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My stellar Monday highlights

-COME ON, VIKINGS.  I watch you for 25 minutes this year, and all you do is screw  yourselves out of the Super Bowl?  (On a related note -- I don't know who else is in the Bowl this year, but the Saints need to LOSE IT.  That will be my revenge.)

-Is it possible for anyone to identify this song?  Because it's very pretty, and I need it, except there are no clues at all, and my French minor is not coming in as handy as you would think for recognizing lyrics.  (is it even French?  That's how tough a time I'm having identifying it)  As a bonus, if you look past the foreign subtitles, the video's a really lovely summary of "Angels and Devils."

[Edit: Okay, fine! It's Bulgarian, which I...should have gotten from the poster's country of origin, so I guess there was one clue. It's "Zavinagi" by Anelia and Miro, a/k/a, "there is no way in hell I would have found this if I hadn't sucked it up and messaged the OP." Anyway, hooray!]

The Office: "The Banker"
Oh, Office.  Really, a clip show?  I thought you were better than Scrubs.

However, as gross as the notion of clip shows are in the regular season/on DVD (it's like, why even bother?  just drop one from your episode order), I'm sure it will have much better syndication value.  Chronology isn't especially important when you're watching evening reruns, trust me.  And as it turns out, I can even still have reactions to it.

-Michael's hair reminded me of a Lego man's.  I kept imagining his feet were bolted to the Segway.

-Where was Jim?  My personal theory is that, not unlike with the Murder plot, he just shut himself in his office and mentally blocked out the insanity in order to continue doing his job properly.

-In that montage of people making out, you know who was conspicuously absent?  Jim and Pam.  I'M JUST SAYING.  There's part of me that appreciates their class, and another part of me that wants them to put Jim's private office to good use.

-On the other hand, they did get a fanvid montage set to music, which nobody else has ever gotten.  I guess that's something.

-Ryan is still working out of a closet.  Hah! [Edit: Wait, that probably just makes it easier for him to work in secret on his half of the Diabolical Plan. Crap.]

-He is also still dressing like one of those frumpy girls in a movie who is somehow unaware of how naturally attractive she is.  Except in reverse, because I distinctly remember a time when he was hot.

-Everyone in favor of keeping New Stanley permanently, raise your hand.  (He doesn't have to replace Original Stanley...he could replace Andy.  Or Erin.  Hell, he could be Oscar's hot young warehouse hookup instead of that Daly kid.  DON'T WASTE THIS ACTOR, is what I'm saying.)

-While we're on the theme of clips, here is a comment I made in a fandom survey I deemed too repetitive to actually post, but which seems appropriate to slip in now:

Your biggest fandom disappointment of [2009]?
Pam quitting her job/the Michael Scott Paper Company arc.  NO, I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT.  I WILL NEVER STOP HATING IT.  It surpasses Karen on the list of things I hate about The Office.  I would say it surpasses Erin, but Erin is included in this package deal from hell, which brought me nothing good except Charles Miner - and even he's gone now thanks to the Great Corporate Sacrifice in New York.

-Speaking of which!  Remember that thing I said about how if David Wallace is gone permanently, I will flip my shit?  THIS IS ME, FLIPPING MY SHIT.  %(&%(#*%&#%#%#2!!!!! 

(okay, technically, there's still this tiny little glimmer of a sliver of hope because he hasn't been *officially* ruled down for the count, works better when I am pessimistic about this show)
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