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Rewind & Review: Bones, x4

a) ...drat it all, I need cable. No one told me there is another Lab-centric holiday film called "The Dog Who Saved Christmas." According to the trailer, it appears to be the script from "Home Alone," except McCaulay Culkin's part will be played by a dog. WHICH SEEMS HILARIOUS. I am easily amused, yes.

b) Um, WHY WAS I NOT PREVIOUSLY AWARE OF THIS VIDEO'S EXISTENCE? That's it, as of now, every cast member of Glee that I like is required to sing something from "Les Miserables":

c) Bones: IT HAS BEEN SEVERAL WEEKS SINCE I LAST MENTIONED THIS SHOW, because it's been churning out hour after hour of stunning quality, and the squee has just backed up in my brain. I keep putting it off and/or thinking I'll skip the write-up, but turns out I am very uncomfortable without having some record of my thoughts, even though the squeecaps express most of my sentiments for me nowadays. Solution: resort to lists of color-alternating thoughts.

5x05, "A Night at the Bones Museum" (favorite of the season so far. Or tied with the premiere)
1. AWESOME CASE. You know how I love skeletons, and mummified bodies, and all those other non-gross corpses? An actual ancient mummy trumps all of them. So many amazing things happening. In particular, how they proved the truth about the Boy With the Bleeding Heart.

2. Brennan quoting/acting out a scene from "The Mummy" (boring original black&white version. But still.)

3. Brennan gets all giddy about priceless archaelogical finds. Just like me. And Daisy.

4. DAISY WICK. DAISY DAISY DAISY DAISY DAISY. With her breathing exercises. And her hand-raising. Getting a second chance, and being commended back into the intern rotation. Her giddy girl-bonding over the exciting mummy find with Brennan. And basically everything else she said, did, or had a facial expression about.

5. DAISY + LANCELOT. I love Sweets so much more when he is in boyfriend mode. It's like that smug mask of superiority he can't help wearing all the time just melts away, and he becomes something attractive and sweet and just the littlest bit dopey. And maybe I find it delightful when he cowers before her tiny-statured wrath.

6. Daisy: Well! This just gets more and more interesting, doesn't it?
Sweets: Oh, no, it was a friendship hug.
Cam: And an uncomfortable one.

There were so many hilarious lines in this episode, but that's about the only one I remember.

6.5. "You're so beautiful, Daisy. And I promise that if you ever fail in the future, I will do nothing but just give you a hug." Squeeeee!

7. And then, per usual, their final scene makes me a little uncomfortable, followed by VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, followed by flailing for the pause button for at least ten or twelve agonizing seconds before it's actually over. It's a fascinating phenomenon -- I love all their scenes beforehand, and watch them several times over. I keep getting all the way up to the beginning of their last conversation with a fond smile on my face, going "awwww," and wondering why I don't love every moment they're together. And then she does something like rip his shirt open. "OKAY. I REMEMBER."

8. BOOTH'S BOSS. Whatever! I am always entertained by any actor from the Drew Carey Show who isn't the lead. And I love how Booth is TOTALLY NOT OKAY WITH THIS DATE IN ANY WAY, despite putting up with it because technically he doesn't have grounds to object. Even though Angela does her best to point-blank convince Brennan otherwise.

9. Help, so much love for Booth plunking an egg down on her desk for visual aid. "And when was the last time you talked about an egg?" She thinks it's just a funny story, but he's totally hurt, and the change in her expression when she realizes how serious he is is MARVELOUS.

10. Follow-up fic: The Meat in the Loaf. Brennan learns about Booth's strange aversion to hard boiled eggs and attempts to teach him how to cook.

11. Daisy badgering Hodgins and Angela with her personal life. "Thank you for asking! We're close, aren't we?" LOL.

12. OMG ENDING SCENE. "What goes on between us should be ours. Isn't that what you said?" ALMOST-KISS (which I will need to see several more times on a daily basis).

13. Stopped by this interruption. :D

5x06, "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken"
1. WENDELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Being less than awesome, at first, when we nearly had to part ways after he refused to even be apologetic for eating meat, despite staring at a picture of a cute little pig. (Argh! Clark believes in animal rights! I knew I still secretly liked him better than you!).

2. But then he caved and gave Angela $20 $45 in what I like to consider reparations, and was generally his adorable self all hour (being a lab rat! Spinning on a stool while having paint slapped on his head!), and I forgave him, because he's Wendell and Hodgins loves him and all other signs point to him being a Booth-in-training, a/k/a "as ideal as your typical guy gets" before crossing into the selective and elusive Jim Halpert plane.

3. Can we talk about this thing where Sweets suggested that Angela only cared about the pig because celibacy was driving her crazy? THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. People being me, and "friends" being "my tolerance for Sweets and/or Angela," both of whom have traditionally occupied a low place on my totem pole of characters. So thank you for not having her drop the cause like a hot potato.

4. So far, I have avoided mentioning the fact that they hooked up, because I don't know how to feel about it. On the one hand, this might help me stop hating Angela? If she has to hook up with anyone, Wendell's clearly the best choice? It's not like I want her to be with Hodgins anyway? And since Daisy is spoken for, it's not like I have anyone better to pair him off with? Theoretically, it makes a lot of sense...

5. I'm having trouble actually buying the attraction sparks, but since they used it to HILARIOUS comedic effect between Cam's suspicious reactions and Hodgins' obliviousness to the pair of them essentially going "WHAT? THERE'S NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN US. WHY WOULD YOU IMPLY SUCH A CRAZY THING? CRAZY!", I will take it at face value. I kind of hope Hodgins has an equally hilarious reaction to finding out, though.

6. The case! Was 1 part gross and 1 part entertaining, in a way where I don't know if it'll hold up in reruns, but I was pretty captivated from start to finish. I also affirmed that I hate protestors in any and all forms, including when they are protesting cruel factory farm practices against defenseless birds. Basically, there is no cause made better by waving signs and shouting like an idiot. Although if I thought picketing CBS might save Numb3rs, I'd hop a plane tomorrow. (oh my, how did that get in here?)

7. WOODCHUCKS! The Jeffersonian-sponsored Girl Scout kind, that is. So cute. Especially while booing.

8. I love that Brennan and Angela actually got in a fight over the former's refusal to sponsor a pig. Angela wins, obviously, even without breaking out the starfish parable, "saving one won't make a difference to the world, but it will make a difference to that one." Whenever this show veers toward animal-welfare territory, I get irrationally scared, until I remember that Emily Deschanel is on the PETA side of things and would not stand for a negative slant.

"Everything okay, there, Bones? I know when something is wrong with you, and something's wrong, all right? What can I do to help?" As hilarious as Sweets' various interjections are, I love that Booth puts up a menu shield and tunes him out to talk to her alone.

"I would do anything for you. I would die for you, I would kill for you..." That probably shouldn't sound as sweet as it does. Eh!

And then he takes her hand before she can leave. And holds it for a really long time while reassuring her that everything will be fine with her and Angela. I'm sorry, that's me DYING. AGAIN. OF SQUEE.

Bones: I know. I'm just not used to not getting along with people.
Sweets: Seriously? 'Cause it seems like you --
Booth: *administers a swift kick under the table*
*more hand-touching*)

10. At one point, she finds a reason to remove his tie and put her hand on his cheek. I assume it was case-related; I can't tell. Odd buzzing noise in my head. Think it's backed-up squee.

11. Ending scene! "Wanna see the fastest draw in the West?" "Sure." "Wanna see it again?" And awwwww, she finds all these lovely ways of reassuring him that he's still got it, via sincere means. "I want to know what you think." Even the musical background flute is giving approval to their chemistry.

[11.5 Speaking of which, I enjoy growing with this show. It feels so much more exciting now that their pending relationship is an acknowledged thing, and that this gradual evolution has gradually brought me on board as it unfolds. Alas, this is mildly problematic, as I feel like this is not unlike Numb3rs, whereby I will be so openly horrified by crazy times in which, say, Booth is dating Cam and/or was not openly gazing at Bones with love at every turn, that I can never watch the first season or two again. Regression: I fear it! We must only move forward; no looking back! I can't acknowledge a time when their chemistry was not sufficiently sparkly for me to ship them!]

12. OK, Booth has given his stamp of approval to Angela/Wendell; I accept it.

13. That was much longer than my previous list, in terms of words. Crap.

5x07, "The Dwarf in the Dirt"
1. Is Little People still the accepted term? Oh good. In that case, fun! I haven't seen this many of my favorite LP actors/actresses together since CSI's "A Little Murder"! Minus Meredith Eaton, tragically.

1.5. Best part: Booth conking the hostile little leprechaun with his elbow. EPIC LULZ.

2. Oh, bleh. It's Random Fact Boy's turn. Okay, just for that, I'm putting a stamp of fail on...

3. Damn it, why do you always pull out Gordon Gordon Wyatt exactly when I want to give up on an episode?! OBVIOUSLY I CANNOT RESIST HIS WINSOME CHARMS. And while he is not nearly as charming in chef mode as psychologist mode - in fact, he's a little bit...dare I say, annoying? - I still love him for bandying about the fact that Booth is in love with Brennan. He's not even being coy about it anymore.

Also this:
4. Booth: I just need you to help me fire my gun.
Wyatt: That sounds desperately phallic. Is this maybe a sexual problem?
Booth: Don’t say that! Don’t even put that out in the air.

5. Awww. Bones and her gold coin at the end of a rainbow. With a dead leprechaun. XD

6. Angela: It's like he's homesick for that place, and those people.
Hey, I'm homesick for that dream too. I still don't understand why the whole internet hated it when it was obviously SO AWESOME.

7. Is it just me, or do the closing scenes keep getting more amazing?
"Temperance Brennan. You're in love with her. You're building a world around her - a family."
. . .
"She doesn't love me. I would know if she loved me." Firstly, AWWW. *pats sad face* Secondly, I love that he doesn't waste any time protesting Chef Gordon Gordon's assessment of his feelings, but just jumps straight to this.

8. Let's talk about how basically, the sum total advice for Booth getting his aim back is being told that Bones counts on him for protection. And by talk about it, I mean "briefly mention before I melt into a puddle of fangirl." "You won't fail in front of her." And he doesn't. *melts*

9. I have found another closing cap for your pleasure. Whatever you do,
do not call him a fry cook.

5x08, "The Foot in the Foreclosure"
1. BOOTH'S GRANDPA = DELIGHTFUL. I love that he and Brennan have adopted each other, sometimes to Booth's detriment ("He says shut up and don't be late."). He is charming and sweet, a handy ladies man, schools you at dominoes and mocks Sweets for being a child. What more could you want? And Booth will do anything to take care of him, even though it quickly becomes apparent that he needs more than either are willing to admit, and the whole story mildly broke my heart by the end.

2. I am not actually getting paid to advertise the many ways in which fiery_twilight is the clear steward of the Bones fandom (or at least Booth/Brennan county), but I cannot resist pointing out that this is my favorite icon ever. *giggles madly*

3. Um, "feeders and eaters" sounds disgusting. That's where I'm going to leave the case. (Other than the fact that I suspected the roommate, despite her RS-approved first name, because I knew something was up with how similar they looked. I felt bad later on.)

4. CLARK! It would be nice if we could start using him for more amazing cases, but still. AND HE ACCIDENTALLY REVEALED SECRETS OF HIS PERSONAL LIFE/MILD INTEREST IN HIS COWORKER'S LIFE. Huffily. And then he did it again. And basically, Ilovehimsomuchheismyfavorite! He was moved. Because he loved his own grandfather, and he's doing this job for him, and dammit, I am sniffly.

5. "He's quite skittish when the subject of sex comes up." Oh, I love when Brennan calmly says things like how women have ovaries, not balls, and Booth promptly chokes on his drink.

6. Example eleventy-nine of how Hank can make me cry: the story of how he finally threw Booth's dad out for beating his grandson. What a horrible memory to have, if you're a good man and somehow your grown son turns into a horrible person.

7. I know we left "subtle" by the wayside somewhere in last season, but omg. "When the time is right, you'll tell him. And if he needs it, you'll hold him?" SO. THAT'S WHERE MY BRAIN WILL BE.

8. More ending squee! So. Not. Subtle. "He's big and strong, but he's gonna need someone. Everyone needs someone. Don't be scared." And, "I don't understand." "Yes you do."
Flailing. That is what I will be doing.

9. Um, can I just issue my continued love that everyone who sees Booth & Brennan together immediately thinks they are a couple or insists that they should be? I think even in Clark's cold heart of stone and strict professionalism, he's placed a mental wager on when they'll get together.
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