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Who's the patron saint of lost items?

I've been reading fanfic heavily for the past few days, since I didn't have anything to do besides pack up my room.  Every time I hit a story where I think "okay, my current drafts suck, but they're at least better than THAT," this thought inspires me to go pull out one of my many short in-progress things and try to work on them, because they're probably good enough for standards, and I miss reviews.  And then I go to pull up one of these stories, and then I remember...all my current drafts (everything worked on in the month of January) are on my flash drive.  The super-small and removable flash drive that I misplaced sometime last week, and haven't been able to find since. 

I have old drafts, but it's very depressing to open them up and go "frick, I cut that and I added something here to make it 10x better...but I can't remember WHAT."  And I keept forgetting that my drive is missing, so I depress myself anew with this realization about five times a day.   I was so sure it would turn up once I started packing, but so far, all attempts have been fruitless.  SIGH.
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