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Nothing like an embarrassing meme to push another post out of you.

Okay, the set tour of the Eppes house is the best bonus feature that has existed on a DVD, ever.  Your summer promos have been usurped, Office!  U-surped!  There is absolutely nothing better than David Krumholtz + Rob Morrow + Judd Hirsch, half laughing and half arguing their way through the rooms.  And then they pull in Nick & Cheryl, and it's the best thing ever.  Aw, I love that house.  Original and set replica.

Since I am still too incoherent to focus on the most recent episode of season 6, let's briefly time-warp our way back to one of my favorite scenes in season 3.  Which I adore in spite of the fact that I find Charlie's pajamas hysterical, in the sense that he shares Rachel Berry's unique trait of simultaneously dressing like a toddler and a grand[father].

And oh look, some actual current stuff made its way onto the blog:
Law & Order: SVU, 11x12, "Shadow"
I know this show is notorious for having big-name guest stars, and having them with such alarming frequency that you have to wonder exactly what Hollywood looks like in this universe, if all these actors are absent from it.  Most of the time, it's either a distracting annoyance, or you just give in and go with it for the sake of the story. 

And then there are times like this, where Naveen Andrews shows up and just blows the tired old series out of the water.

MORE.  MUST HAVE MORE RAMSEY.  Andrews is a really good-looking man, and when you take him out of Josh Holloway's shadow, this only becomes more apparent.  Speaking of which, after Sexy Bathrobe Lounging Time, Elliot is never allowed to appear shirtless again.  You've been ten-upped, sir!  (that's like one-upped, but ten times better)  The way he oozes charisma and sex appeal, combined with a velvet voice, has done irreparable damage to SVU.   Bah, I don't want Stabler back!  Benson/Ramsey forever!

And now that I am an embarrassingly unraveled mess, I'd like to point out that the character had a personality to back it up.  All suave and smooth and sophisticated, I like that, and yet still slightly rattled by the psychotic heiress when she strikes exactly the right nerve.  I particularly like the fact that he didn't turn out to be evil in any way, meaning he could clearly come back for repeat appearances now that Lost is almost over, and all.

Basically: this was the most exciting episode of the year, possibly the most exciting episode I have seen in a year, and I didn't even mention a myriad of things, like the fun of Fin's cover as a thuggish assassin.  (Brilliant roleplaying; had to watch that several times over.)  I didn't realize what a breath of fresh air it was to have a break from pedophile cases and rape videos until I saw this.  How will I ever go back?

Bones, 5x11, "The X in the File"
* Just saying this episode's title makes me all smiley.  You can imagine what hearing my beloved theme song as a ring tone did to me.

* I'm ashamed that it took me until five minutes from the end to put 2 and 2 together and go, "Wait, is that Langley??  Oh my God, it's totally Langley!"  On bright side, at least I did figure it out on my own...

* Boy, the nosy blogger looked a lot like Amy Adams, didn't she?  I liked her on principle.  And the hilarious old lady with a shotgun.  I don't know her name, but she's the best guest actor ever.

* BRENNAN'S ULTRA-GIRLY SCREAM.  And Booth's natural response is to whip out his gun, only to watch it go flying out of his hand.  Rewind 500 times.  Never stop laughing. 

* Sometimes, Booth pulls Sweets into interrogations just to screw with him.  OK, maybe that's just Sweets' suspicion, but I am embracing it as personal canon

* Booth: You're gonna be okay here all alone in this spooky hospital with a dead alien body?"
Brennan: Yes.
Booth: Right, that would be me who wouldn't want that.

* So many other things to quote!  None of which I will be quoting, because that takes work, but I basically laughed from start to finish and had a marvelous time, even though I normally hate anything that resembles alien conspiracies (yes, I know.  The irony of my X-Files obsession is high.)

* WENDELL!!  *tackle-hugs* 
A) He's awesome at all times, and adds 10% Awesome to any case on which he helps
B) This is like the first time I have ever been able to appreciate a TV relationship just for the sake of fun, knowing it won't be permanent and not even wanting it to be.

I mean, they're so mismatched, it's laughable.  Angela manages to get a cougar vibe going, despite the fact that she is not nearly old enough for that title, and he tags after her like an eager, infatuated little puppy.  This is a total dead end.  Yet it works for me, in the temporary, because they're both attractive, and while they don't really have chemistry, they have this sort of...synthetic, manufactured chemistry that I am willing to run with.  Plus he is single-handedly bringing up Angela's approval rating from where it has been floundering at the bottom of my esteem for like a year and a half. 

* All that being said, it's really quite awkward on me, as a viewer (no more sex scenes ever, plzkthnx), so I'm glad we moved along to the "let's-tell-Hodgins" phase.  Disappointingly low-key, that revelation (although, just because his head didn't explode doesn't mean his brain didn't explode inside his head), but I liked the much angstier fallout.

* Except, remember when Angela was with Roxie, and presumably not lonely?  Or did we retcon her out of existence, like I wanted to from the start?  Either way,  love that this relationship bothers Hodgins so much more. 

* I really love that they reiterated "There was a time when I thought Angela and I would be  together forever," because that is at the root of my grumpiness.  How did you go from that to randomly saying "sorry, obvious trust issues, let's break up."

* While seeking reviews I stumbled across a pop-culture feminist blog (guaranteed angry-making!), and I just want to copy and paste this gem of a paragraph for posterity:

Brennan makes a comment at the end about a man being a moron, “figuratively, not literally,” because “it’s exciting to use insulting colloquialisms even when they aren’t accurate.”  This is just basically a round about way of saying that she’s using ableist language and likes it.


* Almost forgot -- HODGINS' GIDDY GLEE UPON SHOOTING CANTALOUPES SPORTING WENDELL & ANGELA'S HEADS.  In the name of science, of course.  Yep.  Science.  (I love his coping mechanism of hate.  Now with extra passive-aggressiveness!)

Bones, 5x12, "The Proof in the Pudding"
I'm apparently missing the gene that thinks this was the best episode ever, because it had plenty of good moments, but overall I didn't come away from it feeling especially dazed and awed.  Not that it was bad, I just don't get the overwhelming love.

* It's a bold move, show, trying to solve/expose the details of the JFK assassination.  Or would be, if not for the following bullet point.

* My Obsession Strikes Again: I like how Angela suggested D.B. Cooper as a possible identity for the mystery case.  It gave me an excuse to squee and point out that the crack team of agents (plus two mathematicians) on Numb3rs solved that case a month ago.   "Old Soldiers," look it up.

* No grad student this week!  I usually count this as a bonus, because there are still enough obnoxious grad students to make poor odds on drawing a good one from the pool.

* Um, writers, I asked you to drop Michelle in the lost-continuity closet.  Making Cam think she's pregnant is the opposite of that.

* Positive pregnancy test = worst thing ever.  Like, the instant Angela fessed up, I started crossing my fingers for a false positive.  It had to be a false positive.  Had to!  I didn't want it to be Wendell's, I didn't want it to  be Wendell's but raised by Hodgins; I didn't want Angela to wind up with a baby, period.  I don't have enough emotional investment for a miscarriage or other complication, and lately talk of abortion gives me a weird and twisty feeling in my gut**, so really a false positive was my only hope.  THANK YOU.

Not that this spared me the awkward "hey, let's tell Hodgins" moment - WHICH.  SERIOUSLY.  WHY.  He does not need to know before Wendell! - which of course led into the even more awkward, "I still love you and will pledge my allegiance right here, right now." scene.  Horrendous!  My willingness for you two to get back together is extremely fragile, and any attempt to force it will only make me recoil harder. 

So, again.  False positive.  THANK YOU.  And now back to short bullet points.

* Action!Booth.  Shooting his way through locked glass doors!  Sniping cantaloupes!  Flipping & handcuffing one agent after another after another!  Awesome.

* Brennan enthusiastically volunteering to do scientific jibber-jabber

* Booth's inept boss makes another, even more inept (and therefore hilarious) appearance.  Hee!  I like him, he's fun to have kicking around.  Much more so than, say, Booth's brother. 

* Lots more quotable lines, including Cam's "I have to get home to kill Michelle," and Booth getting confined to the building.  "Damn!  Who saw that coming?"  Wish I had time to find them all.

* Hodgins vibrating with barely-contained excitement over the idea that they might be examining JFK.

* I liked having him and Booth at odds, too, especially when the latter was so profoundly affected by the idea of the government he loves, trusts, and supports being shady and full of lies and cover-ups.  Awww.  See, this is why he's my favorite.

* Huh.  Sweets was sort of, dare I say it, useful with all his covert phone ops, and seed-of-doubt-planting.

* Secret passageways via the janitor's closet!

* Booth storming out of the room when Brennan brings up John Wilkes Booth, and Brennan chasing after him with her panicked "I promise now!"  That's the second time this season she's unintentionally struck a nerve and tripped over herself to take it back.  Love it.

* Strolling out of the diner at the end!

* Lots more stuff I don't have time to recollect!  Maybe the episode was a little better than I gave it credit for.  I still like the premiere & the mummy one more, though.
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