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Pressing Thoughts About Glee: Week 12

"Glee"? Hardly. How about, "Maudlin Black Hole of Despair."




*crawls into a hole and weeps*

On bright side: violently angry Will? So hot.

I mean, honestly! Have I been misinformed, and is this actually a British show? Because this is what British shows do. Destroy all the hope and happiness in their penultimate episode, and make you feel like 'fuck it, I don't even care about the finale now.' Based on my experience with Torchwood, I mean. Actually, wait, Harper's Island did this to me too. Damn limited-run shows! (not that Glee is limited, but...its first 13 episodes were still pretty much designed as a self-contained arc)

Watching Will Schuester lose his entire world in the space of 30 minutes: not my idea of a fun time! And, like, I knew the pregnancy lie was going to be exposed*, but you cannot on top of that hit me with a universe in which glee goes to Sectionals without him. This is unbearable! It is too early to pull out that "teachers don't give you the answers" speech! I don't care what fixes you have in the works - notice how I am assuming you have them - because. UNBEARABLE.

*CANNOT DEAL. OMG. I have so many conflicty feelings about that scene that I, just, no, can't, not yet, d'ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Yesterday was a really, really bad time to finally find my (French) Les Miserables soundtracks, as now I just want to sit here playing Eponine's tragic swan song on repeat.

La pluie fera pousser les fleurs...

(well, anything is better than being punched in the soul with "Smile." You know, I don't even like that song? Josh Groban covered this song and I still didn't like it. Then it wound up being Gina Glocksen's last song on American Idol, and while I still don't like the melody at all, pretty much any time you use it for a specific context, I am destroyed. Can't listen to it! It's the power Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You" used to have until the world killed off its emotional power with overplay.)

I am trying really hard to cling to the part where Quinn was amazing and smacked Sue Sylvester down like the hand of God, but it is sort of hard, in the face of SUCH ANGST.

I'll be calm and rational in the morning, once I've had a chance to see it again.
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