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I have no good excuse for posting just now.

Woke up at 6:13 to make sure I caught the Early Show clip w/ David Caruso and Adam Rodriguez, forgetting that it doesn't start until 7 and they never do their TV talk before 8.  But I watched it.  Remind me to stop doing that.   Even though you know I'll be glued to ET tonight, hoping they do their own mini-interview...

Even setting aside the fact that I get so used to Horatio's baritone that his real voice throws me off guard, it causes me physical pain to watch Caruso speak.  Now, I like it when they interview him and I can read it in print later.  I love that he is always more than willing to talk about his character, and no interviewer ever goes away without some nicely-worded bit of insight into Horatio.  It helps both my fic and daydreams.  But when the man's just talking on-camera?  I always squirm, getting this uncomfortable sense that he is directing the conversation whether he is supposed to be or not.  And he's always making jokes, which I'd like to smile at except they're...not really funny.  They're the kind of humor where you pretend to be serious and put on an affected air, but in his case it falls flat.  I want to shake him and yell "CUT IT OUT!"

Also, I'm thinking a hell of a lot of work goes into make-up and post production on CSI Miami, because I'm always shocked to see how pale Caruso is in real life.  And this is real life still funneled through a TV camera, so...I imagine it's worse up close.  And he's really, really not in shape.  I'd like to ignore it, but it's beginning to impinge upon my Horatio love when I switch from season 3 to season 5 and see that difference.  Add that to those gross pictures from the cigar magazine?  I'm sorry, but cigarettes aren't sexy and cigars aren't either.  Smoking is never attractive. EW.  In conclusion: love Horatio.  Don't love David so much.

Lastly, I see that Adam Rodriguez has gone back to the buzz cut. NO!  WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?  WHY DO YOU PERSIST IN MAKING YOURSELF UNATTRACTIVE?  *grumbles* But I'd rather hear Adam speak than David; he's genuinely personable.  And he seems able to find the balance between promoting the show and realizing that THIS IS JUST A SHOW, and not a secret double life he's living.

In fanfic related news, I'm editing (for the 45th or so time) the Interview Lady series, clearing out the original juvenile fangirling at the bottom of its host web page so I can copy-paste and upload it to and maybe even start getting reviews again.  (target audience: 13-18 year old immature anime fans)  I've got the first five stories up there now, so yay!  #5 is where it gets good - actually amusing, with some semblance of a plot, as opposed to "random, hyperactive 14-year-old ramblings" that you are nonetheless are required to read in order to understand recurring jokes.  X-Files #1 is the next one to get cleaned up and posted.  One of these days I should crack down and finish the CSI edition, too.  And you have no idea what I'm rambling about, so I'll just stop there and continue beating up my silly Grey's drabble and my even sillier CSI Miami bit, trying to make the words fall into place.  You know those little 300-500 word pieces, the kind that the big fic journals dash off about 25 times a year and don't even bother posting anywhere else?   Those are the ones I can agonize over for weeks.

And other peoples' dashed-off ones still tend to be of better quality.  Sigh. 
Tags: csi: miami, fanfic, news

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