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A picture is worth a thousand spoilers

And Twitter is worth its weight in gold when it comes to an info dump about the Numb3rs finale.  Most recently, LOOK AT THE PICTURES ALIMI HAS BEEN POSTING.  TWO OF THEM ARE V. IMPORTANT.  (and by "v. important," I mean super-spoilery, so if that worries you...)

Immediate thought: Oh, oh, oh, look what's she's wearing!  Is that THE necklace, from "Dreamland"?  Because it looks a whole bunch like Margaret's locket, and that would just be an extra layer of perfection.

Secondary thought: And oh, my God, proving that this is the GREATEST PAIRING ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET, her dress has short sleeves.  Brides never have sleeves!  I cannot believe they keep catering to my whims!  This is one of the few TV wedding gowns where I have absolutely no complaints and instead am just bowled over by the overwhelming pretty.  It's so simple, yet perfect for her, with just the right number of accents and her hair all beautifully done...and I suspect, although is hard to tell in this photo quality, that there is some very lovely patterning across the torso.

Right here, I am not even going to sigh* about what sort of circumstances made it so that for all their hyperactive planning, they not only don't get married on their perfect date/venue, but apparently without any of Amita's relatives present, including her parents. As long as it's not a courthouse wedding, it works for me. 

(*I'm saving that for whenever I finally finish my 25%-done review on Arm in Arms)

Also, remind me to go dig up that one mix-n-match meme where I answered the question, in a crack-fic-style way, about what I thought their wedding would look like.  Wait, never mind, here it is!  January 2008, check that out, question #8.  Disappointingly, I chickened out of trying to pin down too many details, but it's still fun to compare my fanciful notions with what (will have) ended up happening.

...these pictures aren't somehow tricking me, are they?  Because.  You know how I get paranoid whenever it seems like I'm speculating correctly.

P.S. You would think I would learn my lesson about early info after Jim and Pam's wedding, and how too much anticipation can actually wind up making the final product underwhelm,  Lessons, I am no longer in the business of learning them.

Unrelatedly, THIS:  Dubbed the Untitled Wyoming Project, the potential fall ‘10 series is described as a family soap set on a horse farm in a small town in the Midwest or Rockies.

Oh, my God.  If this comes through, I might have to start watching something on the CW for the first time since...well, ever.

Best part of NCIS last night: Gibbs pulling kitty litter out of Abby's bangs (wow, that looks bizarre out of context).  Mostly as he lingered longer than I thought was strictly necessary, and it made me quite smiley, even from my place of platonic joy.

Then there was some Secret Mystery about Tony and Ziva sharing a hotel room and neither of them sleeping on the couch.  Meh.  As far as I'm concerned, this merely means they slept in the same bed, nothing more. 

It's become increasingly clear to me that since they haven't gotten together by now, it should never happen.  As far as my patience/interest goes, they've been doing the dance long enough that it's like they've already hooked up, had a relationship, and broken up but decided to remain friends -- solely in the UST stage.  That's kind of sad, really, but true.  I have worked through all the feelings I have ever had or will ever have about them, and their "act-by" date has expired.

*tilts head*  Of course, they sprang Grissom and Sara on us after six years, and really T/Z are only on season the fifth, but...

Nope.  In my eyes, Tony and Ziva are work-married and nothing more.

Unrelatedly, that last shot of Ziva was very pretty - surprisingly, it did look better in black and white - and I either want it as a desktop background, or in icon form, for which I will promptly swap out my current one of her.
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