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And back we go for another round.

I have been poking around YouTube lately, watching old Charlie/Amita fanvids circa 2006, trying to tempt myself into The Early Days via exposure to tantalizingly muted glimpses of their scenes. It's kinda working. But right now, one thing in particular caught my eye & made me trip over myself in a fit of sudden flailing.

Remember that cardigan of Amita's that I love so much in 4x07, the pretty pink one with all the embellishment, that I have probably only mentioned once yet have secretly coveted for two years? FIRST APPEARANCE: THE PILOT. Look, look! If these aren't the same shirt, then the differences are too subtle for me to care:

Sorry. I find this very exciting. And possibly a sad remark on how many times I have watched "Primacy" in my life. *sits on hands to prevent triggering a double-header viewing with Angels & Devils*

Oh no, too late! Now I am reading old reviews and in the process of creating yet another mashed up scrapbook entry.

Starting with 5x02, "Decoy Effect," which contains a scene I'd frankly forgotten about until I read back through last year's reviews. Allow me to distill said review down to its essence:

95% of episode: *is dull*
[Hey, this was back in the good old days, when this show still had limitless potential to bring me gold nuggets, and therefore I did not have to appreciate the silver. Like most things in retrospect, it was better than I gave it credit for. Besides: Nikki! She is such a delight.]

Camera: *is doing an artsy twirl around Emo Charlie lying in bed, staring at the ceiling*
RS: Is Amita in this bed with him? Because otherwise I do not ca -- oh, hello!

Charlie: I could...write. Yeah. My publisher's been bothering me to do a follow-up book anyway, so...
Amita: You hated every minute of it.
Charlie: Not every minute. (beat) Yesterday when you and Larry left me to go work on that case, I felt like when I was a little kid, and stayed home sick from school.
Amita: I always liked sick days. Game shows...soap operas...chicken soup.
Charlie: Chicken soup? Really?
Amita: Yeah, really! (taking his hand) You worked with Don for four years, Charlie. Of course it's gonna feel a little bit weird.
Charlie: I've just always looked at my work for the FBI as an avocation. An occasional detour from the "grand destiny" that people have been predicting for me since I was 7 years old. I never suspected that it was my excuse for not fulfilling that destiny. I honestly never thought...I'd miss it so much.

Amita: You're gonna get your clearance back.
Charlie: I know.

Aw. And now, I'm going to appreciate this wide shot of the bedroom layout (in OMIGOD, ILLUMINATING CREDITS LIGHT!), because we haven't seen it since. Hint, HINT.

(that was an innocent hint! I'm just saying, I think there is room on the series for more quiet, utterly private moments like this)

Voice: You mean like in 5x11?
RS: ...yes. Like in 5x11. And thanks, because I wasn't planning on doing anything else when I woke up early this morning.
Voice: You're welcome. I'll even cue it up for you.

Arrow of Time: Damn it! I still have not really seen 95% of this episode, because I physically cannot help getting distracted for good and valid reasons. (click that. My original review amuses me.)

My reasons, let me show you them:

Still haven't caught more than two or three words of his voiceover speech, either, as I tend to go into a trance until his tone loses the musical quality.
"Is that too forward?"
"For 30 overachieving grad students? Probably. But for me...tell me more about irretrievable heat."
And back we go to the rhythmic, dulcet blur of impressive-sounding mathy/sciency/philosophical words about the title phrase. It's soothing. Like a spoken-word lullaby.

Ahhhh. Don't you feel nice and peaceful now? Me too. I think that's a good stopping point.
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