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I'm defying gravity, and you won't bring me down.

Hee! My dog partially fell off the bed this morning. She has a habit of sleeping to close too the edge, and this morning I woke up as she was trying to shift her position...only to find her back end sliding off until she landed with her hind feet on the floor and most of her upper body still sprawled across the mattress. She then proceeded to look blankly at me for several seconds, going "Um, hello? I'm clearly stuck. Little help would be nice."
Voice: So in other words, she did not defy gravity?
RS: Haha! Hah. Well, she tried. She just failed at it.


I didn't watch TV live last night, so I saw the promo for next week's Glee before I watched this week's episode.

I've known about the spoilers for a while now, and snapped up all the promo pics, but there is something about seeing unrequited Will/Rachel in living color that makes it so much more exciting. Wheeeeee! Also, starting now, NOTHING I IMAGINE (within reason) WILL EVER BE CONSIDERED OUT OF THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY FOR THIS SHOW, because every time I think I've gone one step too indulgent, IT HAPPENS.

Crying on the teacher's shoulder. Artie/Tina. Josh Groban guest-stars before I've even had a chance to think about which musical celebrity I'd like best. Mr. Schue is somehow involved in his pregnant student's ultrasound appointment. Rachel hugs him in a moment of exhilaration. As of this week, he even breaks up Finn & Puck fighting.

But surely, surely, there is no chance they could ever find a way have Rachel in his house, right?


For fear of jinxing it, I am not even going to say what the rest of my ridiculous hopes and dreams are. Just know that I am confident they will all happen at some point, and I will point them out as they come true.

Although I do fear this episode will put a wrench in any future mostly-platonic Will/Rachel fics that want to be canon-compliant...

So. "Wheels." When I first read the synopsis, it sounded like it would be THE GREATEST THING EVER, but then the Artie spotlight got trampled all over by Kurt and Puck/Quinn, and it ended up being one of the three episodes I've felt confident deleting so far. That said, I am determined to extract every last positive scrap from it that I can:

The Really Good Stuff
-Mr. Schue apologizing to Artie for the uncaring jackassery of his fellow glee club members. I sort of want to keep the episode just for these 30 seconds of wonderfully sweet interaction. Will should notice Artie more often.

-Artie later speaking up for his hurt feelings, and calmly volleying back at Rachel, "You're irritating most of the time, but don't take that personally." (on a related note: disappointed!Will, you may recall, is one of my favorites. Any time the club gets a stern talking-to, I award the episode 5 bonus points based on my arbitrary scale)

-Will spending half the episode lurking at doorways, mostly to make sure Sue toed the line. I am always happy when he goes into Protect The Students mode, and maybe melted a little at his warning "Be. Nice." the moment Becky appeared.
...and then my brain drifted off into a bizarre AU where the daughter Terri is not actually having turned out to be a special needs child. It was different. And oddly intriguing.

-Finn & Puck fighting? Totally part of my most promising fic idea. Of corse, in my version they're fighting over Rachel (haha, that sounds so self-indulgent. I promise there's a more legitimate, honor-defending reason), and it took place in the music room rather than the hallway, but Mr. Schue still broke it up. Woo!

Of course, now my fic is in tatters and it's even less likely to see the light of day, but I think it's worth it to have a better version play out on screen. I am pleased to note that I was right; he yells at Puck ("He started it." "I don't care!") and looks at Finn with much more understanding.

-I am pleased that Artie/Tina existed for one episode. I am not pleased that it got less face time than Puck/Rachel, but that's because I have an Optimism Hat which believes it is much more likely that they'll revisit this someday. It was just a fight! They can move past this! Meanwhile, I am focusing on the adorable nature of their mutual shy crushes, their one adorable puppy-love kiss, and an AU in which Tina either has no confession to make, or keeps her mouth shut and continues their wheelchair date.

-"Well it's just like you, with your stutter. You don't really notice it after a while." Seriously, he is the sweetest person. I am now 500% more convinced that Artie is the only student here that High School Me would have had a crush on. .

-Um, forget Sue. Brittany walking arm-in-arm with Becky and buying her a cupcake was the most winsome thing I have ever seen. It's possible she had ulterior, cheating-related motives, but on the other hand, she also once hung out at Kurt's and danced around in a leotard with him for no apparent reason. She might wear a Cheerio uniform, but I've seen very little evidence of her being one in spirit.

-"Maybe one of these days, you'll find a way to create a teaching moment that doesn't involve ruining my life." God, there are so many sparks flying between them at all times, I can almost see the air spontaneously combusting between them.

Like I could possibly be happy with one picture.

I should quote other things for my own benefit --
Mr. Schue: I know this is going to be hard on you, Rachel, but I can't in good conscience preach about the importance of helping Artie and then reject Kurt's request out of hand.
Rache: So you're giving him my part.

Rachel : This is totally unfair; you gave me that solo.
Mr. Schue: And I will give it to you again, if you can sing the song better than Kurt.

*pats Rachel* Still totally his favorite after Finn.

The Other Good Stuff
-Oh, Quinn. So much about her vicious diatribe in the bleachers tugs at my heartstrings. Even though absolutely nothing she says to Finn is fair, it's all coming from a place of mind-numbing fear, so I feel nothing but love and sympathy.

-"Most of us? Don't know how to bake? I find? Recipes confusing?" BRITTANY IS SO MY NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER. (I dunno, I think she knows how to bake..she certainly sounds like she is most of the time.)

-Finn: "Stop attacking me!" Ah, there's the angry defense I love so much. He's definitely earned the right to flare-up by this point.

-Hilarious cheerleading tryouts!

Neutral-ish Observations
-No Terri, again. Boo. But also no Emma! Which cancels out the boo.

-$685 for a sonogram?! Oi. I knew nothing involving pregnancy was cheap, but...almost seven hundred for one? Don't you have to get...more than one? Is this even right? You would think I would have found out something about the cost of things by now, what with all my obsessive research on the subject, but somehow it's never come up. Although my two minutes of Googling just now think that estimate is a little high)

-Oh, Will. Don't tell them "we're having a bake sale" like it's a threat. They'll end up baking with hate!

-Eh. I was't that moved by Sue's scene with her sister, but I have to say that I would like her so much more as a character if she was like this all the time instead of a harsh, grating bitch.

-I didn't enjoy the Artie solo as much as I thought I would. I haven't been moved by this show's music in a long time, actually. I feel like if there's a pure Lea Michele version of "Defying Gravity,"* that might be fun, but I'm torn between listening to that and listening to Idina Menzel's version. I can only love one singer per song; that's just how it works, so I'd rather keep myself in the dark about what this infamous song actually sounds like.

* = The sing-off was terrible. I hate when they cut back and forth anyway, but that Kurt chick makes me want to light myself on fire, so I twitched my way through only half of it before giving up.

[Edit: OKAY. So I found the Lea Michele solo version, and it is gorgeous. That is, I was totally unmoved the first three listens, probably because I kept thinking about how bizarre the original Broadway context is*, but as I gradually convinced myself this was just a song on a CD penned by a teenage singer-songwriter, I was able to connect much better.

(*=no, I do not know anything about the play. But I know it is based off a book that I wanted to throw in the fire when I finished reading it, so.)

Then I realized LM's version was only 2 minutes long. $@*(&^$*&@4! And I think, I really should go ahead and love Idina Menzel's version, because I like her voice too and it's the proper length, but Lea-as-Rachel is SO MAGICAL that I just...want this to be her song, always and exclusively. SEE, NOW I'M FRUSTRATED. I SHOULD NEVER HAVE LISTENED TO IT AT ALL.]

Blinding Hate
-I didn't know there were types of food messes worse than slushies. Apparently there are. And why can't boys and girls ever make cookies without throwing dough/ingredients all over each other? This is the worst TV trope ever.

-I really intensely dislike Kurt. Not as much as Puck, whom I loathe more than anyone on the entire show, but enough that I was consumed by a desire to punch his smirking face in when he said he was more popular than Rachel. That is wrong on so many levels, not least because she is my favorite person on the entire show while he is in a distant 11th place among the 12 glee club members.

-In a show of impressive restraint, this will be the extent of my hate speech toward him. (for the week)

-You know, Puck, "not caring about school," lying, and drug use - not to discredit your earlier days of straight-up bullying, of course - is enough to prove to me that you are still a screw-up. Ugh, he makes my skin crawl. I am tired of this show's attempt to portray him as a deep and multi-layered character with growth potential, and annoyed by the fact that it's working on the viewing audience. Stop being manipulated, fools!

-Artie's line about having the full use of certain things was EXTREMELY UNNECESSARY. Mainly because I, naturally, already Googled for answers on this sort of thing the minute I started shipping them. I have links saved in a folder called "LEGITIMATE GLEE FIC RESEARCH.."

-Dear Future Me: I know it looks like there's a lot of, and possibly more good stuff than bad...but honestly, you do not remember how much fast-forwarding we did. Really focus on your opening sentence; it's important.

P.S. LJ, I do not know if this is specific to this post or if you mucked something up when you "improved" the Rich Text Editor, but if it's the latter, I don't like how every time I edit my post (as I do a lot), it opens in the HTML window rather than the RTE one, i.e. "ruins all the double spaces between sentences I like to see." WE HAVE BEEN OVER THIS. I don't like the HTML window! I cannot think in the face of black Courier text against an endless white background! I need to see my post AS IT WILL APPEAR while I'm working on it. And it bugs me when I notice that my sentences suddenly look smushed together.
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