RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

*letting off squee in capslock form*

-Will/Rachel: I REST MY CASE. *bows and sweeps out*


-Kurt, if you do not cut this out, I am going to start making remarks that I will later regret admitting in a public forum. I honestly don't know how long I can keep biting my tongue.

-OMG, THAT ONE PARTICULAR HUG. What. Now they are actually filming my daydreams before I even have them. God, it's scary how well they play to me when they're not using Kurt to bait my temper.

-No Emma! [Edit: Very minor Emma that I was able to block from memory!]

-Did you ever notice that if you make a very minor adjustment to Puck's name, you get "puke"? It's so apt!

-I cannot even decipher half of my notes tonight. Arrive online, episode! All I remember is that half the time, my eyes were glowing and murderous with hatred, and half the time I was squealing with such joy that I couldn't fathom why I'd been annoyed. It was exhausting, really. Yet wonderful.


P.S. Criminal Minds, I don't even know you, and I am pretty shocked and appalled by what I saw during a few minutes during the latter half of the hour. Because it seemed kinda like you might have killed someone significant. Again. You and your balls of steel need to make a date to have the latter chopped off, because if you're going to kill a woman in Hotch's life every time I tune in, that's not going to fly. And I don't even like that guy. And I'm pretty sure this was an ex-wife, not even a current love interest, but it sounded like she was the mother of his child? So. Not cool.

[Edit: Yeah, based on what I have rapidly gleaned from Wikipedia about her/them, I am pretty sure I do not find this acceptable. SHOW. WHY DO YOU ONLY GIVE ME REASONS TO STAY AWAY FROM YOU? People dying! Actors leaving! Flirty ships going nowhere! I do not understand why you are successful.* Your psychotic murderers cannot be that scary.

*Not an invitation to try and convince me otherwise.]
Tags: criminal minds, glee, tv commentary

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