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*kicks internet* Why! Won't! You! Work!

January 28th was my 3-year anniversary of officially moving to LJ and setting up shop here.  I haven't got anything clever to post for this anniversary-style party, but maybe that's why I found a brand-new, frozen but unopened liter of Mountain Dew while walking Kym today.  Dear Universe: your gifts are awesome.

+ My unofficial position is that I will never own a puppy, because the trouble of housebreaking does not seem worth it. However, should I ever come across a puppy like this, I WILL WANT IT VERY MUCH.  What dashing markings, and the most charming little face! Bonus, he will grow up to be a giant.

+ Crap, if I'd known NPH was doing a brief tour on American Idol (how does he even have time for his life?  Is he genetically modified to not need food/sleep?), I would have watched it last week.  In lieu of that, giggling at this line from the TWoP recap, because I wish this too: Ryan Seacrest! And Neil Patrick Harris! In a little tiny room! Discussing their day! I can't imagine any place more wonderful on Earth. I wish this was a show of its very own.

+ Hold the phone, he was on Numb3rs once upon a time too?  Drat, it seems shall have to wince my way back to ol' season the first after all.

+ Bones, "The Dentist in the Ditch"
I like when they pair up the terrible interns with the terrible cases.  And lil' Vincent was even more annoying than usual this week with his 'WAH, WHY DOESN'T MY IDOL LOVE ME?' issues, so I'm really glad he's not attached to an episode I will ever willingly watch again.  (Although it was moderately amusing to watch Brennan's general indifference mixed with overtones of dismissal at the beginning.)

Meanwhile, I am even more amused by the way all the interns seem to be there for Hodgins' personal amusement.  Each one brings him a new game/toy/activity every time they come to play!  Brennan might not have much use for them, but he loves them all!

Specific to this episode:
-Heehee, Brennan matter-of-factly pointing out that everyone who works here is a genius.  "Except Angela." 

-If the wedding this season (this is the show with the wedding, right?) is Booths' brother and Booth's brother's girlfriend whose name I am deliberately not learning, I will be bored out of my mind.  My ideal objective is to see as little of the guy as possible, so unless marrying him off achieves that intended purpose, I'm going back to the great world of AU where he got packed off to jail and everyone else lived happily ever after. 

-Okay, LOVED Cam's spider freakout.  Because that is how I would react.  You know, for as much as Booth is sort of the every-man alternative to the Squints, I think Cam is even more the bastion of normalcy.  I'm glad that she has gone from being a terrible, obnoxious character to the one you can relate to - and the one whose priceless reactions to her occasionally renegade gang of employee's antics are starting to become a reason to watch this show.

-AW, LOOK AT THAT ENDING, in which Brennan has decided that she now believes in love.  The significant part of this is watching Booth's expression in reaction to hearing that.  YES, DUDE, THAT COUNTS AS A SIGN.  A good one.  Take it into consideration.
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