RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I'm sorry, this obsession has taken over my brain.

Seriously, Numb3rs fandom. Why was I not aware of your presence on earlier?? I've just read "Memento Vivere" and "The Methods of Intolerance" back to back. I think even I am satiated on Tragic Scenarios and hospital visits at this point. Trust me, that is a hard state to reach. *wanders off in a daze*

In other positive news, TV Guide interview with Cheryl Heuton, who I'm reasonably certain is my favorite showrunner ever, which continues to soothe my worried feelings about the shape of the remaining episodes. Not my RAGING BITTERNESS feelings, but it soothes the parts of me that are antsy and can't remember from one day to the next that THIS. SHOW. TAKES. CARE. OF. ITS. CHARACTERS. Period. And by extension, the viewers. The situation sucks, but I believe that when they say things are going to be okay, they will be. Although I'm not discounting a courthouse wedding at this point.

TVG: "I see Rob Morrow just asked for a fan protest to keep the show on the air."
H: Rob is our in-house rebel leader. He’s asking for fans to write in and stuff.

Also I love Rob Morrow. Don't know if I have ever mentioned that, but among the actors I've adored him more than anyone for a while now, and his whole proactive campaign just makes me love him more.

...tomorrow I will talk about other things. In the meantime, I order you to fall in love with this song:
Tags: fanfic, music, numb3rs

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