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Today has been more than okay

1. Private Practice, 3x07!  Epic.  I need a while to digest this.  It contained one of the smallest percentages of things-to-hate on record for this show, and generally made me quite flaily with excitement in ways I'm sure it cannot sustain, so it might take me a long, long time to move on.

Edit, 8/7/10: I was going to expand this later, but never got around to it,'s what I started to say.  There's a fun little summary in the comments, too.

-Sam & Addison are hiking in the canyon, doing that awesome buddy thing.  Except they make out a little at the end of the episode.  My head explodes with horror, as it turns out that actually, I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS AT ALL (to quote Gary Unmarried: "Oh, my god.  I can never unsee that."). Then they laugh about its awkwardness and claim preference for their former spouses, which provides relief, until later I hear whispers that this was not an isolated incident.  But by that point I'd already banished the series to storage.  I could still be wrong.

-Not that I didn't still love and adore all the (platonic!  totally platonic!  in conclusion, platonic!) Sam/Addison concern happening in this.

-Addison is fiercely amazing, saving a pregnant woman trapped in a car while simultaneously keeping an eye on said woman's injured husband some yards away.  Well, mostly saving.

-Despite my claims way back in summer 2009, this was the first episode of the show where I wound up substituting Jim and Pam for the patients. I.e., this was the one time I really needed both of the victims to live.  HAVING THE WOMAN SUDDENLY DIE WAS THEREFORE CRUEL AND UNUSUAL.  Especially when, after stressing me out for ages and ages, everything finally seemed like it would turn out okay for them. WHOOPS, SURPRISE.

-This episode is better if you skip the Charlotte/Cooper section.  Even if it does contain Rachel Greene as the new bride.  Even if Charlotte is on fire with her sarcasm and way eclipses Violet in the awesome department.

-Pete vs. Sheldon at the bar was also amusing.

-The point is, watching Addison work was a transformative experience; this is officially my favorite episode of the series, and the premiere set the the bar pretty high. Plus I tend not to remember individual episodes so much; they all blend together and get lost behind general storyline arcs, so this really stood out. 

2. Numb3rs, season 3!  Ugh, I'm four episodes in and Charlie still hasn't grown out of his awkward phase.  This is terrible!  I know it is still pre-Waste Not, so it's not completely unexpected, but wow.  Grow up and become a fully-functioning member of society already, professor!  Seriously, the awkwardness is at a point where I am glad when Amita doesn't appear.  HOW DID I EVER WATCH THIS SHOW.

On bright side, Spree/Two Daughters is ten times more exiting & intense than I remember (maybe now I will sit down and watch "Arrow of Time" properly?), all the better for my not having seen it in about three years, and my antidote to chemistry-free Charmita is: basking in the fact that Megan/Larry is also even sweeter than I remember, due in part to the fact that I have forgotten half their specific scenes and so it's like seeing them all for the first time.  Plus, you know, great cases in general + scenes between the brothers.  That is how I used to watch this show. 

3. Relatedly: fandom, have I ever told you how awesome you are for the shockingly high proportion of casefile-fic?  It is like finding random new scripts for super-long episodes all the time.  Another surprising fact: a lot of the best Charlie/Amita nuggets o' gold are tucked inside case files.  It's weird, but the people trying hardest to adhere to the show's style and tone are able to write it better than most of the people explicitly trying to write shippy fic.

4. The late-night talk show wars of the past week have been greatly entertaining all around (also, NBC continues to be the whiniest network ever, in a hilarious way), but the one thing I've locked on is news that odds seem darn good on Leno getting The Tonight Show back.

I have  been getting most of my news on this front filtered through TV Squad, which means a lot of bitching about how Leno is the scum of the plebian masses, and Conan's been screwed over, and blah blah blah, I'm getting my Tonight Show back?!

I have steadfastly refused to watch it even once since the hyperactive twirler took over, but to my great disappointment I haven't seen The Jay Leno Show very much either, simply because 9:00 is too early to sit down with TV in my new, culling-half-my-shows world.  Either I've already put in an hour or two and don't want to sit there anymore, or I don't want to stop whatever else I'm doing to go watch forgettable TV, or it's Friday and I'm watching Numb3rs.  Basically, this quote is true for me: "I don't think people didn't watch Jay because of quality of show. People have a lot of choice at 10. What happened was there were so many choices people thought were better."

I mean, I love Leno - he is the only person in late-night I find both legitimately funny and personable enough to watch during interviews - and I like his primetime show when I catch it...but I liked his show so much more at 10:35, after a warm-up round of funny from The Simpsons and while I was going to bed.  It was bad timing, plain and simple.

However, ever since I heard the rumors start up at the beginning of the week, I've had my fingers crossed for this outcome - and it just might become reality.  We can let the latter half of 2009 wash away like a bad dream, and things will go back to the way they were.

Well, there's still that hot mess on Late Night, which is unfortunate (because Conan's adolescent humor is occasionally watchable, if you've got absolutely nothing better to do, whereas Fallon is never watchable at all), but that's a minor casualty and one I am more than willing to write off if Conan starts over elsewhere, with a brand new show I might occasionally appreciate, instead of leaving bad vibes over my former centerpiece of late night viewing.

*pokes at internet*  Seriously, am I the only one who is happy about this?  Everyone seems to be complaining that Conan O'Brien got a raw deal**, and somehow Jay is evil and skeevy and even his former supporters will find this move appalling.  Uh, not this former supporter!  This former/current supporter could not be more overjoyed about the turn of events, as she is getting exactly what she has wanted since June.

(**Yes, he sort of did.  It's just that I don't care very much, because the fallout directly and positively benefits me.)

Conclusion: HURRAH!
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