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OH.  OH!  WHAT IS THIS??  Has the (literally) Lost Temple of Ishida been...been...FOUND????


But, but, I swear I already tried the Wayback Machine!  I tried it two years ago, remember, and still came up empty. Maybe just needed proper URL?  Because all of a sudden, today I remembered, and after trying many, many dead links...I got in.

I have been seeking this site since, I don't even know, well over five years now since it disappeared from the internet and all the hilarity of Fluffy the Tokomon (and the concept that Tokos love to nestle in Tai's hair), Goth T.K. ("It destroys me"), and other side-splitting humor vanished from sight, except in memories, scattered mentions around the 'net and whatever we referenced in Interview Lady.  I have been in mourning all this time, as it was quite possibly the funniest fan site in the history of all fandoms.  Ever.  

Squeeeeeeee!!!  And while a few of the links within remain broken, most of the important ones are intact, so basically it is like I have found BURIED TREASURE MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD AND JEWELS.  I am so, so happy that this integral piece of my technical-first-fandom is back in my life.  I always say X-Files was my first fandom, because I like that answer better, but technically, Digimon was my true first.  And while 90% of it was sugar-addled preteens and utter crack, the parts that were good were glorious.

And now, having learned my lesson, off to save everything to my hard drive post-haste.  Whee!  What was I going to talk about before this? 
Oh yes.  On a completely different note, year-end posting tallies, which I find almost as exciting:

Usage by Month
January: 41
February: 32
March: 36
**April: 48 (highest)
May: 38
June: 42
July: 32
August: 23
*September: 19 (lowest)
October: 29
November: 24
December: 26

Usage by Day
Sunday: 50
Monday: 57
Tuesday: 57
Wednesday: 56
**Thursday: 62
Friday: 57
Saturday: 51

Total = 390, or an average of 1.07 posts per day.

Down from last year! In a related role-reversal from last year, I was far more addicted to LJ in the first half of the year than in the second. Good job, me! That should be my new year's resolution: not to post more times than there are days in a month. (Watch, now after five months I will jinx myself)

Another fun fact: last year, Sunday was my highest posting day, and this year it was my lowest. This is the second year in a row this phenomenon has happened! It intrigues me that I post the least on weekends all of a sudden; I guess I just use the computer less on weekends. I do like how consistent my non-Thursday numbers are with one another, though...
Tags: digimon, memes, year in review

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