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One Day, One Room...
First of all, I did not realize how much the Tritter storyline was dragging this show down until it wasn't there anymore.  Despite the unbelievably heavy theme this week, it felt like a great weight has been lifted.  Second of all, the beginning of this episode was AWESOME.  For the first time ever, I saw all kinds of snappy flying sparks between House and Cuddy, and I'm so off House/Cameron - erm, not that I was ever really on it, but I went with it for the sake of convenience in fic-reading before could drive me insane - but I think I'm delightfully on board with this pairing.  And later on, the scene with him lying on the park bench and her leaning over him?  Priceless.  Moving on from that...

Remember in "Son of Coma Vegetative State Guy," when we got all kinds of details about House's past and I said they were boring and a letdown?  Not so here.  While I am slightly confused, as I thought House's pain and prickliness all stemmed from his injured leg, rather than being a lifelong personality trait, I am more than happy to with envision little-boy Greg being punished with ice baths and sleeping in the yard.  Which, in the grand scheme of things I can't believe is really the same or as bad as being beaten up on a regular basis and/or sexually abused, is still pretty bad.  For purposes of my daydreams, anyway.  In real life I suspect there are many bratty young boys such as my brother who could have done with a nice ice bath every so often to keep them in line, but for purposes of my daydreams, I will accept it as a moderate form of torture.  Speaking of which:

Dear Fanbrats: Please do not be writing stories in which Cameron pesters him in much the same way as rape victim, until he opens up about his Sad, Sad Past and breaks down weeping in her arms.
Dear Other Fanbrats: Please do not be writing stories about how Eve is House's twu wub.
Dear Good Authors: Please do find a way to write about a continuing relationship (friendship only!  Unless you're good enough to do a sequel that starts to explore more) between these two.  No, I have no idea how anyone would go about cooking up a believable scenario for that.  That's why I called for "good authors" instead of saying "I want to write..."

Because despite her potential to be a show-sponsored Mary Sue, I thought they had really fantastic chemistry.  I loved her furious repetitions that she wanted him for a doctor, she wanted to talk to him, and no, "I don't KNOW why."  I loved them from the first scene, where she starts crying and House moves from his usual sarcastic barbs to increasingly uncertain looks and a general air of Oh, crap, how do I stop this?  And thereafter it just got better.

Also enjoyed House's philosophizing about abortion and line-drawing and what have you.  It was so fantastic I feel like I need to type it up, save it on my computer, and fire it off at the next person who starts ranting about the ethics of capital punishment vs. abortion.  It's just so...refreshingly rational.  (Although I think as a general rule, when it comes to Roe v. Wade arguments, I'll stand by "termination permissible only if fetus is too young to survive outside the mother's womb under any circumstances.")

B-plot: Cameron and the homeless guy who insists upon dying in pain so that someone will remember him.  This storyline WENT NOWHERE.  I couldn't stand sitting through it.  I did, because I expected something big and important to come of it at the end, like maybe he'd known Cameron when she was a child, or he'd personally hurt her or something and was trying, in a strange and twisted way, to make amends...but no.  There was honest-to-God absolutely nothing worth watching about the entire thing.
Bones: The Man in the Cell
After getting home and setting up my TV, fixing the clock according to the clock of my parents' computer, I didn't think to verify its accuracy.  I just set the tape and went to take a nap.  When I woke up at 9:02 PM, I discovered it had not been so accurate. 

End result: I missed the first 10 or 12 minutes of the first new Bones ep in 50 days.  $@*(&^$@$@$@!!! Anyway, it opened in the middle of a phone conversation between Epps & Bones, in which he told her that whatever happened was "on her head."  Didn't take long to orient myself, though.

I hate to have to keep delving into background info, but it's necessary.  I've seen very little of season 1.  The first time I was aware that Booth had a son was while reading a random fanfic sometime in November, and even then I wasn't sure if that was canon or just something the other had added in.  Based on reviews I guessed the former, but I wasn't sure how much of what she'd written was accurate.  Luckily, while I was home for break in December, I saw season 1's "Christmas" episode, where they were trapped in the lab per quarantine procedures.  Since then, I've been waiting for the kid to pop up again, and this ep finally granted my wishes.  Ugh, I feel all sappy and stereotypical in a way that I hate feeling for saying this, but why are men so much hotter when they have a kid?   On TV, anyway.  I don't know if that would hold up in real life.  But boy, does it ever work in this episode.

No other scene held a candle to the one in which Booth comes racing into the park, looking for Parker, who is completely fine and unconcerned.  The desperate relief with which he grabs onto him, followed by the furious admonitions of "I told you never to talk to strangers!!" overwhelms the poor kid and scares him into tears, at which point Booth looks stricken, apologizing and gathering him up into his arms again.  If I were five or ten years older, I'd say something to the effect of "my ovaries decided to untie themselves at that point."  Since I'm too young to get away with that, let's just say that Jack and Angela were mere afterthoughts compared to that scene.

Very little in the way of specific puppy love cuteness, but just enough to let me know it's still going strong, and bring a smile to my face.  Hodgins' angry muttering of "Tell you this, if Epps comes near Angela, I'll kill him," made my night.  Protectiveness always does.

As for the case itself, I don't remember anything about Epps.  Although I vaguely understood the refrigerator thing based on the "8 Simple Rules" fic + I think I half-watched that rerun...I never really paid attention to who he was.  So.  No sense of continuity for me there, but I still think all those word games and whatnot made for a particularly fascinating case.  Also, severed heads are ONE OF THE CREEPIEST PROPS POSSIBLE.  Loved the ending in which Booth and Bones simultaneously come at him with guns drawn.  Like that Booth made a concentrated effort to save the bastard's life after he went over the railing, until Epps started taunting about his son, and that was it.  You're dead.  Literally.  *release*  *tumble...splat* Not so good for Booth's mental health, though, if the next few episodes are any indication.

Uhhh...Cam in the hospital.  Well, as proven on Without a Trace, I can usually be convinced to love any relationship scenes involving near-death experiences and/or hospital vigils.   Usually.  I mean, it's not like I'm going to argue with Booth looking concerned, or holding her hand, or kissing her forehead, or speaking in soft undertones and looking agonized and apologizing for pushing so hard.  BUT.  I really cannot find it in my heart to care about Cam.  When I saw the spoiler promo pics I thought I would, but no.  And no props for making the ill person actually look ill.  Damp hair plastered to her skin pretty much killed the romantic fluffiness that usually permeates such scenes.  But having said that, with regards to the ending...

*hits Booth upside the head* God knows I'm no fan of your relationship with Cam, but that doesn't mean I think you should break up with her on principle, either.  I want there to be a good reason.  Like you're irrevocably attached to Bones you realize you two are no longer compatible.   Fear of clouded judgment due to emotional involvement is just stupid.  You can learn to work around that.  Matt and Emily have figured this out.  Learn from them!

Lastly, I continue to refuse to care about any scene involving Zack until his hair is long and floppy and cute again.  Although I did kind of like the aftermath scene where Bones is being very big-sister/mother hennish, all but petting Zack's hair and cooing over how brave he was about the bomb, while an indignant Booth is put out, practically pouting, "Me want attention too!  I'M the one that saved his life!"
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