll stay put for a bit.  --> (3 boring minutes later)

"Phillies."  Why does that sound significant?  --> Hey, wait, The Office, wasn't Jim...*searches brain; comes up with "Local Ad"*  "And you're a sportswriter from Philly?" --> So theoretically, this game would probably be on in the Halpert household right now? --> HAHA, the wall clock I'm looking at is still set an hour ahead; perfect!  --> *is now watching game through entirely different perception filter*

Yeah, that's where a lot of my thought trains wind up.  Moving on:

Another one for the "list of shows I don't talk about": I saw Three Rivers last week for the first time, breaking my obsessive rule about watching shows in perfect order, because they promised me a massive school bus accident, and even if it only featured high school football players, I just could not resist the blatant temptation to spin it as a Glee tragedy.  I'm proud to report that the show is everything I expected it to be, and my opinion remains favorably high. 

It was also a bit of shock adjustment to see how much of a true procedural it was.  Personal lives?  NOT TODAY!   We were here to watch doctors work and interact with patients, and even though you got a pretty good sense of their personalities (preliminary opinion: everyone is fantastic, except Dopey Boy manning the computer station), that's exactly what you got.  It was stunning.  Awe-inspiring, even.  The professionalism, my God, the professionalism! 

Basically: The premise of the show -- the three intersecting perspectives you get, between doctor/donor/recipient -- is ideal in terms of sustaining this balance between doctors with personalities, and doctors whose personal/soap-operatic lives take over everything.  My one episode left me wanting more personal insight, and maybe I'll get it when there's not a mass casualty emergency taking center stage*, but if not I'm not fussed.  I still think everyone is delightful.  

Although I do wish Alex O'Loughlin's character had a better name.  Because right now "Dr. Yablonski" just makes me snicker and feel disinclined to take him seriously, and "Andy" really isn't much better.  Does not suit him at all.  It doesn't help that I'm distracted by Hot Asian Doctor and intrigued by the darkhaired woman, who has attracted my attention for reasons I can't explain.  Actually, she reminds me of Kat Warbler from "The Class"; that's probably why.  In both looks and personality.  It's kinda eerie.

Oh!  And that one...nurse?  Random doctor?  Apparently her name is Pam?  It was driving me crazy trying to remember why I knew her, and I kept wanting to say she was a nurse on ER, until I finally remembered that she was on ER, but as Claudia the Cop/Morris' love interest.  I like her so much better in this role. 

Anyway.  Am thinking maybe this show can join HIMYM and NCIS in my twilight zone of "watching and not discussing."  Convenient timeslots are both a curse and a blessing.

* = Edit after watching episode 5: Oh, wow, I stand corrected; personal lives ahoy!  Sporting soap bubbles.  But not really, because I wanted to know more and I got it in spades, and it's only deepened my feelings of loving everybody (except Transplant Coordinator Guy.  My feelings of dislike for his twitchy little self have deepened in kind). 

I am not quite sure I like these Richard/Ellis Grey/Meredith Grey parallels they've set up with Miranda in the latter role, but I'm still cautiously optimistic because...Sophia? is pretty freaking awesome, somewhere between Miranda Bailey and Vivian Johnson.  And Miranda Foster is my sarcastic streak of mulish stubborness and accidental nose-breaking, so I am claiming her as my rockstar right now.

I am dismayed that Hot Asian Doc (fine, "David Lee") is supposed to be womanizing breaker of hearts, but not enough to stop me from swooning over him.  Unrelatedly, Pam is a BUBBLE OF DELIGHT and she could be my right-hand-woman any day.  Sparklingly fantastic chemistry with ol' Yablonski (*snort-giggles at name*).  I mean, platonically.  I believe in their platonic chemistry.  Totally platonic.   In conclusion, platonic.

And Andy.  Oh, Andy.   I'm already thisclose to not minding his name, and since he is apparently planning to brood just as well as Broody Mick St. Brood, I'm pretty sure I adore him.  He still has a lot of competition standing in the way of being my favorite, but I consider that a testament to how strong all the other characters are.

In related news, I'm just going to pretend that "Rena" does not exist, nor did she ever exist, because I was all excited this morning when I read that Andy was married, only to find said marriage on the brink of destruction.  And she sucks.  It's like everything she said was specifically engineered to punch me in the DESPAIR CENTER. 

(she's a cop!  they grew up together!  she still loves him!  she doesn't want to have children with him!  he still loves her!  he wants to see a counselor; she shuts him down!  despite the fact that they totally still love each other, apparently that's irrelevant to their need for a separation!  aaaaaaaaaargh *head explodes*)

I really don't like hating wives; it makes me sad; ergo, HE IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A LIFELONG BACHELOR.  YUP.  Don't make me ship him with Pam, don't make me ship him with Pam, can't I have ONE damn normal male/female friendship in my repertoire, ever?

Lastly, there need to be more Sudanese people on TV, because that guy's accent is the best thing I've ever heard east of England.  What's his role, exactly?  Has he been on before?  Will he be on again?  His whole personality is delightful and I want him in my life for always.

SO MUCH FOR MY NOT TALKING ABOUT EVERY EPISODE.  But seriously, I don't know if I can take week after week of knowing that people are going to be brain-dead and have their organs "procured."  It's already super-depressing and I think I'm going to experience vicarious burnout.  At the very least, I fear I'm going to rethink checking the organ-donor box on my driver's license, because...yeah, not really doing a whole lot to combat the "vulture" perception of transplant teams.  They all seem just a little too hopeful & eager to declare brain death. 

Although I think Three Rivers and Ghost Whisperer could have a Hallmark Special cheese-off with the happy endings.  They've come off as cloyingly sweet and way too sappy for my tastes.
What else can I pull out of my review pile...*muses*

'Ghost Whisperer, "Head Over Heels"

Short List of Loves:
* Guest-starring the middle child from "8 Simple Rules," who apparently hasn't aged a day since then! 

* This episode?  Legitimately scary.  It had me jumping in my seat a few times, between the stuff moving around the empty classroom, the candle flickering to life on its own, a whole bunch of other stuff...I mean, it wasn't like a horror movie, but it was at least on par with the Wishbone episode that paralleled this legend (seriously, Wishbone could be spooky when it wanted to be).  Enough to give you a thrill. 

* HORSES.  SO MANY HORSES.  HORSES EVERYWHERE.  Chestnuts trotting around paddocks!  The spooky black spirit horse (with headless rider)!  Redhead Girl's pretty white mount!  The chrome-splashed buckskin randomly pulling a wagon ride through town! 

* This show is clearly dumbed down, because I was able to figure out the significance of "Barnacle" almost immediately, and I figured out what the real situation was long before the end.  It still made me feel all special, though.

* Nobody told me Melinda works at (runs?  owns?  co-owns?) a vintage/antique store!  Hello there, ideal job.  I also didn't know Jim was a doctor.  It's like she's living an idealistic daydream.  Minus the ghost whispering stuff, and the apparently Charmed-esque level of crazy prophecies surrounding her and her son's lives.

* Doth my ears deceive me, or did Melinda actually have to have the plot of "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" explained to her?  I don't...who doesn't know this story by heart?  Seriously?  How do you even grow up in America without this knowledge?  I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

* I still think it's hilarious that he tried to run away on horseback.

* Family love: I still think Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeous, and thus I adore Melinda, even though she's hidden behind more eye makeup than even Rose Tyler wore on Doctor Who.  Meanwhile, Jim's hair continues to draw me in.  Did I really used to not think this man was attractive?  I don't understand how that's possible, Past Me.  Also, Aiden is an adorable little scamp, which if you know anything about me is not a thing I say about children very often, especially boys.      

* Anothe reason to love the family setup: it's a little like getting a preview version of Jim and Pam in five years, only with all the domestic bliss and parenting we'll never get to see (THANKS, LIMITING DOCUMENTARY FORMAT).  Sure, the context is bizarrely different and in no way applicable, but the level of love and affection is a constant.  And I like that it differs from the (equally lovely and sweet) family on Medium, since they're still young parents and only have one child to worry about. 

* Oh, and I'm not real fond of Eli, but Camryn Manheim is always welcome, so I think the cast is generally positive for me.  Yay?

Medium, 6x06, "Bite Me"
I know the showrunners were all giddy about being on in the fall again and thus having an excuse to do a Halloween episode, and were particularly excited about their "Night of the Living Dead" homage, but this does not in any way change my mind about the fact that zombies are the dullest, most uninteresting things on earth.

'Zombie Rant On: Sorry!  But they do not scare me.  Not even in an irrational-fear sense.  Unlike ghosts, which might very well exist and thus are spooky, there is no cell in my brain that can be convinced reanimated corpses are a viable possibility, so who cares?  This is particularly strange since I can muster an irrational fear of lurching mummies (on film), which are kind of the same thing, but for whatever reason I just don't react to the idea of zombies.  They look gross, sure, but scary?  I am more scared of my own reflection coming out of the mirror when I make a wild-eyed grin of evil insanity.

Now, when it was her family that had been turned to zombies, okay, that scared me a little.  It's different when you recognize familiar faces (although I find it impossible to imagine my real-life friends/family as zombies, so I'm still not scared of the idea), and I admit that seeing the kids lurch toward her with vacant stares chilled my blood.  But that was the only time. 

I didn't want to have to rant about this in detail, but I also didn't want any of you to assume that I agreed with the majority of the internet who thought this was the best idea ever.

Zombie Rant Off: aside from that, this was a pretty good.  Allison didn't embarrass herself too badly - though she did rack up another unnecessary hospital bill; I don't understand why she couldn't have cleaned off the blood at home enough to realize that the skin wasn't broken from her bite - and the dreams were actually quite helpful about leading her to the killer.  More helpful than usual, in fact, probably to compensate for the fact that it was probably hard for her to get past the whole BLINDING TERROR OF BEING EATEN ALIVE long enough to pay attention to the clues.

I actually liked the use of the movie, which I've never seen and have less than zero interest in, because it gave Allison an excuse to have long hair again.  Even if it was only in black-and-white and during her dream, and dear Lord how I miss when she and Joe weren't competing to see who could get the shortest haircut.

REALLY loved Bridgette being haunted by the spirit of the dead tarantula (which, by the way: SO MUCH SCARIER THAN ZOMBIES, OMG; I would probably have to be locked in a mental hospital if I was constantly seeing huge hairy spiders crawl toward me).  Especially when it turned out to be for a really sweet reason, if sweet is possible for spiders: there were eggs left in the empty tank they through in the garbage can.  (also: really?  You just threw the nice glass aquarium away?  It was in good shape!)

I mostly got three things out of Bridgette's accidental-spider-killing confession to her teacher, though:
a) the teacher was way too casual about the fact that she accidentally let her cat kill the class bunny (and hey!  all rabbits act totally alike, so she just had to buy an identical replacement one.  Just like fish!) 

b) Bridgette was way not traumatized enough about hearing that said docile class pet met a violent death.

c) I got distracted halfway through the conversation by the cage in the background next to Mr. Rabbit.  "OMG, THAT IS A FERRET. What kind of middle-school classroom has a pet ferret?  Don't they have to be properly socialized, not kept in a cage all day and left alone overnight?  And aren't they kind of expensive?  Like, way more than a rabbit?  I BURN WITH QUESTIONS." 

Lord Google, however, says that actually they do make good pets if you know how to care for them, so fine.  I change my position to "dude, this is the best classroom ever."  I didn't know any science teachers who kept mammals in their room, unless they were dead and stuffed.  The most advanced animals I ever got my hands on were the baby quail we raised in 10th grade.

OK, enough of that.  I like all the costumes everyone was dressed up in.  Allison makes a frighteningly convincing Wicked Witch.  Marie recycled her pea pod outfit from the play last year!!  Joe dressed as himself!  (okay, it was a nerd.  But Bridgette commenting that she didn't see a difference was awesome).  And I don't know what Ariel was, but it seemed like a kinda slutty dress, and weirdly her normally overprotective parents didn't bat an eyelash.  

I also wasn't quite sure why the whole family was trick-or-treating together, as opposed to Ariel being with her friends and/or one parent staying home to hand out candy?  If they get their Jack-O-Lanterns smashed while they're gone, it's their own fault. 

...yeah, I don't think I can cram Numb3rs into this post.  Time for a break. 
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