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Thursday night dramas

Grey's had lots of grossness followed by a moment of squee, CSI had lots of dullness broken up with one moment of squee, and ER pretty much had lots of crying.
Grey's Anatomy: When I saw the first preview for this episode, my eyes crossed and steam shot out my ears, because WHY ARE WE NOT DONE WITH THE NASTY ADDISON/ALEX CRAP?  I thought we concluded this last episode.  I understood there was to be no more of it.  I am now quite furious, as that was disgusting.  Speaking of disgusting, why am I being forced to witness yet another round of dirty Mark-and-Addison sex?  Why must you constantly turn my beautiful smart Addie into a mindless whore?  She's getting worse than Meredith at this point, which makes me angry.  See people, THIS is why I go through periods where I just stop watching the show altogether.  Much as it pains me to read recaps and discover I've missed Burke-and-Cristina cuteness, I'm far more relieved to hear that I've missed dirty scenes like that.  *huffs*

You know what, I need to mention something happy. CRISTINA SAID YES!!!  It was pretty much just how I wanted it, an episode of stand-offish-ness before she gave in and admitted that she wanted to be with him.  Actually, it was even funnier the way it happened...they were their usual solemn, quiet and formal selves.  "Are you saying yes?" "...yeah."  "I'm still not letting you scrub in on the surgery."  "I'm not wearing the ring."  And it was fine, their usual sort of quirky way of dealing with each other...when suddenly they both jumped into each other's arms, cheering and laughing and spinning in circles as they hugged.  It was so unexpectedly light and bubbly that I burst out into delighted laughter right along with them.  WE!  ARE!  VICTORIOUS!  My couple has always been the strongest one on the show (with the possible exception of Bailey and her husband), and I maintain that they will be standing long after everyone else has broken apart.

George and Callie are headed for a brick wall at high speed.  Dammit, yes they are.  If they're not, I'm unloading my sniper rifle and forcibly putting their marriage out of commission.  You know all of Izzie's snarky comments tonight?  I cheered them.  My favorite one: "You're not moving in, are you?" HAHAHA!  I wasn't aware all of George's friends were so "weird and judgy."  I was always annoyed with them because nobody seemed to be properly hating Callie the way I wanted them too.  But apparently they were.  They rock.  Ostracize Callie O'Malley forever!  You can ostracize George while you're at it; no great loss there.  It would make me happy.  Their impromptu Vegas marriage is just...let's just say it turned my stomach all night.

Ellis Grey was lucid.  Yay.  I really hate that character, almost as much as I hate Callie, George, Alex, Sloan...okay, maybe she's not that high on my hate list, but I still don't like her.  I don't know what emotions I was supposed to be feeling.  I guess, if only I liked Meredith, I would have felt really sad when her mother laced into her about being a disappointment, oblivious to the tears filling the poor girl's eyes.  In fact, despite last week's embargo on the Mer-Der stuff [hehehe, see how I can make that work with ship metaphors??], it was at that point I found myself wanting her to run to her McDreamy and cry her heart out so he could gather her up in his arms and tell her it was going to be okay, that she was beautiful and smart and yes, grossing myself out now, but you get the idea.

The patient storyline: ...toxic blood?  Seriously?  I thought that was a joke for the longest time.  It was just so ludicrous.   Lone good part was Addison making a heroic dash in without protection, and staggering out.  Mark grabbed her just before she crashed to the floor, and until the dirty part later in the episode, during that 2-second frame I thought I could see how she might have turned to him when Derek was absent and distant.  For 2 seconds, I thought Mark might have the ability to be caring.  How silly of me...but it was nice while it lasted.

Lastly, one kind of pressing question: did we suddenly skip forward like, 6 months in time?  Please say yes.  Because, I don't care how much money you have, how did the Memorial Clinic go from being an idea to being COMPLETELY CONSTRUCTED, FURNISHED, AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS between last episode and this one?  Or did they just buy a building and set it up?  That would still take some time.  Anyway,  Also, Izzie is a complete and utter MORON.  She should have kept at least a LITTLE of that money for herself.  I mean, maybe $100k?  Just as a nest egg?  Or maybe enough to buy herself a house should Meredith ever feel a need to kick her out of hers?   I'm just saying, plan ahead here.

Was nice to see the Momma Bailey side of things with the little girl, though. 
CSI: Pressing issue #1: I love how all the hurt and anger from last episode is now totally absent.  Did we skip forward a month in time or what?  Catherine and Sara are strolling down the hall, smiling away; Keppler and Nick are getting on like old buddies...

Anyway.  There's a weird feeling of deja vu when you realize that "oh, THIS is the episode those spoilers are from"...usually I don't remember case details, you see, so when I do I get really weirded out.  Because they sound different on paper, and I imagine them playing out completely different.  For example, tonight: "Oh...THIS is the one where Sara talks to that weird guy who gives women an everything-but-sex relationship?"  From the descriptions, I'd been expecting him to be really suave and sophisticated, kind of like last year's "Time of Your Death."  But Jesse just came off like...well, for one thing, he looked like a boy, and with that unnaturally pale skin, he came off kind of like a creepy Michael Jackson figure.  Like a social reject, really, so I can't imagine how any woman could pretend he was some kind of romantic fantasy.

On the one hand - if the guy was actually ATTRACTIVE - I can see how such a thing could be appealing.  All the benefits of a caring boyfriend, but no dating and no sex?  Okay, so you're shelling out huge amounts of cash for a man to essentially play a role, but still, it would work for the occasional dip into fantasy land.  Key word "occasional." And only as long as you realized it was all pretend, that no matter how good he was at making you believe it, or even how you felt, he was not and never would be in love with you.

I felt bad for the woman who turned out to be his biological mother just looking for a way to tell her son who she was...but what in the world would posess you to approach him by feigning romantic interest in him?!  EW!  AS for the other case, not really worth mentioning.  Overall, I would not consider this one of the better episodes of the season - except for the scene(s) mentioned below:

Pressing issue #2: WEEHEE GSR MOMENT!  I wasn't even expecting one, and there it was!
Keppler is doing his Goren thing again, this time poking around in Grissom's office where I am fairly sure he has no right to be.  Sara certainly seems a bit irked when she enters and sees him peering at the MCSK's dioramas, which have been preserved in glass display cases like museum replicas.  He appears impressed with the attention to detail, or at least seems to regard Grissom as something of an obsessive eccentric, until Sara promptly disabuses him of the notion that the minatures are Grissom's work.  Keppler's still trying to push the issue of "so, weird guy, huh?" and she's a bit defensive, at first, but then it changes to a soft look of affection as she thinks about it.   

AND THEN, we pan out to Rhode Island, where Grissom is sitting in his lamp-lit office, growing back the facial hair and looking every inch the Walden man as he pens (pens!) a letter to Sara in absolutely beautiful curling script.  I was sitting there, staring at the screen, wondering if I was hallucinating, or maybe just dreaming.  This was so...straight from fanfic, and not at all like the TV show usually is.  There was just such a beautiful romantic tone to this scene, and even though we only got to see snatches of sentences here and there, it was very clear that this was a love letter - so old fashioned! - and deeply heartfelt. 

At the end he folds the letter, places it into an envelope.  He writes her name, starts to write the address, and then stops.  End scene.  Honestly, my only interpretation was that he started to send it, as with the box, to her at the lab..and then thought that maybe a single letter to her would be more conspicuous, and wondered if he should send it to a home address.  I refuse to be pessimistic and interpret it as him choosing not to send the letter at all, fearing his words were inadequate.  Because I really, really want to imagine Sara getting that letter.  Jannae79 on YTDAW transcribed what we could see (*loves*)...I mean, I would have TRIED, even with my crappy reception, but she had HD.  So instead I'm just repeating what she gave us.
Our parting was awkward. I don't know why I find it so difficult to express my feelings for you... Even though we're far apart, I can see you as vividly as if you were here with me... I said I'll miss you, and I do.
[followed by: Shakespeare's Sonnet #47]
*curls up in happy ball of bliss.  At least, until she changed the channel*

ER: Have I previously called an episode of the show this season totally and utterly magnificent?  Because I need to take it back.  This episode was beautiful and emotionally resonating and the kind of compelling storytelling that you wish could happen every episode, even when such a thing is not feasible.  We gotta break this down by storyline, and I'm going in order of worst to best, otherwise I won't get beyond the first one.

Pratt: I love how well his name describes him.  This part really didn't do anything for me.  I could care less about the antics of Pratt's illegal activities.

Sam/Alex: So she's sleeping with Ben now.  That's nice.  Don't care.  Do feel sorry for her, having such a...nutty kid.  I know he didn't really MEAN to set the apartment on fire,'s still completely his fault anyway, and he's becoming increasingly troubled.  Just more reasons pregnant teenagers should never attempt to keep their babies, look how they turn out.

Abby/Luka: I think I had more fun anticipating this thing than I did actually watching it.  Curtis Ames grates on my nerves and makes me want to rip things apart.  I cannot STAND listening to him talk, or the weird twitchy way he squints while talking - while talking veeeery sloooowly...and so I sat there irritably fast-forwarding through all those long dull scenes of he and Kovac talking.  If he said anything profound, I missed it, and I don't really care.  I was only interested in seeing Luka get hurt (aw!  poor thing!), and seeing Abby's frantic reactions as she flitted from one officer to another, trying in vain to make them understand what was going on. 

I guess that's what I really loved about this storyline.  All my insides started to melt together at the look in her eyes when he came home and saw the situation with Ames and the gun, and they melted entirely when she begged him not to go.  See, these are the kinds of scenes I love to imagine, but never can with my crime drama characters, where one or both characters would always either a) have access to their own gun or b) be trained in hand-to-hand combat and probably be able to take the attacker down.  But here, they're just two doctors, and they're helpless.  I love helpless.

How many times did Abby call Luka her husband tonight?  That did my heart a world of good.  I suppose because it's faster than explaining "my longterm live-in boyfriend/father of my baby," but still - I knew it, I knew it, I knew they were just as good as married and this confirms it so now I don't have to check myself all the time and I can just refer to them as such from now on.  YES.

I loved her hysteria at the very end, when gunshots issues from the roof and she nearly lost it, thinking he'd been shot.  It took a lot of effort on the part of the police to restrain her, until...Luka was coming down the steps, bleeding and looking rather worse for the war, but very much alive.  I didn't even mind the twirling camera effect and the almost cheesy romance music, because it put such a lump in my throat to see her running to him, and him wearily open his arms and clasp her tight.  I was all for Carby while it lasted, and even for a while after it ended, but where these two are right now?  I never want this to end.  They belong together now, forever more. 

So why do the previews for next week's "final moment" scare me so bad?  I just can't fathom how they could get any better, given that they already have a child and are living together and Luka's already asked her to marry him once.  So I'm worried that it's going to be bad news, that this event shook them up in a bad way.  SpoilerFix is not giving me any information whatsoever regarding this couple, and I don't know if that's a good sign or not.   
Gates etc.
Oi vey.  Now for the part that was both the hardest thing to watch and the reason I thought this episode was so good.

Because...I...*lip wobbles* Look, when I said my angsty self wanted Meg to commit suicide and Sarah go live with Gates...I didn't really mean it!  *wails piteously* THAT WAS THE MOST HEARTBREAKING THING I HAVE SEEN IN AGES.  Sarah, sobbing her little heart out on Meg's chest, whimpering that she was sorry and she hadn't meant to cause trouble...I didn't know which was harder to watch, the girl's tears or the way the sight of them drove Gates to a desperate, almost frenzied form of CPR, as if he could just push hard enough, he could fix this, take Sarah's pain away.  And poor Sarah...begging her to come back, wailing at Tony and begging him not to stop, finally sinking to the floor, still crying, clutching her dead mother's hand...and Gates looking very much like I did, utterly helpless.  He wasn't crying, but looked like he wanted to, like someone had ripped a huge, gaping hole in his chest.

Before it became a lost cause, I really can't fault Sarah for screaming at Neela.  "SHUT UP!  Why are you even here?!  WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!"  She is only, what, 11? 12?  She's watching her mother die, and here's this woman trying to offer comfort - the same woman whose appearance in Tony's life started the disruption that ultimately led to her mother downing a bottle of pills.  Of course her knee-jerk reaction is going to be fury.  Neela simply left quietly, realizing this.  And Tony didn't object either.  Someday, she will realize it is not Neela's fault.  Until then, I don't know how anyone's going to change her mind before she's ready to accept that.  No Gates/Neela action in the future, I guess.  Which is a pity, because I think Neela wants to help the girl, and I think she would make a very loving stand-in mother figure, or at least a sort of older sister.'s not going to happen.  So I should just stop thinking about it.

If I weren't already in tears by that point, the last scene with Tony and Sarah would have broken me.  It's so simple - he sits down beside her on the steps and holds out his hand, she hesitates for a minute and then links her fingers in his while he places his other hand on top - but it kills me every time I watch it.  I've watched it a lot.  So, Gates really is Sarah's father?  Oh man, I don't know how I feel about that.  On the one hand, no worries about custody battles now!  Heh, heh, heh.  On the other hand, does that mean that Meg and Tony were sneaking around while she was married? Because that is so not cool.  Not cool to sleep with your best friend's wife.  (Is it, Mark 'McSteamy' Sloan?)  And I feel like if/when Sarah learns about this, she might go from loving Tony to hating him, as she'll feel betrayed by the only person she has left, and that does not bode well for anyone.

I would prefer to go the optimist route, though.  :)
Next major exciting thing*: CSI Miami on Monday!  I've been waiting with bated breath on this ep for nearly two months, and it is finally here!  Just one tiny word of warning: The next person who goes all spazzing and flailing and "OMG HE CAN'T DIIIEEEEEEE!" when discussing the spoilers for No Man's Land/Man Down will be SLAPPED WITH A FISH. 

* = I forgot about the Superbowl on Sunday.  Yes, completely forgot.  Not that I am going to watch it, mind, but I'm fairly sure that means the Puppy Bowl airs on Animal Planet, and while I do not get and never have gotten that channel, I was able to watch at least parts of it online last year, so I'm betting I can do the same again this year.  The Puppy Bowl is the CUTEST THING EVER.
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