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There would be Pearl Jam lyrics here if it wasn't spoilery.

For any newcomers who may have heeded my previous advice: I, er, apologize.  Didn't anticipate it having 19523 callbacks to seasons past, there.  Or expect it to be quite that intense.  Then again, if you watched the 1-hour recap like I belatedly told you to, it probably made a lot more sense.  The bits I saw during NCIS's commercials looked informative.

Lost: LA X
Actual post title:
I held her close / I kissed her, our last kiss...
(what.  shut up.  You find something better, then.)

Part of me knows that this was a foregone conclusion last May, and that I've already grieved, and I should be grateful that she and James got a second chance to have an extended and proper goodbye.  And I am.

On the other hand: after seeing her plummet down a black hole, and not die, and smash a hyrodgen bomb, and not die, I sort of wanted her to, you know, NOT DIE.  And, sure, I had that spoiler in black and white about how the "tragedy of Juliet" would change Sawyer, but it's still mean to bring back hope only to re-twist the knife even deeper.

*deep breath*  Focusing on the positive, focusing on the positive.  There are few things I love more than when someone you thought was dead is still alive, bringing with it your chance to hold them again.  The #1 worst thing about sudden deaths is that you always wish you could have just a little more time with them, some last words.  Voila.

I feel like my words will ruin it, so in sum: that was everything I could have asked for, under the circumstances.  And Sawyer completely breaking down when she died gutted me.
In other news, remember this?
I love how nobody but Jin seems to care that Sayid is slowly bleeding to death. . . I felt like maybe they could have paid a little more attention to what looked like a pretty nasty gunshot wound instead of running around trying to explode things and/or beat each other to death.

I TOLD YOU.  %*@&^*&%#^%#@!  How heartbreaking was his "what do you think will happen to me when I die?" speech.  This time I don't even think I wrapped my brain around the possibility, because, well, how many of my favorites can they kill in one episode?   And then, when his death seemed really-for-real imminent, and I was fearing a heart attack caused by the stress of the Sophie's Choice style action, I was shaking my fist at the screen and yelling "I AM NOT TRADING SAYID FOR JULIET!  AM NOT!  DAMN IT, I AM NOT."

Which I guess is the irony of Sophie's Choice, because I forgot the caveat that if you don't choose one, you lose both.  And I'm telling you right now, if Sayid has somehow turned into the Reanimated Sock Puppet of Jacob...I'll cut someone.

[Edit: The internet seems with me on this theory.  I don't know if that's encouraging, given how bad I am at predicting things, or discouraging, given that this show is not a fan of subtlety where it concerns characters dying.]
Also, turns out I'm still really fond of Jack, and every time he appears on screen with his great mournful eyes and broken-inside expressions, I just want to give him a hug.  I get why Sawyer wants to kill him, but there's something about the way it looks like a few crucial threads in there have finally snapped that makes him utterly endearing. 

Lastly, I may have, er, gone to an irrationally rageful place and/or snapped a pencil in half when I saw Kate cleaning the blood off Sawyer's face.  Because her nursing him back to health is what made me ship them in the first place, so even though this is meaningless and not the same thing, it was still like having it thrown in my face.

As for the other, less important stuff:
-Before the episode started, having watched the first-4-minutes preview, I was thinking that - like many things - Lost had reached its (dazzling) peak in the penultimate installment, and now that we were in the denouement I wondered what could possibly be left with all the time that remained, and if I'd really care.  NEVER MIND.

-The CGI underwater tour made me dizzy, but was also really neat.  I just don't, er, understand *why* the island is underwater.  I can't figure it out.  Did the 1977 explosion send it there in this reality?  But then, they're still on the island in this...OH.  FREEZE THAT THOUGHT BEFORE I LOSE IT AGAIN.  If in this world the island's been underwater since '77, then the plane doesn't crash, and none of the characters we know wind up there either, right?  Still doesn't explain why there are two realities, but it's a start.

-So basically we're running parallel worlds now?  Using the sort of wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey time that I could only barely wrap my head around during "Blink"?  One world where they're fine and dandy because the bomb only blasted them through time, and one where they never crashed but the people are still going to make zany connections anyway?  For some reason.

-THE KIDS.  Of all the mysteries I was hoping for, seeing them again was something I'd pretty much despaired of ever happening. 

-We could just wind up back in good ole 2004!   ...where life sucked for a lot of people* and was James/Juliet-less, but whatever! 
*Such as Jin & Sun, in their controlling/submissive marriage.  And Charlie, getting packed off to jail for hard drugs (turns out, as long as he persists in not having hair, I'm totally over him.  This may or may not coincide with me having finally fallen head-over-heels for Desmond/Penny, who coincidentally are now my only living ship).  And, I dunno, he seemed pretty content in the elevator, but I'm rather sad at the thought of losing all Sawyer's character growth.

I suppose this is still feasible, if you tack on the internet's other awesome and sensible theory, that the "meet for coffee" bit she said as she was dying happens in Reality 2, but on the other hand...pre-island 2004 Sawyer was not really the best guy. 

-Boone + no Shannon = screw you! Argh!  Only one of those siblings is pretty and/or in need of being seen again, and IT'S NOT HIM.  *stomps off*

-I am proud of myself for recognizing Frogurt Neil the instant we saw him under a sleeping mask on the plane.

-Really, Kate & Sawyer are going to cross quasi-flirty paths in this world too? Ugh.  You would think that I'd have enough benevolence in my heart to assume that two Sawyers, just like on Doctor Who, was the perfect hypothetical solution to my shippy dilemma.  Except, er, it turns out that I now find Kate so utterly loathsome that they've been banished to the anti-ship realm with Hodgins/Angela and Danny/Lindsay.  Now, Danny/Lindsay were poised to come out of that realm just as I kicked CSI: NY off the schedule, so reversal is possible, but...I dunno.  It's bad, you guys. Real bad.

-That being said, I still had these weird tears in my eyes when she was this sad little creature in handcuffs, on her way to jail.  Those tears disappeared as soon as she went all rogue and knocked out the Marshall, though, so I think I'm only willing to feel sorry for her, and not actually want good things to happen for her.

-The Temple is my favorite thing about the Others to date - I have not seen "Avatar," but I imagine Pandora would have a time matching the beauty of that stone building set amidst lush jungle green.  I am also QUITE enchanted by Mysterious Temple Guy Who Does Not Like The Taste of English On His Tongue, and somewhat fond of his main hippie translator, too.  He's like a less annoying, less ferret-y version of Daniel whom I can actually enjoy.  It's a combination of the curly hair and round glasses, I think.

-So...Man In Black (are we still calling him that?  Does he have a name yet?) IS Smokey?  Okay, I don't even know what to do with that.  Except think it's AWESOME. 

-Ben seems a tad broken inside too, mainly in the head.  I'm unexpectedly sad over this fact. 

-Oh, and remember when I had this idea of Richard being the evil henchman in the shadows who would quietly overthrow Locke when he wasn't looking?  It was hard to maintain that perspective after seeing the latter effortlessly pound him into the sand.  Me: "Whoops."
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