RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Oops, I did it again.

Glee. WHY. WHY DID I WATCH IT LIVE AGAIN, when I have not yet processed my grief from the last episode?

God, I had like 27 chances to walk away before the thing I feared assaulted my eyeballs, but did I do it? Nope. They thoughtfully saved that image for the very last seconds, and I knew it was coming and I still sat through it. And now I feel gross and depressed. You did not leave your wife! Who said anything about divorce! Your feelings aren't gone, they're just in hibernation! She's seeing a therapiiiiiiiist -- NO, DAMN IT, IF EMMA WANTS TO WALK AWAY, LET HER!

Sigh. Expecting things does not always lessen their suckitude when they happen.

I have been clinging for a while, now, to the idea that even if the lame shippers got their way temporarily, ultimately a reconciliation with Terri was where things would end up. I figured I could handle (a word which here means, "complain loudly about") Emma for a time. But I'm kinda...not seeing how it could happen after a romantic-hero ending like that. Which is upsetting. Not even the satisfying sight of Sue losing and losing hard can make me feel better at this point.

Then again, this show has a history of not doing anything the way I expect it to, so maybe something could still save my broken heart. Be like Carter & Bays, Murphy! Show the people that the couple they've been rooting for would suck if it came into canon! Married Will is like single Barney, it's the only state worth watching! Exclamation point!

And this is why it's good that we're headed for a 4-month hiatus from this show (pending my clearly-going-to-be-insanely-long reviews). It angries up the blood.
Tags: glee, lyrical post titles, tv commentary

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