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I'm not watching the Superbowl.

Today, after having spent most of yesterday bitching at my internet connection's refusal to stream video nicely, and constantly crashing the CBS video player, it FINALLY let me watch the whole of the Numb3rs episode without any problems.

I'm curious as to why Don and Co needed Charlie on the scene of the crime - couldn't they have called him in the next day?  Why did he have to leave mid-fundraiser?  See, this is one of those times where I get annoyed at their reliance on Charlie.  They didn't even try anything else - they went right to "how can we solve this with math?"  Even so, the case itself kind of got lost this week amidst all the personal storylines.  Not that I mind this, of course, it's just that this was one of those cases with the potential to be really interesting - hey, Mexican Death Squads! - and I felt like we could have focused more on those.  I never did understand what all the shooting was about.  The restaurant hold-ups were just a side gig to raise cash, to fund their operation to hunt down and kill 3 kids who saw the murderers behind the mask?  Who, I might add, were probably too traumatized to even remember their faces, much less ever identify them or get them thrown in jail?  I'm confused.  Maybe Spy will explain it to me next week.  You see, I'm holding out hope for the remainder of the season, given that while Grey's Anatomy and various other "current" shows have been moved to the recaps archive on Fandom Talk, both Numb3rs and CSI are still listed in the current recaps section.

Moving on to personal storylines...Charlie/Amita kiss!  Was their banter moderately silly and somewhat gratuitous this week?  ("When did you become my conscience?" "About the same time we started making out.") Yes, but I'm really not going to argue about that as long as Larry's in space.  Scratch that - I'm never going to argue about Charlie and Amita kissing.  It makes me happy.  :)

Millie's role could decrease any time now, though.  I love the actress, but her character is beginning to annoy me just a leetle bit.  Both as boss and Alan's love interest.  She did, at least, provide the setup for the most amusing line of the night.  Charlie: "It's poetic justice, really.  He's always walking in on Amita and I."  And okay, I did kind of like her sweetly simpering way of putting the pharmeceutical company under her thumb.  That was extraordinarily clever, and saved me from having to go on an anti-Amita rant in which I groused that money is money and who cares where it comes from.  Especially since that would have been hypcritical of me, since if the company had been running experiments on animals rather than swindling third-world AIDS patients, I would have been all ZOMG HOW DARE YOU ACCEPT TAINTED MONEYS LIKE THAT.

And as for Don, I just have one thing to say: open hostility while perfectly acceptable when dealing with nosy school counselors who have no accredidation is not the way to confront therapists.   This will only prove to them how much you are in need of therapy.  In other words, your first tactic should not be an infuriated rant about how you are totally FINE and DON'T NEED A SHRINK because you are DAMN GOOD AT YOUR JOB and this is a WASTE OF TIME, DAMN IT.  Your first tactic should be that you feel you are fine, but you were told to meet with a counselor anyway, so here you are.  Have some answers prepared - rational and well-thought out answers which will prove your mental stability.  Pretend to be open to their opinions, though avoid utter glibness so as not to give yourself away.  Remember, the therapist is not the person who decided you might benefit from therapy; they're following orders to check you out.  Be pleasant and it will probably be over quickly.  IF, and only if, the therapist refuses to let you go and insists upon exploring your Dark Thoughts at length no matter what, THEN you are free to become hostile.  Please keep this in mind for next time.

Though I will say that Don definitely sounds like he's in need of someone to talk to on occasion, as his conversations with Alan are not really all that deep, personal, or specific.  And I also thought it was pretty funny how gung-ho Megan was about her own experience.  I think she may be the first law-enforcement agent on TV *ever* who willingly accepted mandatory therapy. 
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