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Much of this news is old.

I could not find time to get on LJ last week to save my life, which is quite wrong, so this week I am making up for it.  Starting with all of the following topics, which I am determined to cover, regardless of tardiness.

~Flist, screw mood themes.  From now on, I want you to post stick figures like this in order to indicate days when you are experiencing a particularly intense emotion.

~Lilith Fair is coming back next year?!  OMG WHAT, WHAT.  I was only just starting to fall in love with contemporary female singers when it ended, and I always thought it sounded like the coolest concert ever, tailor-made to everything I enjoy about music.  I have spent a decade in mourning for the fact that it was over practically before I knew it existed.  NOW IT IS BACK.  I am still not in a position to attend, but if it could sustain itself for a few more years?  Distinct possibility/ultimate life goal. 

~So Trauma got canceled and Mercy got a full-season pickup.  Perfect!  I like to think that I am subtly influencing NBC with my mind.  Even when they cancel shows, my mindpower convinces other networks to rescue them.  Example B, TNT picked up Southland, and while they have only committed to the 13 episodes already produced, I'm still holding out hope for more. Meanwhile, apparently episodes can be longer on cable?  So they're adding in extra material to the first 7 when they re-air them.  Which is cool, but my real question is: are you allowed to swear [without restrictions] on basic cable? 

TNT seems like a safer channel, but I still can't remember if they use the S-word or not.  Hope not.  I must confess, unlike EVERYONE ELSE WHO WATCHES IT (apparently), one of my favorite things about this show was that it was gritty but they still had to conform to my Bible, the FCC standards, and thus my eyes could be delighted while my ears were protected from particularly horrid words I do not encounter in my daily life.  If that protection gets taken away, I will be a lot less excited and possibly not bother watching.   There is a reason I don't follow any cable shows.

~Dude, Ghost Whisperer is scary.  What is this!  It's like they concocted season 5 specifically to fill a void I didn't even know I had after Harper's Island ended. I mean, there's less bloodshed - I'm not even sure they have bloodshed - but it leaves me with the same spooky, creeped-out feeling.  Yes, I am spooked by wildly slamming doors and exploding lights, but mostly at the sight of a shadow puddle spilling ominously across the floor, moving like a less-visceral version of Lost's smoke monster.  *shivers*  Also it's dark when I watch this show, okay.

And I love them for bringing back what's-her-name, last seen as the blonde intern on ER, as a med student this week.  I love them less for having JLH writhe around a stripper pole, but I think the positive parts canceled that nonsense out.

In other words, my new love affair is clearly here to stay.  The mysterious "book" and the Shinies/Shadows mythology already fascinate me far more than the mytharc on The X-Files ever did.  Plus, the theme song?  I think if I had met the theme song earlier, I'd have felt more benevolent from the start.

NCIS, 7x06, "Outlaws and In-Laws"

Damn you for making me remember that Mike Franks has a daughter-in-law + granddaughter to take care of now.  An [Iraqi?] daughter-in-law, even, so that by furrowing my brow, blurring my eyes, and using a lot of willful disbelief, I twisted this into a Numb3rs scenario with Alan, Amita, and Hypothetical Curly-Haired Granddaughter.  Subversive RS is subversive.  Clearly, my scenario didn't exactly work in this context, at all, so I mainly played with it out of context whenever possible.  None of it had any effect on my deep dislike of Franks.

So instead I sat back and appreciated things like Gibbs holding a toddler, which will NEVER NOT BE ADORABLE, but is particularly so when she's his goddaughter. You know, my ovaries haven't exploded in a while.  I think we should give them a workout.  Ah, that's the ticket.

"Welcome to my home, Amira."

In other news, compared to the crack team of FBI agents on an extremely superior CBS crime drama...

Vance: still a jackass. (fixed-point fact)

Tony: still obnoxious; also showing resurgence of jackass side with regards to Ziva's citizenship.  It's like somewhere along the way, she stopped returning the banter with the same spirit, and so now it all just sounds like bullying from his end.  Unpleasant.

McGee: still bumbling (fixed-point fact)

Ducky & Jimmy: still boring (was Jimmy even in this ep?  Can't remember)

Ziva: less awesome than in seasons past, but still wonderful, particularly when bonding with another woman who's fled her homeland.

Abby: still awesome no matter what.  Staging interventions!  Delicately chainsawing boats into orderly pieces like an archaeological dig!

And: AHAHAHA, AGENT DOGGETT!  Wow, he has aged quickly and not too gracefully.  That is the end of my brief olive-branch into the world of shipping John/Monica, let me tell you.  Regardless, he should still feel free to act in anything and everything that requires a suit and tie and/or armed-forces connections.  He has very compelling eyes.

Why are we merging at 12?  No particular reason that I can see, other than not wanting Foa Foa to be down to 2 members by the time it happens, which you know they would be.  Which is a shame, because I'm actually kind of curious to know whether they would continue their strategy of voting out women first, or if Russell would realize he only had one dumbass girl left and zoom back to crybaby Jaison as his target, unless Mick looked at him cross-eyed first.

Anyway, I've been doing some thinking, watching Galu about to get splintered like timber[a], and realized that lately...if you're the super-losing tribe, as long as you make it to the merge,  you're actually in a good position.  Because the tribe that's up in numbers is so confident about being up in numbers that they don't stick together.  They have no problem sacrificing one of their own first, only the more the merged tribe integrates, the easier it is to flip people who feel they're on the bottom of the strong tribe, and would last longer by aligning with "the enemy."  It happens, over and over and over.

(Still, even the underdogs on Galu should consider the Pagonging strategy, because it works for them just as well as the underdogs: longer you stay, the better chance you have to change your position in the tribe.  And that way, you're guranteed a minimum of 8th place, instead of risking 9th-12th. )

But enough of my feeble strategy.  This episode was SO GREAT.  From Laura metaphorically stepping on Grossell's head (I have 90% of the power, troll!), to Monica not believing his crap at all,  to Rusell admitting that he didn't know what was going on, to Laura blowing everyone's mind and winning immunity...that was awesome!  From the moment she scored the point, and I saw Grossell's face explode with disbelief, I fell off the sofa laughing and never stopped. 

Time for more strategizing: specifically, by Natalie.  What?  She had to do something involving her own brainpower?  She did!  And it was spectacular, basically mobilizing one or two of the Galu Girls to vote for Erik, which led to a chain reaction that shaped up the final vote.  Which is why I was so apalled to hear Russell say, TO HER FACE, "I don't think you changed their minds.  I think you THINK you did."

OMGWTF?  That's like...Coach-speak, in his most misogynist hour.  Careful, Troll.  Did it hurt your ego to think she might have done something without you?  Or were you so scared of her potential to think independently that you had to convince yourself she didn't do anything, so that you wouldn't be forced to vote out your last "dumbass" ally in case she threatened your power?  God, what a troll.

But anyway, let's bring it around back to the very exciting point that ERIK GOT BLINDSIDED, which was incredible, because for just one week his ouster was actually more satisfying than Grossell's would have been.  Next week I'm back to gunning for the troll (who will probably win immunity just to spite me), but for this week, I could not take one more second of that blowhard's smug, arrogant attitude on my screen.  

First time I've actually been interested in an episode this season.  That took way too long.

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