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Thursday/Friday Night Fun

So I am paging through my latest Entertainment Weekly, glancing at the names-in-the-news portion, and I see that Rosemarie DeWitt has just gotten married to Ron Livingston.

Wait, what?

You mean the same Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt who played agents in love on Standoff? You do, and have a picture to prove it? OMG, real life, I love when you reflect fiction and are awesome! I'd also like to know how I was not aware they were dating at any point during the last three years.
This week on Ghost Whisperer: adorable little boy goes missing, parents go frantic, adorable little boy is with WEIRDLY MENACING 11-year-old ghost girl who almost makes "The Others" look tame, the Shinies look neat, living creeper shadows are FRICKIN' TERRIFYING, did I mention the whole adorable-little-boy-goes-missing part, and oh my God, this is my favorite family in the whole world. How soon before burnout kicks in? Because GW has hit four in a row out of the park now, and while I can't imagine I won't get tired of its schick...I am finally ready to forgive it for replacing Joan of Arcadia. My longstanding grudge can cross into the light.

By contrast, lately Medium makes me want to shoot myself in the head six times before the hour is up, just to escape the deadly boredom. Oh crap, have I become the hypocritical person I hate? Because Joe and Allison are sort of...boring me...a lot, or at the very least they seem a lot blander and more subdued compared to the exciting hours before and after. IT IS THE HAIR. I am blaming it on the haircuts. This is just a rough patch, all right? I will overcome this! Somehow!

'Numb3rs: 6x09, Con Job
Let's just quote the Instacap: "Of all episodes, Jacked needed a sequel?"

Did I miss the memo where Chipmunk Stevens' character was supposed to be a harmless and charming little felon? Because I remember everyone strongly disliking that pain-in-the-ass when they finally dragged him into custody, but this time people seemed way too willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Except for Don. Which was awesome. I, personally, trusted Don's gut the whole way through. Sorry, Charlie, but I saw your eyes turn into little hearts as soon as Buckley demonstrated some mathy aptitude. It was not unlike the glaze-eyed admiration that Rachel turned on Mr. Schue in this week's "Glee," so from that point forward I assumed your logic center had been hacked into and disabled.

And how did the team not suspect there might be some misdirection re: visuals? I mean, if they really were copying Buckley's master plan, the whole "what you see is not what you get" aspect was kinda the defining characteristic. Admittedly, the director was heavy-handed with focusing on the sunlight glare off the door window, but still.

Best part: Liz working some exceptionally cool, fierce, stone-cold gazes of "I could kill you with my pinky finger" every time Buckley tried to flirt with her. I also like how, unlike Nikki, her convictions did not waver even a little bit.

Second best parts: ordering drinks for everyone, including "black coffee for Grumpy over there," or possibly David's awkward outing as a viewer of beauty pageants. Or Nikki being her awesome and competent self all the time? I don't know, guys. I think she has become my favorite agent after Don. I also think I am including Megan in those calculations. We live in strange times.

Failtastic portions: Buckley-vision, Colby now being out for 33% of the season so far.

In other news, I've decided not to trust my initial impressions of cases. I require several weeks of letting them percolate in my memory; during that first week, my only real reactions are "squeeeee, my show, I love it so!" (while it's airing) followed by immediate disregard for anything that does not fall within my tunnel vision (see below). I didn't think this was that great, but who knows how I will feel in a month. For example, I'm pretty fond of "Friendly Fire" at the moment. Past Me, is there a reason you failed to comment on how rich the concern over Larry blowing off Geneva was? Because you certainly missed the part where Amita "called ahead so we could surprise him over Christmas break."

(god, I still have tunnel vision, but I swear I am enjoying the case the second time around too)

My Priorities
Round 1: Hey, my hint must be working! This week we got as far as the stairs before Charmita came flying down them, late, late, late and unprepared for lecture. Clearly, I will have to come up with some very specific reasons as to why they are running so behind schedule.

...this plan may be sidetracked, slightly, by my need to HOWL WITH LAUGHTER at the existence of, I don't even know what you call her, some exceptionally unqualified woman with her boobs falling out of her top, giggling and quite possibly not smarter than a fifth grader, trying to describe the morning traffic report. Maybe someone hired a stripper for a bachelor party, but for some reason it was called off and they were determined to get the 3 hours' worth of work they paid her for?

Heeeeeee! This is so terrible. Oh my God, that is the worst local news station ever. How would that even come into being? Who signed off on that idea? Is attracting a few more male viewers really worth being a laughingstock in terms of news credibility? Well, probably, but I am still finding it hysterical. It was exactly like wandering into that King of the Hill episode where Luanne becomes the new weather girl. (that's 3! references to shows on other networks)

Okay. *sobers up* This next bit's important.

Round 2:
Amita: Hey, Charlie. I'm sending you the traffic-flow data you asked for.
Buckley: (way too interested) And you are...?
Charlie: Engaged. To me.

Awww, that's the second time he's defended his territory in eight episodes. (side note: SQUEE!) Fortunately, it comes off as much less possessive this time. As for Buckley's continued noises of approval, I like that Charlie is somewhere between proud and telling him to shut the hell up and stop looking.

I am also inordinately amused by Charlie's slightly embarrassed smile over the words "your honeymoon." No, this is good. These are real vocabulary words we can throw around now.

Round 3:
Amita: I've been thinking about what Buckley said.
Charlie: Oh, what, about me being a lucky guy?

Amita: No...about honeymooning, in Costa Rica.
(okay, that threw me for a loop. I assumed at least one of them would be interested in discussing his weirdly genius brain and claim to an MIT scholarship, rather than his weird interest in their personal lives. Not that I am at all bothered by the change)

Charlie: Depending on the time of year, lots of rain.
Amita: So we'll bring umbrellas.
Charlie: Scorpions. They have scorpions down there. They sleep in people's shoes.
(Bwa-hah! The way he spits out this argument is the best)

Amita: So we'll wear sandals.
Charlie: Very long flight.
Amita: Not if we take separate planes.
Charlie: *sarcastic smile*

Hah! See? I knew a satisfying little subplot would find its way in. I like that we've broached wedding planning (via invitation templates, but still), kids, living situations and honeymooning so far. Did they find my checklist? What other marriage-related wishlist ideas can I throw into the ring? Oh, I know, the subject of Amita's surname. I'm curious, but I actually hope she'll keep her maiden. I can justify it with professional reasons, but mostly my rationale is "because it would sound prettier."

And now I am vastly curious as to why Charlie has such an aversion to Costa Rica. Is it that country specifically, or just anywhere tropical? Because, I mean, scorpions are enough of a reason for me to write off anywhere tropical, but I'm even afraid to venture into the southern half of the United States because of bug size.

Oh, and I love that Don immediately validates Charlie's qualms about scorpions. POINT: EPPES.

Every review possible will now contain a golden-lit shot of Don looking off to the side. They could make calendars out of these.

OK, fine, I really liked the whole last scene with just the guys at home. A lot of it has to do with my love Charlie's wordless smirking behind Don's back as he goes through the motions of trying to find some hidden data on a brand-new computer, but mostly I'm just discovering newfound appreciation for Don in leaps and bounds.

Week 10: I'm sorry, how do you lose track of Grossell during a foot race? How fast and far can that little toad actually run? And how can Dave and Laura, who are around the same age and yet sporting lean, sinewy runner's bodies, not keep up?
Grossell: *finds a third idol in spite of everything*

Not to mention its obnoxiousness. "Here is a very detailed, descriptive clue. In case that's not enough, HERE IS A PICTURE OF EXACTLY WHAT WE HID IT UNDER." I never thought I would miss Exile, but I miss Exile. And clues that were buried in sand/dirt. And pretty much any other obstacle that might actually thwart this arrogant little pestilence. Step it up, production!

That being said, I very much enjoyed the immunity challenge. You should have seen me. I was all, "OOH, BREAKING STUFF!" Followed by "OOH, SHOOTING STUFF AT TARGETS!" It was my two favorite challenges combined into one super-challenge that was as much fun to watch as I imagine it would be to play.

Except these kinds of things are a little less fun to watch when everyone only gets one turn. Lame! Half the fun is seeing if people improve their learning curve, especially since so many people miss outright on their first attempt. They need to save the awesome challenges for when they have fewer people competing, so that there's time for multiple rounds.

Didn't like watching everyone scramble for votes. If they'd all just voted for Natalie last week, everything would have been brighter and shinier. Booooo for Laura being gone before Shambo; the latter's "I'm such a victim" complaints and obnoxious laughter/smirking are getting on my nerves way more. I don't like watching Galu implode, Timbira-style. (I do, however, enjoy Mick winning immunity, finally)

Best part: The Tragic Piano Music of Mourning when someone said "There is no more Galu." Exaggerated dramatic emphasis always cracks me up.

The Office: Shareholder Meeting

Cold Open:
Normally, this would be the part where I tell you about how NBC's bane of my existence "green week" needs to die a fiery, carbon-emitting death. Today, however, I am distracted by the random and unexpected RECREATION OF SEASON 2, OMG, SEASON 2 PAM AT HER RIGHTFUL DESK, WITH SEASON 2 HAIR, CLOTHES, THE WORKS, complete with floppy-haired, jacket-free Halpert hanging out next to her! *dies and is dead* *of happiness*

Flash back to season 2 more often; I miss the olden days! Theme song, what theme song? Someone hand me an oxygen mask, I think I am hyperventilating a little at the sight of Original Pam. That oughta get me through another two weeks of Erin...

Also, joint Halpert TH! The context in which they used it is irrelevant, I heard the words "our child" and promptly blacked out with joy all over again.

Sidebar: Last night, I had a dream that I was working in this office (as another temp or something, I suppose), and I remember getting deep satisfaction out of the fact that I was mean to Erin and made her cry. Pam had to scold me about it. I apologized, and yet was not sorry in the slightest. Best dream ever.

Title Location: It's funny, but between Dwight's Speech and Business Trip, I feel like we already covered all this territory. It wasn't as bad as The Deposition, but on the other hand, when I said I'd be okay listening to Jim talk about paper for 8 hours...that's because it's Jim. I respect the show for covering the mundane, but I personally have no interest in the boring aspects of business unless he's involved. I would have used this plot as an excuse to simply write Michael, Dwight, Andy and Oscar out of an episode and focus on the altered office dynamics with more interesting people instead.

Ignoring this section is also one of my coping mechanisms for staying calm, because I refuse to believe, after all the other horrifying permanent change they've introduced lately, they would do something to fundamentally rock the foundations of the show. Someone or something is going to bail them out at the last minute, just like they do every time this company nearly goes under, so there's no point in fretting.

-"Where's the off button on this moron?" OMG, YES. That dude is my favorite, even if Michael has a good defense in the fact that, however inexplicably, he consistently runs the most successful branch.

-Michael's blue tie was blindingly bright. And awesome.

The Best Part(s):
-Extra bonus points for the mention of "apple-picking day." Have we written that fic yet? If not, what's taking so long?

-Pam's pregnancy brain must be kicking in again, since she apparently does not believe that Jim is capable of yelling, despite the fact that he yelled at Michael VERY LOUDLY, right in front of her, just last week. That should have been some cute teasing between them, but it didn't ring true enough - given that we've seen Jim lose his temper at least a few times, it's hard to imagine that he couldn't yell at Ryan where it was warranted. Remember his awesome message of Threat Level Red back in Goodbye Toby?

-Given their recent antagonistic history, this is the first time I've really noticed/appreciated the significance of Jim now being Ryan's boss. It's wonderful.

-Awww, Jim's look of disbelief when Pam hesitantly admits that she, too, heard that Jim has less power than Michael. So much love for her tiny-voiced, apologetic little "Stuff gets around, I don't participate..."

-Even better: Pam belatedly flinging her hand up when he asks who believes he has as much power as Michael. ("I forgot I have to support him no matter what. Close one." XD It's like she's getting back to me on all those statements of rage I threw her way last season.)

-Jim's solution to a problem called Ryan: AWESOME. I was peeking through my fingers, hoping so badly that this wouldn't backfire on him like all of his other ideas...and then it didn't! Ryan's all, "I'm sorry! I'll be a good boy and do my work and stay late and polish your shoes, sir!" and Jim just laughs in his face & shoves him in a closet. PWNED.

(okay, not so much "in his face" as a good-natured chuckle at a joke. But he still totally shoves him in the closet.)

-This smile:

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