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1. Oh my God, look! I have grown stupid in my old age and cannot tell what kind or kinds of dog this is, BUT I WANT ONE. Look how pretty his markings are! And even though I am not quite sure about the height of that sink, I am sure this dog is AWESOMELY HUGE all the same, and I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George. No, this was not relevant to the title, but the rest is.

2. I've been watching random Scrubs reruns lately, which is fun, since there a lot (I want to say 50%?) I've never seen.

Why am I mentioning this? Funny thing, I always assumed that Turk/Carla was my anchoring ship on this show. Which is true - oh, I just saw their wedding episode; I'm trying to decide if it was more or less terrible than Jim & Pam's. I'm inclined to go with less, but I also would have killed Jim if he'd missed his own wedding, so maybe there IS something worse than aisle dancing and Andy - for the most part, but my actual OTP?

Turns out I am in love with the weirdly-functional dysfunction of Jordan/Perry. I love that even though 95% of their relationship is based on snark, fighting and/or insulting each other, they are totally stuck together forever, somehow managed to become parents twice over, and every so often will have a legitimately sweet and tender moment. It's fun. At least, in my limited experience and the fact that as far as I can tell, I've mostly been hanging out in seasons 6 and 7.

Fandom! Come out of the dusty attic and tell me if this is an okay feeling. Am I being unpopular again, or do they have some measure of support? Also, tell me how to feel about Elliot/JD and who I should ultimately ship them with, if not each other. It's a very confusing quagmire.

3. Every time I open the "post an entry" window, I mean to catch up on my...crap, am I up to 3?...backlogged weeks of Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and/or Private Practice. Instead I melt into a puddle over how much I have loved Bones lately, and feel faint over what sort of controversy I might stir up when I can't muzzle the angry part of my feelings on the other two.

This results in me, for no apparent reason, running off to mainline old Numb3rs episodes. Like a madwoman. I think I've covered at least a dozen of them since late October. (And still, I am too afraid of what I will find in season 1 to touch it. The YouTube clips are not encouraging! Young Charlie reminds me of a frightened mole being exposed to sunlight for the first time. Incredibly cringe-worthy. There's a reason I have a habit of not acknowledging this show's existence prior to 3x09!)

The only thing that scares me more than season 1 is season 2, where my overwhelming memory is that he and Amita were AWKWARD, AWKWARD, AND MORE AWKWARD all of the time, in an ill-defined quasi-relationship that was rarely "on" enough to be off again. Also there was Sonya Walger -- SORRY, SOMETHING IN MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED WITH MYSTERIOUS HORROR, BRB.

Basically, my entire perception of season 2 is: "Harvest!" Which contains this:

And now on to season 3. (what? I told you about my Amita Scale. Everything is judged by the quantity and quality of her appearances. All the cute brother scenes in the world, which YouTube assures me were way more plentiful in the early days and which, to be fair, are probably why I held on as long as I did, can't compare to her).

Yesterday's treat was "Waste Not," a/k/a "Chemistry: Engage," and goodness, it has literally been three years since I saw those five seconds of montage that included them making out on the couch. Spark-exploding kiss in the garage, sure, that's all over YouTube, and included here for your convenience as well, but nobody remembers the silent bonus clip. And it is a really good clip. Oh, they are pretty. My lack of pictures is frustrating me.

Still, the night I first saw this, was quite possibly one of the Top Ten Fandom Moments of my life. Haha! Looking at it now, it is small potatoes compared to the Affection Avalanche they will spend the rest of the series cultivating, but I swear it was an exhilarating kickoff.

Another thing I'd completely forgotten about this episode? Millie, or more specifically, how she runs around continually implying that Amita is sacrificing her own career and personhood to run around as Charlie Eppes' appendage. Awesomely, instead of immediately caving under pressure, Amita gets ticked off and fires right back in her own defense. It's its own kind of bonus vindication.

Today's treat: 4x17, "Pay to Play," in which Amita's parents and Charlie are finally in not only the same country, but meeting face to face. I am saving most of the quotes for the day I have the patience for pictures, but for now, here is reason #417 that Numb3rs is worthy of as many episodes as everyone has the inclination to write.

Amita: I think it's kind of weird, staying here when my parents are in town.
Charlie: Well, they'll be at a hotel; how would they ever know?
Amita: I didn't say it was rational, it just...feels weird.
Charlie: My dad knows you spend the night, that's never been weird.
Alan: Well it's weird NOW, thank you very much!

Also, the last scene. In which Amita bakes chocolate-chip cookies to apologize for her parents' behavior, because she's awesome, and Charlie turns them down in favor of haughty mock-offense. "My abject suffering is worth a lot more than cookies."

You know what we should have to top things off? A season 5 representative. MAGIC SHOW, FRONT AND CENTER!

In which Amita, fed up with Charlie's superiority and disdain raining all over her lifelong love of magic tricks and illusion, provides living proof that magic exists...OH, OH, OH! YouTube has it! AWESOME. Because I must confess, there is no actual way to describe this with words, and even pictures can't capture its essence.

Fact: there is no prettier sight than Amita gently spinning in the air, surrounded by a flurry of rose petals.

Charlie agrees:

I think my work here is done. Let me know how my efforts turn out, Future Me.
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