RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

That show about the FBI agent and his sexy brother who solve crimes together.

*giggle fit*  The commentary for "Hardball" is the BEST THING EVER.  Could not stop laughing.  Clearly, Nick + Cheryl + David should be in charge of all the commentaries from now on (guest star Jay Baruchel can tag along if he must).  Among other things, I love how they end up repeating "sexy" like 500 times by the end credits.  It's like that set of Lost recaps, where Sawyer was described as doing everything sexily, because with him it's a permanent state of being?  Apparently that's how it is with Charlie, too.  The more you know...

 Back to the episodes themselves, it cracks me up how intensely interested everyone is in everyone else's relationships.  A breakdown --

David: Dude, I don't care, not my business.
Everyone Else: So, Don, you and Robin huh?  How's that going?  It still good?  Because you guys are awesome together.  Did you know that?  We know it.  In fact, why don't you...
Don: Would you leave me alone already? Hookin' up with hot former student now, kthnxbai   (p.s. Robin broke my heart. *cry*)
Nobody: *cares about Charlie and Amita yet*

In other news, proving that my memory is sometimes reliable, I'm back in a post-Waste Not world, and not only is Charlie recognizable again, but he and Amita really did just flip a magic light switch in the garage, because from that night forward their relationship was as perfect and comfortable as if they'd been together for years.  It's baffling.

Loved the "Nine Wives" commentary too, if only because I've been hoping Navi Rawat would make an appearance at some point, and she always has lovely things to say.  It was worth it just for the amusing tidbit that David insists on driving whenever they have a scene in the car ("Even though he doesn't know how to drive a Prius, and my ex-boyfriend had one, so I was kind of giving him lessons.")

Bonus: Julie Hebert, who as it turns out is probably my favorite writer on the show.  I had a good feeling about her regardless, and then I checked out IMDB - Animal Rites, Thirty-Six Hours, Power, Primacy, Waste Not?  Yeah.  Definite love.

Finally, I like seeing the early days of Liz with fresh eyes.  Is this what it's like for Jim/Pam shippers who also enjoyed Jim/Karen on The Office?  It's marvelous!  It's odd seeing her so In Charge Of Stuff all the time, though.  She's mellowed since joining the team.

In other other news, my parents and I have gotten addicted to playing Lost Cities: it is the new Farkel.  However, it's weird playing while I'm in the thick of Numb3rs, because it's a card game very much based in statistics, probability, and calculated risk.  Now my brain is whirring away all the time, thinking about how much better I would be at this game if I could understand math.  I keep seeing Charlie-visions whirl through my head. 

Yes, yes, I have now so thoroughly soaked my brain in this show that it permeates everything I do, the same way too concentrated a dose of one author will leave their writing style temporarily imprinted on both my written and spoken vocabulary.  

P.S. Unrelated note: Criminal Minds reruns seem to be on ION constantly these days, and I swear that every other time it comes on, Hotch is either getting hurt, or something bad is happening to a blonde woman in his life.  Does he even have a function on this show besides existing in a constant state of Stoic Man Pain?  He's as bad as Horatio Caine.  Or at least Mac Taylor.
Tags: criminal minds, numb3rs

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