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When did I develop this love affair with linkage & other multimedia?

1. I have been meaning to post this mildly amusing video all month, and now it is practically Christmas, so LET'S GET ON WITH IT:

2. Speaking of Doctor Who, it is almost time for the final special of DOOM AND DESPAIR.  I will not be acknowledging it for a long, long time, seeing as I have only just acknowledged the last Christmas special in my personal Doctor Who timeline (23 months now I have been chipping away at this series!  Still not caught up.  I'm awesome).  However, before Tennant's run is tragically done, I wanted to answer bookwrangler 's 5 Things Meme question from way back when:

Five Things You'll Miss Most About The Tenth Doctor
(which I sort of took to mean as both Ten and Tennant.  Also I cheated and sneaked like eight things in.  I should have just gone ahead and made it 10...)

1. His looks.  I REALIZE THIS IS SHALLOW, and yet, this is undeniable fact: he is a terribly attractive man.  Nobody could replace him in the looks department; it's an unconquerable handicap.  Most certainly not Mr. Smith, although I am now going to exercise great restraint and not list the fourteen or so specific ways in which he is less attractive. 

(1a. The brainy specs!  Who's going to pull off the brainy-specs look like Ten?  NO ONE, that's who.  Not to mention the suit.  The brown one, I mean.)

2. I know the Doctor's all about angst these days, but nobody does it better than this one.  I am convinced of it.  You think Nine can angst?  Nope.  Wrong.  He's good, but then Ten comes along and you're like "I STAND CORRECTED."

3. When not angsting, the nigh-exhausting enthusiasm he has for life in general, especially while rambling and babbling about something that interests him.  Maybe this is a general Doctor trait, but Ten is far more of a hyperactive puppy about it, which I love.  His giddy demeanor is infectious.

4. Maybe Eccleston did promoting I haven't noticed, and maybe Matt Smith will keep the trend rolling, but I just cannot imagine anyone doing quite such an INSANE amount of promotion & extra material (in or out of character) as David Tennant has.  He's such a huge (and adorable) fanboy, I can't get enough.

5. Rose, Jackie, et. al.  I don't WANT them to bring Rose back to see Eleven, because it wouldn't be the same and wouldn't feel right, but Ten going means her story had (has?) to wrap up as well.  And even though it's heartbreaking every time, it'll almost hurt more when she fades from vocabulary entirely.

3. Hey, let's cheer up with The Office's 12 Days of Chrismas, featuring a brief synopsis of everyone's plans for the holidays!  They're all fun reads, but let's focus on my obvious favorites:

Jim & Pam: I'm pregnant, so this will be Jim's and my last Christmas where it's just the two of us. Even though the baby hasn't been born, we couldn't resist getting a stocking and filling it with toys. We don't know the sex, so it's filled with unisex toys: a ball (not pink or blue, but red), Big Bird rattle (I don't even know what sex Big Bird is), and Raggedy Ann Doll (Jim's idea of unisex). We got a baby bulb too. It says, "Baby's first Christmas", and I added, "In my belly" with a sharpie. We've also taken a photo of our baby with Santa - we went to the mall and asked Santa to hold our ultrasound photo up while we snapped a picture - it's going on the Christmas card.

I am debating how much of this I want to take as canon...I was okay with all of it until I got the mall scenario, and then I was just mildly disturbed.  Someone should translate this paragraph into fanfic so I feel better.  For now I am going to focus on how dorkily over-excited they are for this kid.  Show, are you sure you don't want to alter your documentary's focus and turn it toward their adventure as parents?  Because it would clearly be epic.  And/or least fifteen times better than "Modern Family."

4.. While I have your attention, here are some thoughts about last week's How I Met Your Mother
I really liked the one with Joanna Garcia (The Window?), which made me giggle as much as I awww'ed - and I like that they wrapped up and gift-boxed her storyline, but I am still sad she cannot be the mother, because she really IS the perfect girl-next-door; also, when are my Reba reruns on again?  *needs to watch*

The overall challenge was grudgingly funny, too, if only because I loved Barney & Robin's respective chuckling followed by their "CHALLENGE: ACCEPTED" moments.  Still with the crazy fun chemistry.  I do not understand why you felt the need to put them in a relationship if you were just going to squander it despite proving over and over how awesome they are together.

I emphatically DID NOT like "Last Cigarette Ever."  I haven't been this fundamentally anti-an-episode since that awful retconned-from-my-canon episode of Bones at the funeral last spring.  It wasn't funny in the slightest and it left an awful taste in my mouth (no pun intended).  Which is what I was expecting, but I was not expecting them to so firmly grind and mash it into both past, present, and future canon that there was no way I could simply wipe it from my memory slate and pretend it hadn't happened. Thanks for that.

Show, do we have to take a break again?  A more official/permanent one than the breakups I've been trying to instigate all season only to have your devilish charm sweep me back off my feet again and again?  Because I...will threaten you with that and never follow through.  It's just.  I hate that your fifth year is so drastically uneven in terms of quality; it's giving me motion sickness.  Settle down and behave, punk!

5. And finally, to celebrate my anticipation over how the last six episodes of Numb3rs seem poised to be much better than the first ten  this year (hope!  It lives in my heart again.  "Wall-to-wall character stuff" is a good finale description, yes*?), I poked at Gyllenhaal's channel, and found a lovely interview with Navi Rawat, featuring some discussion about the necklace scene from 2:45-on.  Cute one with David, too, about doing the math-vision monologues.

* You know what's even better than Cheryl Heuton interviews?  Cheryl Heuton on Twitter, soothing your anxieties at every turn.  This is also where I discovered she owns a Corgi, like she needed more reasons to be my favorite showrunner ever.
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