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The Office, "Scott's Tots"

1. "Lurk much?" /// "I miss Pam." /// "Will you come with me? Like old times, instead of..."
THE OFFICE GODS HAVE SMILED UPON ME, as Erin was harassed and insulted to her face at every turn. Even Pam dissed her (while coolly reasserting her position as the woman who eats yogurt in the break room). It's like someone is trying to make up for every imagined injustice I have suffered this season. For further example, in addition to her suddenly looking super pregnant (cute!), as a result of this development she is wearing the cutest clothes since quitting her job. I APPROVE.

2. The very best part of Erin going with Michael is that now, unlike "Lecture Circuit," all the asshattery is confined to a single plotline so that I can enjoy the magic of Jim/Pam and Dwight v. Jim all at once. Though, even the asshattery itself was surprisingly watchable, when I wasn't muttering about how that twit of a replacement receptionist had a wad of cotton in place of a brain.

3. I don't know what's better: Stanley bursting out laughing the instant he hears about Michael's "foundation," or the fact that he can so quickly produce the original newspaper article for illustrative purposes.

4. Dwight's employee impressions are even better than Jim's. What is this upside down world? I love it, please continue.

5. Any time the words "wife" or "Pam Halpert" come up on this show, I grin like the biggest dork ever. I will NEVER get tired of this. Those two references made my entire night...until the closing tag.

6. "My Diabolical Plan" by Dwight K. Schrute. Left in the copier tray. Which Ryan found, and now wants in on, because he finally remembered that revenge list he wrote in summer 2008 (follow through much?). Are you sure we have a Christmas episode after this one?

(6.5. Seriously, I was ridiculously excited to have this perfect icon in my rotation. I get a giddy little thrill from using it.)

7. David Wallace on the phone! Episodes with David Wallace, even if not in person, are always 50% more entertaining.

8. Technically, this wasn't Jim's idea, so this doesn't count as another round of Jim's ideas sucking horribly, right? RIGHT.

9. In that case, could not stop laughing the whole way through. I'm...irrationally proud of Dwight's spy skills. I don't know. Maybe because all his tricks ultimately fail, so I don't really have to worry? And yet, at the same time, this masterpiece of subterfuge is one of the most exciting things I've ever seen. It's almost edging out the baby, at this point.

10. You know what I really like about this episode, in ways I am not articulating well? For the first time, I didn't cringe horrifically as Michael made a fool out of himself - I actually laughed. Laughed! BETTER STILL, Jim went through some fairly awkward and embarrassing moments, and instead of wanting to die from secondhand pain, I really enjoyed watching him struggle to regain control.

See, show? You can write me episodes in which Jim and Pam interact, even without any particular romance, and still leave me satisfied/happy/non-complainy. That wasn't so hard, was it?

In sum: not stunning, but solid. The best measure of its success, I find, is verifying that most of the fandom hated it. [Edit: OUCH. Lower than Mafia, Office Tally? Really? Let's not say things we can't take back.]


Stuff happening on Survivor lately:
-Remember when I was afraid that Mick would turn out to be a jerk? Good news, our smart-guy-who-is-a-jerk requirement turned out to be John. Man, what a prick. I hate to keep saying that I'm okay with Grossell hanging in another week, but it is actually a relief to get rid of these Galu guys, who seem to reach maximum jerkitude right before they get sent home. Get rid of Dave Ball next! Then I will set my sights back on the toad.

(I still hate that this magical aura exists whereby whomever Grossell decides to vote out, gets voted out. I am staring right at it as it happens, and still cannot figure out why or how it is so)

-I don't understand why most of the chicken story got confined to the deleted-scenes episode. That would have been much more interesting than Grossell doing anything. That being said, I would have been fine if the chicken-killing scene (MICK, YOU DID NOT TAKE PART IN THAT) had been left on the cutting room floor, along with the cooking scene, where I wouldn't have had to see a scaly yellow foot bobbing in a pot of water, GROSS.

-There are a whole lot of bittercakes at Ponderosa this year. It's hilarious. I cannot wait to hear what Laura asks for her jury question. Erik, on the other hand, needs to shut his face gash and quit mugging like a zoo monkey on the bench.

-I was prepared for the mouth-watering auction this time. I had pop, chili, French bread and chocolate; bring it on, I can't be tormented tonight. And then what do they offer? Roast chicken, a PB&J, apple pie and a cheeseburger too big to even look appetizing. Damn it, show. And I suppose this week, you'll be back to a luxurious reward feast, when I have nothing but plain rice and water.

-I did appreciate that they provided some cover for the bathing option this year, though. About time.

-Exciting to see Jaison win individual immunity, advantage or no. Can he be in the final 3? Please? In my ideal world, at this point, it would be him, Mick and Brett, but only two of those still seem like feasible options.

And finally, just to give this post some semblance of substance, the first of at least four annual memes.
Instructions: Post the first sentence of the first entry for each month of the year.

Ooh, these sentences have shortened considerably from 2008.

January: Good grief, y'all have been talkative in the past 24 hours.

February: It took me until...oh...about an hour into Super Bowl time, but I finally managed to pull myself out of bed headache-free.

March: I have been looking forward to "I Love You, Man" for weeks (in the sense of I learned about it weeks ago, and ever since have made plans to rent it from the library at some point in the future).

April: *chucks reviews onto blog & stomps off to pursue activities away from the internet*

May: Heh. New song is also appropriate song. ("Who'll make surprise attacks / who's gonna be there at the end.")

June: Seriously, I think I need to make a Twitter account.

July: About that estate/antique, here are more pictures.

August: WAIT, HEY, WHOA, WHAT? Who's airing episode 8 of Law & Order: UK?

September: When I started out, I was going to make a post showing you how the pet section of Craigslist can be almost as hilarious and/or full of WTF-ery as the personals section.

October: Our Issue of the Quarter, musically speaking, is my fond love of .wma tracks.

Nobember: How Rainbow Stevie's brain works, with respect to fandom:

December: ...crap, I need cable.
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