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I am officially in holiday spirit after seeing this: doggies decorating for Christmas!

It appears I have changed my site layout for the first time since I started actively using LJ (that's almost three years). I don't know what possessed me to do such a thing. IT'S WEIRD AND SCARY. I already miss my purple clouds and icons on the right, and remembering that the "edit" link is now at the bottom instead of the top of each post. The sidebar calendar & page summary are nice to finally have, but having the latter on the side of my friends page is like a giant spoiler. The look of my friends page itself also freaks me out, to the point where I'm like, "WHAT DID I CLICK ON, WHERE IS MY FLIST." This doesn't look proper at all!

I know I could change it back, but I think it would be good for me to just stick with change for a little while, so that in the future I can swap it out more easily, the way some of you change it like a...*blanks out* thing that is changed a lot. You'll notice I kept a purple theme, though, as a compromise.

[Edit: and then, just for a little more change, I made good on my threat last April to swap out the subtitle, which now reads "all energy, no meaning, with a lot of words" rather than "meandering through a fantasy." My default icon...I can't bring myself to switch just yet. Its longevity grows.]
My Ghost Whisperer episode count is up to six - I'm just going to go ahead and restart the count from Halloween - and I already want to bang my head into the wall every time she a) says "I have a gift" or b) helps a ghost speak their final piece before crossing over. But aside from those segments, it remains 90% delightful at every turn, even though this week's plot ("he's a killer with a badge") was really thin. It was worth it just for the last bit with her hugging Aiden at the end, and him going, "Uh, Mom, you can let go now..." Or, you know, for Jim hovering in the background on the edge of worry, trying to be hands-off and let her run all her theories, but ready to step in should an active threat materialize against his wife.

And I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but the theme song is especially amazing, all old-timey and eerie. All opening credits eventually get dull and repetitive and become something you want to skip, but right now it's one of my favorite parts of the show - it gives me shivers of pleasure.
Medium was awesome tonight for the first time in weeks. Illness and marriage proposals do that for me. Specifically, for the first time in the history of ever, I found Scanlon's family more fascinating than the DuBois family. SO CUTE holding Baby Lily! (babies seem less ugly when being held by someone, rather than being photographed or videotaped alone).

And their dueling ring boxes! I love that Lynn was determined to see that they got married, even if she had to pick out her own ring for him to present her with. And that, even when it turned out he already had a ring waiting in his pocket, she demanded the whole down-on-one-knee presentation. And I'm really glad that her "surprise! I've been technically married for like 15 years, but now the divorce paperwork is finally done" barely made a dent in anything.

To be honest, I hadn't even registered the fact that they weren't married yet - maybe because Lynn made all of like three appearances last season - and just assumed they were. This was a nice surprise, though. I still love the fact that Lee, who seemed like the confirmed-bachelor type if only for lack of trying for anything else, has basically fallen into a family by accident. :D

Oh, and over in the main plot, there was something about a virus that was supposedly deadlier than H1N1, if it were a threat that actually existed and not something being well-contained in a lab. Whatever. Maybe if I felt that H1N1 was something deadly and frightening, it would have made more of an impact? Instead it all felt like one of Allison's AU dreams that somehow made it past the boundaries of the teaser.

Numb3rs, 6x10, "Old Soldiers"

Pre-episode: Seriously? Bloom, again? How many times does The Fonz need to appear on my show? Is this payback because I ignored him last time in favor of focusing on the the letters in Charlie's new office and Amita getting grabbed by the crazy cult bitches? Because I am not sorry about that.

Post-episode: WHOA, AMAZING. It's like all the characters were firing on cylinders they didn't previously have; every scene & bit of dialogue seemed extra-snappy and energized.

* Nikki with a shotgun is freaking awesome. Liz, how are you missing out on this action? Not that I mind, because a recent re-evaluation of FBI agents has, oddly enough, confirmed that you are at the bottom of the current heap again unless David appears without Colby. Sorry! Nikki blazed past everybody this year in ways no one could have predicted.

* In fact, Bloom in general was far less aggravating than I remember him being. It's hard to say what I remember, since I didn't write much about him and anything I don't write down has a 90% chance of being lost forever within three months, but I have the vague sense that he was not my favorite guest star of the series. This time, though, he made me laugh in almost every scene and warmed my heart in the others.

* Charlie's manic gum-chomping = the first of many times this episode in which I burst out laughing. The second time was about ten seconds later. "Are you saying we're here on a hunch?" Followed by Charlie stumbling his way through a justification, all of which Amita is finding relatively amusing, before supplying the word "induction." And now, even more highlights:

(Scene: table filled with stacks of bills)
Charlie: Imaging the research this could fund.
Colby: Yeah. That's exactly what I was imagining.

Amita: Who's D.B. Cooper?
Nikki: You know the lifespan of a $20 bill, but not the most famous unsolved crime in American history?

Don: [Bloom] had a bit of a mancrush on you, didn't he?
Me: *bursts out laughing* (actually, "guffawing" might be more appropriate)
Colby: He hates Nikki.
Nikki: He doesn't hate me! ...he just doesn't get me.

* "Which means we got about ten minutes before TV vans block the parking garage." And then Nikki shoves Colby back in his chair and takes off running with her head start. BEST.

*A past quote comes to mind here...
Don: Even when we were kids, you were always going through my stuff.
Charlie: You had cool stuff

Alan: Strange enough to watch you revert to childhood, but it wasn't even your own. Those are your brother's toys.

This forest qualifies as one of those magical set props that my grabby hands want, but must be satisfied with adding to the Journal of Impossible Things. It has been my dream since I was about 6 years old to have a massive natural-terrain diorama-type playset like this.

* Another thing I will be drooling over: Amita's car. Red Beetle convertible? I want everything about her life.

* Part of me thinks that David asking Amita to help pick out a new, non-FBI-looking suit for his date was adorable - particularly his delightfully awkward complimenting, "You always look good. Your clothes are great..." But the other part of me couldn't help thinking, 'This seems like rather a waste of her character.'

[Edit: Revised! After seeing the amount of effort she threw into it, not unlike her wedding-invitation-template frenzy, I kind of love that she has such a girly side. It comfortingly validates many of my world beliefs that she can be like this while simultaneously more than holding her own in male-dominated fields.]

* So it's nice that she had an additional lunch scene with Charlie & Alan, even if she babbled a bit much.
Amita: I think I just lost some daughter-in-law points there.
Charlie: Notice how I kept my mouth shut.

* Other highlights of lunch: Hee! Little Eppes not being allowed to play with toy guns, and Don finding a way to get his hands on them anyway. And I love that after offering - nay, insisting to pay, Charlie just gets up and leaves the restaurant as soon as he has an idea, leaving Amita to foot the bill after all. See? Firing on 19 cylinders.

* HEEEEEEEEEEEE! OK, I really did not register the 10,000 things Charlie was pulling out of his pockets at first, but I accidentally paused the video just now, and there are tears in my eyes:

The hair spray, clearly, is what has me howling, but I'm also fascinated by the pocket knife** and, more to the point, the random piece of chalk. that has somehow found its way in there. I get the feeling it's not the first time.

[**EDIT: Pocketknife was maybe a pack of gum. Not my fault! The recap took a month to appear and I don't know how to sharpen brightness/contrast on this computer!]

*Random quote break #2!

David: They have internet service in the mountains, right?
Colby: I'm gonna take you camping. If only for entertainment value.

Nikki: Please tell me that's not some breed of dog.
Bloom: No, that's some breed of noodle soup. You have to broaden your horizons, Miss.

Nikki: At the end of the day, how important is a 40-year-old crime? [WHOA. You better not let Lily Rush & Co. hear that one!]
Don: Are you seriously asking why we're interested in solving the most famous hijacking in history?
Nikki: Not when you put it like that.
(I love their dynamic. Seriously. The evolution of their relationship in just the past year or so is a source of endless fascination for me.)

* Apparently, Matt Li has been in 13 episodes over the course of this series. WHO KNEW. From this day forward, I promise to appreciate him more. If he ever shows up again. Being left hanging after a high five is the worst. :P

* YET MORE LOVE: Charlie practically bouncing up and down, all impatient when people don't drop everything to listen to his brilliant theories. I love the way Don finishes his conversation with Nikki (like an adult) and then mock-crabs "Whaaaaat?" at him.

* I think I've avoided actually mentioning the case, so: D.B. Cooper? Kinda one of the best plots ever written, fascinating at every turn, even if I was too thick to understand the significance of the Vietnamese shop owner until it was explicitly spelled out for me. And I love that they ended up casually letting him go in the end. Lily Rush & Co. wouldn't do that.

* I should point out that my main response to the final shoot-out, as pages kept exploding and fluttering down in torn pieces, was to curl up in the fetal position and sob "Noooooooo, stop hurting the boooooooooks!" I mean, really. Not even just books, but library books. Sheer torture.

* Final scene: oh, hell no. I cannot be anywhere near a discussion that might involve clearing out childhood toys. Not even if you try to distract me with the justification, "Making room for Amita." PUT THOSE VINTAGE THINGS BACK RIGHT NOW. You have an attic, don't you? How much room could her stuff really take up, in a giant house like that? You may clear out fugly 70's suits; I have very little use for old clothing and then only if it's women's, but the toys stay.

* Seriously, Charlie's rock tumbler is straight from the 60's. (And yes, somewhere in the middle of my rant, I had just enough spare brainpower to register his sweet moment of childish pride that Alan wore all the Father's Day presents he made for him.)

"The same way scraggly hair and a four day growth of beard doesn't make you a rebel." HAH! Tell it like it is, Alan! I love this whole ending, and not just for Don's playful re-enactment of how he used to rule the neighborhood with a squirt gun. I love that Alan & Bloom found common ground at the end.

Do I really have to get through Christmas and New Year's before the next episode? *whines* And given that after this week, Glee & The Office will both be taking off on extended hiatus (one considerably worse than the other), am I going to be forced to acknowledge shows outside my core fandoms again? What a hassle.
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